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Rock and Soul band Quantum Split, Releases An Eye Opening Classic with Their Debut Music Video "America"


   3 very artistic men and a woman full of power and presence, from New York City's Lower East Side, are a huge part of the formula for Rock and Soul band, Quantum Split. And what you hear and experience from their sound is like nothing you have seen or heard before. If this writer HAD TO choose where to put this band, just by what has been heard, They would be sharing the stage with the late and great Jimi Hendrix. 

    Made up of lead singer and guitarist Soleil Laurent, lead guitarist Adrian Read, drummer Anthony Anderson and bass guitarist Ivan Hardy, Quantum Split has perfectly named their creation of sound as "Rock and Soul". Combines live instruments and powerful lyrics about the "real" world today, they rock hard with a lot of soul invested. The debut video for "America" is game changing. Starting of soft and mellow, one who is new to this group may think they are about to hear more of a pop, or soft rock genre band. But as the song adds instruments and vocals, Soleil quickly begins to build us up for an astounding break down and chorus, you know you are about to be introduced to a whole new style of music.

    The song and video tells and shows a very simple and yet still often overlooked point of fact. No matter your ethnicity, skin color, gender or religious beliefs. If you are a citizen of this country..."We are American...So what you gonna do?"  They take full advantage of a hard rocking feel good bridge.....And the interesting song "America" only gets better through its display of image and art.

    The video shows us the strengths and unity of races and religions....and still fits in the struggles, anger, confusion and fear many face in such a divided society. A switching of places at times while illustrating quick almost subliminal messages fed to your eyes and brain. A song and video that makes you enjoy yourself, while still causing you to think, sometimes even question where and how can you make a difference. Because no matter what they look like or where they come from, We are Americans. We are humans. We are all brothers and sister. Your struggle is mine. My strength is yours...and if we united, what could those behind the scenes of confusion and illusion do?

   With beautiful energy, entertaining angles and strategically placed shots of fill in footage, Quantum Split and director Cortez McKay create a stunning cinematic presentation of music's vibe, caught on film. Check Out Quantum Split's new Video "America" Today. You will not be disappointed.

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