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Toxic masculinity couldn't stand the sight of a man's naked body on ESPN Cover

Now, every year ESPN magazine does a “body” issue featuring a major variety of athletes who bare it all for the camera, emphasizing the strength, skill, and endurance that their bodies are capable of. Nothing sexual about it at all, really. Regardless of that fact, tiny-minded men of Twitter were up in arms when ESPN dropped Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott’s cover for its 2017 body issue.

Being honored for your athleticism and physicality? = “gay shit”

It’s, obviously, worth pointing out that the 2017’s ‘female’ cover went to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, and when ESPN tweeted this out, tiny-minded man Twitter was quick to hyper-sexualize and slut-shame the world-class athlete. Unable to separate nudity from sex for just oooone second.

What would happen if these dudes saw a naked man (or woman) and simply felt nothing and said nothing? Are they afraid if they don’t announce their sexual preferences people will go all the way out of their way to suspect them of queerness? Because anybody even gives a shit? Sad!

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Comment by theblackjacobins on July 2, 2017 at 5:02pm
I am only aaying one thing (above): "get your Negro politics RIGHT!" This is not a politics of what you've been fed on HBO's "black" show Insecure, featuring a woman who is not descendant of the American Negro slaves, but brought to primetime to lampoon ghetto speak and mannerisms; noneofwhich were our choice in the first place, but the result of coming from that demographic who were considered 3/5th of white men for 250 years. Our cultures were destroyed and we have been and STILL are being passed by newcomers here who are 'acting black on HBO' in the loosest sense of the term.

If you're a male black descendant of the American Negro slaves and you want the world to see you, you'll need to understand they will see you through the lens promulgated by mainstream media first. . . How you surmount that reality with "black politics done RIGHT!" is entirely up to you.

Live your Potential while understanding the data. . . not that minstrel show being fed to you by mainstream media.Your poverty and 'undesireable status in America' was NEVER your fault. This is not a "Negro problem": it has always been a "White choice," when your Negro forbears held none for 350 years "under color of law" . . .

Parse the data that clearly tells you what America considers, of our Negro worth first. . . You can't live and go through life making the same choices as your white counterparts, because WE NEGROES suffer consequences that they don't.
Comment by theblackjacobins on July 2, 2017 at 4:34pm
"Toxic masculinity": do you actually think this is anything of the sort, or are you being impertinent to confuse risqué banter with something that actually adversely impacts your ability to gain an advantage or privilege, based in significant part upon protected characteristics of race, color, or heritage?

Last I'd checked the legislature made no such provisions under any law to warrant a safeguard against one's gender (not speaking on that "in vogue" practice of toddlers, tweens and adults living precariously through fetishes as if abandoning their genders in common furtherance of design so as to remove all traces of gender as if humans actually have that choice.

Now before you start crying 'foul'; remember, on this presumably neutral AP site, YOU ATTACKED THE MEN IN GENERAL FIRST. . .we all could have done without that vituperative epithet, "toxic masculinity" as easily as if the article was entitled "toxic femininity": think that through.

So under guise of ANTI-ISMS: somewhere along the line, AP appears to have adopted an anti-male quasi black centric ethos. . . To deride anything 'male' while promoting the LGBTXYZ. . .

Now, when I saw that movie long ago (Afropunk: the movie), I'd started my fourth band . . . I wasn't moved to follow because of a mere black-centric movie, but rather chose to focus more on black "punk" issues in a predominately white "punk rock franchise"; I THOUGHT that was why we were creating a site devoted to 1) Negroes 2) hardcore.

I can co-exist as the next person, but my Negro self- preservation is saying "wait, are these folks really anti male?
Because the data of "8000 Negro males incarcerated or imprisoned per every 100,000 non-African American Immigrant of any age; an average Negro family's savings of 1700, compared to the average white family's savings of 17k USD (not counting the cars or home equity); and middle class Negro children born in affluent homes have a 70 % liklihood of downward mobility back into a life of poverty, regardless of whether they attend college or not lies in stark contrast to similarly situated non Negro famlies (including first generational immigrants) tells me that this is not a well-thought out war against the Negro men who have been felonized and forced into involuntary servitude so they "no longer matter" while those same first generation Immigrants whose cultures were NOT "annihilated" across 250 years of subjugation under chattel laws before they were suddenly permitted to enter the US, have retained enough sense of self (where they some from) to buffer against disparities and succeed here in the US where the modern Negro was never afforded that courtesy.
So back to point, why are Negroes aligning with other non Negroes to disparage our black men? What other group puts anyone else before their own in America? No one but us. Men like Tommy S. on youtube make a living on degrading our black women: while sheabutter twitter gain momentum telling us about "toxic masculinity" and how "our black men ain't shit"? This is not gender politics, because the underlying data says the Negro's province lies at the bottom 5th of the bottom one percentile of America's poverty ( discounting Oprah, JayZ and the rest of those Affirmative Action gatekeepers who came during a unique period when America actually GAVE the Negro "affirmative action").

Really.If you want to publicly trash our Negro male & pretend they are doing exactly what they want and not what white America allows. . .go right ahead with that. Our Negro women aren't the target yet. . .not until the black men are long removed from presenting a threat to white supremacy. Know your role in the US. . .black women might not really be all that oppressed as the white feminists are touting. But recall how much the white women have gained since the democrats forced the republicans to give them sufferage because republicans tendered suffrage for the American Negro FIRST during the 1st Reconstruction
Comment by Vicky F on June 29, 2017 at 4:44am

The art of humanness will be lost to some...

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