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Black Solo Metal Band in Jamaica, Orisha, gives island a spook

Jamaica is most commonly noted for the beautiful beaches, the great weed references, Bob Marley...or just the Marley's in general, and good spicy food. What we don't hear too much about are any metal bands that are potentially hidden about on the island, including one band in particular, Orisha Shakpana.

Orisha, self classified as a raw/ black Pagan metal band, is a project that started as a three piece band called Dark Cirkus in Jamaica back in 2004. After years of struggling to create a metal scene in Jamaica, the band dropped to one member, Orisha, who released two full length demos in 2006. The only evidence of the demos are of two tracks that can be found on the internet, "Satanic Powers in Jamaican Hills" and "The Offspring of Gashanami" with lyrics based on the Central African mythology.

It's a bit hard to dicipher the tracks, as the music follows the muffled trends taken by heavy metal artists who mask their lyrics in the microphone, but here are the lyrics found online for one song where the 2nd track on this demo is based on the legend of the African god of Vengance, Gashanami:

"I evoke the black bull I evoke Gashanami to continue his vengeance upon mankind

In the winter solstice He haunts you

The black bull of Trelawny His long black horns impale the human

The ghastly black bull slayer of the Christans Slayer of Myal,

the white magick Slayer of all good and pure

The bloodthirsty god of vengance wants your death as he spreads across the island behind his flaming eyes is death

He snorts nothing but smog and fire.

There are some other underground bands on the Jamaican alternative scene, including a few we found called Gas Money, Downstairs, and Petrus, all in which have a slight hint of reggae traces to give away their origin, whether it is the vocals or the delayed rhythms.

Check out Gas Money here:

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Comment by Pady Cakes on December 21, 2010 at 12:27am

<3  Orisha Just waiting for the CD

Comment by Ghettopunkrocker on December 16, 2010 at 12:35pm

I've heard of this guy...

Comment by Laughingnahga on December 16, 2010 at 10:24am

It also refers to ghosts when used as a noun or to startle or frighten when used as a verb.

Different meanings depending on the context that it's used in.

The blogger is refering to a spooky dark black metal band so I think it's appropiate in this context. 

Comment by Kadeem Ward on December 15, 2010 at 10:14pm

Yes Orisha Shakpana is an excellent band and truly rare. If you want more info on Caribbean bands visit this site:

Bands include:

Avatar (Trinidad And Tobago)

Et Tu Brutus (Guyana)

Conrad (Barbados)

Comment by Compound Egret on December 15, 2010 at 9:14pm

For that super raw homebrewed black metal style, Orisha is doing it well. Does the person that wrote this realize that "spook" is an old time racial slur used against Black folks? Second time I've seen it in the blogs.

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