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WTF? This college professor was fired because she ridiculed Fox News anchor's white tears

At the end of last week, the president of Essex County College announced the suspension of adjunct professor Lisa Durden, two weeks after her appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight“ (video below). During the show, the college professor was asked about a memorial event put on by a Black Lives Matter group that was exclusive for the healing of black people. In response to Carlson (and his perpetually furrowed brow), Durden explained, “Boo hoo hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card”. Essentially dismissing the implied comparisons between the unjust killings of people black and black-specific safe spaces for healing.<br /><br />Two days after the interview aired, Durden was suspended from work. And after addressing the matter during a public meeting with school officials she was soon fired.

Essex County College President Anthony Munroe says that while the school “supports and affirms the right of free speech and independent views and expressions of those views,” “[Durden’s] her employment with us and potential impact on students required our immediate review into what seemed to have become a very contentious and divisive issue.”

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Comment by theblackjacobins on June 27, 2017 at 4:29pm
theblackjacobins are all black descendants of the American Negro slaves. For purposes of response, I'll align with Mr Corbett & Mr Harding here and of course, provide relevant material that supports my opinion, since THAT is "black politics done RIGHT!"

Negroes (whose records of birth state "Negro" and who are thereby, black descendants of the American Negro slaves) have known all our adult lives, "we" are not the reasom for our failed economy, success, educational striving, and laxk of any semblance of who we were, prior to the 250 years of subjugation under chattel laws (yet unaccouted for) here in America.

We also can sense, "habit" has become our enemy since America has made swift shrift of grinding Her past despicible deeds, laws, and supremacist mentality into "non issues" while maligning us that somehow in we are now magically "accountable" for our blight, poverty, psychoses, and early deaths.

Dr. Randall Robinson had often remarked, "History forgets, first, those who forget themselves" (promoting his book The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks). And if for no other reason, we must revisit all our private sexual choices, political choices, and consumption choices as blacks, because our general economic starting points have been rearmost in our society through the consequence of resembling our Negro forbears who were held by America, as less than our white counterparts across 250 years. . Even today our men have been unjustly incarcerated at a disproportionate rate exceeding the South African blacks under apartheid. And because 8000 out of every 100,000 Negro men & boys have been thrown to the whim of state and privatized prisons, we stand on the verge of completely irreversible marginalization under "color of law"

This fkregoing data speaks to the destruction of the American Negro Male, and our general survival where immigrants legal and unlawful, purport protection under what was once coined The Negro Amendments signed into law by the republicans in order to reel in the Old Guard Southern Democrats who went to war, to deny us our humanity.

Fast forward to topic, and its easy to discern the black male has lost all agency, politically and socially. No wonder our black women have drifted to seek mates often from the very groups who succeed on black failure.

Without lawful recompense, recovery or restitution under the laws for the American Negro being part of our American dialogue, "new minorities" comprisinv white women, unlawful NON citizens working, residing in the US pursuant under Title 18 USC §§ 1324(a),1325, or those entering lawfully, are replacing the Legislature's intended recipients protected under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Sport sex, interracial dating, the systemic targeting of the American Negro men, are thus mere 'symptoms' of this racist sociallized American landscape the modern Negro has known all our lives.

Every choice, thus has a consequence far exceeding the chooser, especially when he/she happens to claim Negro descent.
Comment by Philip Harding on June 27, 2017 at 10:43am

Yes Donnie, thanks. I appreciate your view. You know, I just heard James Baldwin conclude a speech saying that black people were 'just like other people' because, well you know, 'we're capable of lying, cheating, and even killing' (paraphrased). 

My point is that Baldwin humanizes the community. The black community in this society is vibrant, powerful and awesome source of power. I'm not commenting on the professor that was unjustly fired. But everyone knows that when we hate we cannot be proud, we can only be vain. And vanity leads to more self disgust. We must fight and never give up this fight and fight with pride, dignity and honor and NOT sink so low to be like those murderous and evil racists in the KKK.

Comment by Donnie Corbett on June 27, 2017 at 7:39am

Philip I disagree with your comments this black women wasn't acting like a racist because her comments about BLM.  Most of the time we need to separate ourselves from most white people and solve our own problems.  Often time a hit dog will hollow. 

Comment by Donnie Corbett on June 27, 2017 at 7:32am

White folks have their KKK meeting and we are not invited, not that I wanted to be invited to their Klan Rally, some things never change, the ball is in our court black people so lets play ball.

Comment by Philip Harding on June 26, 2017 at 11:55pm

Crazy ass shit. When black people start acting as disgustingly exclusive and racist as white people I can only think of one word (well, two): Stockholm Syndrome. I have no interest in pushing good people away. I want to share in lives, not separate them.

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