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No matter what you think of Blac Chyna, no one should post her nudes without her consent

Blac Chyna has the right to control her image and sexuality. Subverting her right to do so in an attempt to exercise power over her in order to punish or humiliate is clearly an act that exists somewhere in the realm of rape culture.

Like so many men, when Rob Kardashian no longer had proximity or access to Blac Chyna, he acted out in a way that showed he could still assert power and dominance over her anyway. Against her will.

Posting nudes someone…


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A Transwoman of Color’s guide to survival - Self-care is key

Imagine what it would be like to not spend every waking moment guarding your life. Picture a world in which you weren’t always pressured to explain or defend your identity, your humanity or your right to hold space. What would it feel like to experience deep intimacy without fear of your lover spilling your blood because they’re incapable of spilling their truth about their attraction to trans women? Consider what it would be like to navigate a world in which you weren’t… Continue

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Black transgender woman appointed as Editor-in-chief of feminist publication, making History!

The Wear Your Voice (WYV) team would like to congratulate trans-activist Ashlee Marie Preston on her appointment as the new Editor-in-Chief. Writer, activist and media advocate, Preston serves on local and national advisory boards that promote social change.

In an all-too-familiar, homogeneous field of journalism, Preston is determined to use media to empower marginalized and disfranchised communities, whose voices are often omitted from mainstream conversation.…


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17-year-old Ava Le’Ray Barrin becomes youngest of 14 trans-WOC murdered in the U.S. this year

Another transwoman, Ava Le’Ray Barrin, was murdered this week, becoming the youngest trans murder victim in the U.S. in 2017. As reported by the…


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Toxic masculinity couldn't stand the sight of a man's naked body on ESPN Cover

Now, every year ESPN magazine does a “body” issue featuring a major variety of athletes who bare it all for the camera, emphasizing the strength, skill, and endurance that their bodies are capable of. Nothing sexual about it at all, really. Regardless of that fact, tiny-minded men of Twitter were up in arms when ESPN …


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Salvador-based La Frida bike project combines biking and art to empower Black women to have healthier lifestyles

La Frida is a project created by self-proclaimed Black "cycloativistis." The project unites biking and street art to encourage urban mobility among Black women by amplifying their voices and encouraging them to occupy more spaces in public life. The project teaches women and girls to ride bikes while creating a “moving home” for them to express and share art and poetry. Paying particular attention to the way racism and sexism impede Black women from positive interpersonal…


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#Hairties video series empowers Black girls to think positively about their hair

A new video series is empowering Black girls to redefine what is beautiful, and shaping how the next generation feels about their hair. #Hairties uses testimonials from Black women and girls to acknowledge the fraught history of Black hair, while looking toward the future to where we might go. Created by Antonia Opiah, the seven-part video series features the stories of six women across three generations, the individuals that influenced their hairstyles over the years, and…


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Celebrate Pride by being trans-inclusive

This Pride month, express your solidarity for and support of gay and queer folx by being more trans-inclusive! Seems pretty obvious, right? But even (maybe especially) within the LGBTQIA community and spaces, so-called allies of gay rights continue to otherize and marginalize queer and trans folks, unintentionally or otherwise. While it’s a struggle, for some, to unpack the problematic ways in which we view gender and to actively diverge from what we’ve been programmed to…


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I will always love and admire Black men, here’s why

Black men have been getting a bad rap since forever. They’re, “aggressive, violent, cheaters, liars, thieves…” or at least that’s the picture that’s painted of them. While this may be true for some, it is not the truth for all. I believe there are some decent, faithful, friendly, caring, loving black men out there. I know this because I’ve met some of them.


….an amazing guy who was all about his daughters. Probably one of the…


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Supporting sex workers is as feminist an issue as any

There is a lot of misguided squeamishness around sex work in feminist circles. A common source of reluctance is the fear or confusion that sex work is the exploitation of women’s bodies and/or sexuality. But that’s a misnomer and the people who say such things tend not to point out that football players, day laborers, businesspersons with exceptionally stressful jobs, firefighters, and so on, are also exploiters of their bodies. In reality, using your body in to make money,…


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This single father created a workshop for dads to learn to do their daughters' hair!

Being a single parent is difficult already, but being a single dad is its own trial in a society that is still catching up to the idea of men doing domestic tasks, and thus doesn't prepare them for it. Hunstville, Alabama-based Darious Bland, who has been a single father for seven years, is well aware of the steep learning curve fathers face having been forced to learn many things he never thought he would have to do, like how to do his daughter's hair.

"When I…


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Howard University Sued For Failing To Help Rape Victims

Howard University is one of the latest higher education institutions being sued for its handling of sexual assault reports from university students.

The lawsuit’s five female plaintiffs accused the private university of “discriminatory and retaliatory response to multiple complaints of sexual assault and harassment,” between 2014 and 2016. Earlier this week, …


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F*ck like a fat girl: radical self-love for goddess sex

For fat girls/women, in my fat woman experience, being sexually active was/is somewhat dubious. As a life-long femme fattie, the only time I heard about fat girls having sex was as the butt of a joke or as the description of a fetish. Never being shown a normalized image of fat sex and fat women being desired, without a dehumanizing stigma attached to it and us.

For many years, this perpetuated anxious thoughts, like wondering if a potential partner knew…


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Stop saying Black Feminism destroyed the Black family

When I first heard of feminism it was through the mouths of hoteps and fake pro-blacks. I was told that feminism was a CIA program led by Gloria Steinem to persuade black women away from black men. As a reward (according to hoteps) black women would receive government assistance and office jobs.

There is more anti-black feminism on YouTube and Facebook than pro-black feminism videos. When I was a sophomore in college, I enrolled in Intro to Women’s Studies…

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How to unlearn toxic masculinity - Steps to better understanding gender

Context is key. “The medium is the message”. When we talk about social constructs like gender and race, recognizing context is fundamental to understanding why and how these identifiers exist and what they signify in the only two context’s in which they matters—social perception and the subsequent personal experiences that result because of those perceptions.

Women have different experiences, but they are not different beings.

Ultimately, working…


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An ode to sisterhood - my best friend was key to my recovery from depression

"He's cheating again," I whispered into the phone, fighting through the brain fog that my newly prescribed depression meds gave me. "He's trying to leave me for another girl after I lost our baby."

It had only been 4 and half months since I'd lost my son, and as I sat staring at pictures of my man smiling and kissing another woman, the reason why he'd become so mean and distant, I began to tremble. In a calm voice, my best friend Keisha said "I'm so sorry,…


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The hair politics of Black boyhood: how I came to refuse white standards of respectability

I know everyone has a bone to pick with Shea Moisture’s erasure of black womanhood. And I was anxious to dig deep into it until I recognized the company also sells hair products for black men and even a black man was featured briefly in the controversial commercial.

It had me scratching my head, why was the black man’s experience with hair being swept under the rug? The great lie that ‘Everybody gets love’ is a laughable and tearful campaign slogan. The…


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Toxic masculinity enables violent events like Cleveland & San Bernardino more often than you know

There was little about the homicide committed by Steve Stephens (dumb name) that surprised me. Not the streaming of it and definitely not the alleged reasoning behind it. Stephens, in a series of Facebook posts cited a break-up with a former girlfriend as the event that kicked off his “need” to kill folks. A looney tune excuse that needlessly attempts to scapegoat an innocent, unseen woman for the actions of man. It’s not the man’s failure—naturally, it’s somebody…


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Stream the new Prince song from the late star's EP of unreleased music dropping this Friday!

On Friday (4/21/17), an EP of previously unheard Prince material recorded between 2006 and 2008 will be released. The late pop star co-wrote and co-produced the songs with Ian Boxill, an engineer who worked with Prince on his records 3121 and Planet Earth during that time period, and who completed the production for the new EP Deliverance, The Unheard Spiritual Voice of Prince Rogers Nelson after the singer's death. The EP is being released by…


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Putting Ourselves First As Black Women/Femmes Is Like Returning to Our First Loves

Self-care is a fluid concept. It is vital and it looks different from person to person. Essentially, self-care means doing something kind for yourself, for your mental well-being, for your physical well-being. Self-care is revolutionary for women of color and, as Audre Lorde said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

I hold that sentence so close to my heart. When black women, especially…


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