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Big News! New website launching July 13

To All Members of the AFROPUNK Community -

We have some really big news that we wanted to tell you before we tell anybody else:

On July 13, we will be re-launching our website, It will be a beautiful new version of the site you all know and love, updated for the modern media world. Among the new features will be an improved experience on your mobile devices, a more fluid interaction between the site and our social media channels, and additional forms of content. We think you’ll really enjoy it. And if you don’t, we expect that you’ll let us know.

There are two main reasons we wanted to let you, the members of our community, know about the re-launch ahead of time:

The first is that we look forward to your continued participation in the new, your engagement and contribution to the site. There will be initial changes that may seem radical, and there will gradual steps towards recreating all the features you’ve known on the site. We trust you to applaud us when we’re doing well, tell us what we can do better, and inform us when something is broken. The site serves you first — it has always been yours as much as ours — and we want to make sure that it continues to do so. Your feedback is crucial. The new site’s FAQ and “Become a Contributor” pages will have all the information of how you can get even more involved with AFROPUNK.

The second reason is, we that know many of you have been using and interacting with the original AFROPUNK site for years, and you have a lot of memories stored there — visual and written. Though we will not be deleting any of the content or information currently on the original site — it will be archived in full after being discontinued — a few of the features will be disappearing for the time being. This includes personal profiles and blog posts, as well posts to the message board and groups (and the photos/videos/music included in them). We highly encourage you to visit these now and download your memories to keep them closer. We will not be able to do it for you later.

We are very excited to share the site with you, and look forward to building the new AFROPUNK with you, into the future.

Thank you.

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