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Stop blaming single mothers for the toxic actions of men

After learning of the horrible crimes of the Cleveland shooter, Steve Stephens, I was eager to learn what men had to say via YouTube and Facebook, yet small vloggers and small podcasters proved too much of a disappoint as they do not talk about the elephant in the room—the fact that many men need mental health evaluations and that that's nothing to be ashamed of. Especially given the fact that male problems often end up being unfairly blamed on black women.



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#FemmeInPublic project disrupts Cape Town’s heteronormative gaze with live fashion protest

#FemmeInPublic is a glorious visual project and conversation piece about femme solidarity in places where we’re most vulnerable—in public. Cape Town-based creative director and stylist, Gavin Mikey Collins, and US performance artist, activist, and poet, Alok Vaid-Menon, teamed up with queer and gender non-conforming artists for a “live fashion protest”. A space-taking, look-serving march through the streets of Cape Town “disrupt[ing] the heteronormative and colonial…


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If feminism makes you feel emasculated, your manhood wasn't that strong to begin with

It’s pretty telling when someone takes positive measures to stand up for themselves, and it makes another people downplay, nay-say, and try to delegitimize their efforts. Especially when these people stand to benefit from oppressive systems that the first person is standing up against in the first place. And it's not a good look.

When I first started talking about feminism, like with race, I constantly found myself having to explain to men, and likewise white…


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Is Dave Chappelle making fun of fragile masculinity, or enforcing it?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about Dave Chappelle's two new comedy specials released on Netflix last Tuesday, marking the long-awaited return to stand up from the mastermind behind the game-changing Chappelle’s Show.

But not everyone is laughing. Controversy has erupted over how the specials –“The Age of Spin: Live at the Hollywood Palladium” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas: Live at Austin City Limits” – seem over-reliant on…


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Intersex people are proof that nature is not as obsessed as we are with putting people in boxes

Intersex activist Hida Viloria, Image Credit: Hachette Book Group

Gender is a fascinatingly all-encompassing construct. From the moment we are born, most of society reads one of two onto us and insists on treating us accordingly–often violently. These two genders, male and female, inform almost everything; from the colors we are supposed to like, the people we are supposed to be attracted to, the music we are supposed to be drawn to, to the way we are supposed…


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Old white men have no business making rules about women's health

Old white men are great at a lot of things. Buying stocks. Subsequently destroying the stock market and the economy. Not going to jail for it. Not going to jail for anything. Electing racists and sexists. Colonizing lands. Genocide. Creating little future old white men who do all of those things even better.

One thing they are not…


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Black girls go missing from the focus of our movements long before they go missing from our streets

"What happens when Black girls look clear in the moonlight, daylight, sunset?" - Makayla Posley, NY-based Poet.

Last week, the D.C. metropolitan police department tweeted about the disappearance of 10 teenagers considered “critically missing,” all of whom were Black or Brown. Usually (and horrifically), these type of developments fly under the radar, but when Twitter…


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Hey TERFs, being trans inclusive doesn't take anything away from your womanhood

During International Women’s Day, I noticed a recurring theme that made me sick: ciswomen clamoring to shut down, marginalize, and otherize transgender women on what these ciswomen described it as “their day”.

But being trans in and of itself is the difference of experiences of womanhood. It’s not less than, it’s not removed from womanhood—it is purely a difference in experiences. This difference is relevant when we talk about oppression, but it’s not…


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"Ain't I A Woman?" On the irony of trans-exclusion by black and African feminists

When African-American abolitionist and women’s rights activists Sojourner Truth asked “Aint I A Woman?” as she stood in front of the crowd of largely white women’s rights activists at the 1851 Women's Convention in Akron, Ohio she marked a critical concern for women who have historically been seen as “Other.”

Truth’s seemingly rhetorical question was used to highlight the ways in which her womanhood as a black slave woman was not recognised by…


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Dear Chimamanda, being violently forced to be someone you're not is not a privilege

Dear Ms. Adichie,

Because of the fearless way you have defended and protected your sisters, over the past few years you have become one of the foremost feminist icons in the world. But after your interview with U.K.’s Channel 4 last week in which you made uninformed and ultimately violent comments on the experiences of transgender women, I have to question the sincerity of this show of fearlessness.

In the video (below), you argued that “the whole…


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Don't forget Black trans women on #InternationalWomensDay

As visibility for black trans women is (slowly) increasing with the presence of actress Laverne Cox and writer/activist Janet Mock and shows like Oxygen’s ‘Strut’, transphobia and high homicide rates of trans women continue to be pressing examples of violence against women. LGBT-identified individuals are twice as likely to be attacked in hate crimes than others and 2016 marked the… Continue

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Hands off our freedoms: It's 2017 and women still have to fight for basic shit

Happy International Women’s Day, I guess? Forgive the ‘tude, but as we roll through Donald Trump’s second month as President, it would be irresponsible of me to pretend that now’s a stellar time to be a woman in Trump’s World, whether you’re American or not. And while the Wall Street bull’s newest opponent—a …


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INTERVIEW: Black trans artist Lucas Charlie Rose on his trans-only mixtape

“Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?”—Professor Oak, Pokémon

My gender-identity crisis started young, and the only reason I choose to call it a “crisis” and not a “transition” has everything to do with how gender (“norms”) and sexuality are viewed and received within the Black Community, and when presented on a broader spectrum.

One of the greatest difficulties I’ve experienced on my journey of coming out as Pansexual in regards to my sexuality, and…

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Black transwoman Keke Collier shot and killed in Chicago #BlackTransLivesMatter

We’ve lost another Black trans life. Tuesday in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, a 24-year old transwoman named Keke Collier was shot and killed, according to WLS-TV. Early reports have misgendered Collier as male, although she was well known and outspoken about gender identity. In the WLS report, a friend of Collier’s named Shasha Lauren confirmed the victim’s identity. Lauren works as a peer navigator at Chicago House, a nonprofit organization that helps transgender… Continue

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Hidden Figures: Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term "intersectionality", helped change activism forever

Hopefully, you’ve heard of intersectionality by now. A term coined by Civil Rights advocate civil rights advocate and critical race theory scholar Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, intersectionality is the black feminist theory that specifically addresses the areas in which oppression intersects, or the “interconnected nature” of societal categories, like race, gender, religion, orientation, etc. A clear example of an intersectional issue can be observed when we look at the wage gap… Continue

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The Anti-Misogynoir Project creates platform for black womxn to tell their own narratives

The Anti-Misogynoir Project is a visual project that gives black women a platform to share their own narratives about the black femme experience. “It's kind of like a Humans of NY, but for Black Womxn,” says photographer Jacquelyn Iyamah. Through the ongoing visual project, Iyamah hopes to empower and embolden black women to be honest about their identities and stories by sharing them with the world. See more of the Anti-Misogynoir Project on…


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Planned Parenthood wants to know what you DEFY

On the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade our friends at Planned Parenthood are calling on you to join their #IDEFY campaign to bring down the walls of hate and share your stories of defiance against discrimination, intolerance, slut-shaming, abortion stigma, sub-par sex ed, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and other forces that obstruct justice and block individual opportunity. Head over to Facebook to …


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10 Reasons Why 2016 Was The Ultimate #BlackGirlMagic Year

Black girls have been slaying since the beginning of time, but in 2016 #BlackGirlMagic hit a new level. Our unapologetic achievements as entrepreneurs, activists, writers, and, more, were positive shining lights of space-taking resistance and inspiration.

1. Detroit-based high school student activist Taylor Amari Little. This year, Little founded …


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Men Have The Right To Be Vulnerable - Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone Involved

Over the past few years, the social movement that once worked to dismantle labels evolved into one where everyone's identity seemed to be defined by the box they fit into. My box happens to be "cis-gendered, heterosexual female." That means I agree with the gender I was assigned at birth and I am attracted to members of the opposite sex, at least that's how it was explained to me by folks who are more educated on the subject of gender identity than I am. I have…


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Why are women shamed for their body hair while men are praised for beards & other tufts?

In 2016, you wouldn’t think of addressing body hair that naturally grows, yet the continuous negative stigmas and harmful stereotypes have brought more issues to light than just the “look,” or shaming women who choose not to shave, but bring forth internalized damaging emotions to girls and women who feel they have to shave in order to be “accepted,” among society.

Lately images of the female genitalia have surfaced with captions (usually by males) stating…


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