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FEATURE: Biracial Kenyan artist Phoebe Boswell Uses Racist Tinder Flirtations For Artistic Look At Race and Sex

A biracial Kenyan woman named Phoebe Boswell is turning race-based flirtations she encounters while Tinder’ing her local, and very white city of Gothenburg, Sweden. If you’re a woman of color who, like Boswell and myself, has trolled through online/app dating before, you’ve probably/definitely encountered some questionable interactions with white men and non-black MOC. Be it through microaggressions via fetishization in the form of curiosity and experimentation and flat-out…


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OP-ED: 'Coming Out' (Fuck It) essay by Tito Diran Fagbenie

It's a summer afternoon.

No, I don’t give a fuck.

It’s a summer afternoon, and that is exactly what it is - so why would I say otherwise?

It’s a summer afternoon, and I’m listening to a soundtrack from a film I don’t want to mention in case this becomes famous enough for me to require some sort of fee for mentioning it.

If that didn’t make any sense to you, then you should probably stop…


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OP-ED: I was shamed for celebrating my queerness with my Blackness

My name is Cheyenne Byrd, known by friends and neighbors as Saintly Sinner. I am a 34 year old Black lesbi-not-so-flexible biological womyn, and I live in a small, predominantly Caucasian neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh called Latrobe. I am a genuine gemstone jewelry designer, and I take great pride in my pieces. Everything I do is done by hand, I will NEVER mass produce, and I want my very special pieces to touch human lives across the globe.

I also happen to…


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FEATURE: Black entrepreneurs Jordan Kunzika, Brian and Justin Gerrard break down tech barriers with Bae dating app

Online/App dating-while-black can get pretty weird or be down right scary and depressing. With that in mind, Jordan Kunzika, Brian Gerrard and Justin Gerrard set out to create a black-centric dating app, Bae, with the hopes of making it easier…


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FEATURE: Activist Amber Amour shares live account of her rape on Instagram

During a trip to promote her #Stop Rape. Educate campaign in Cape Town, South Africa, New York-based activist, Amber Amour, was sexually assaulted. What began as a consul shower ended as violent rape.

Moments after the assault, still on the bathroom floor, Amour took to Instagram to document what had happened. “Here I was, telling survivors every single day that they should…


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Op-Ed: Sex and Music - How young is too young to teach little girls about owning their sexuality?

When I was 9-years-old I overheard Sasha climax halfway through her track “Kill The Bitch.” And overheard is a word I’m choosing to use loosely, considering I purposely pillaged the CD tower in the basement for the Bogle reggae compilation album.

And as disturbing as this sounds, I know for a fact there are little girls who are verbally "surfboarding" and things since Beyonce’s recent self-titled album dropped. While this isn’t another think piece on Mrs. Carter,…


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"The Pursuit of Black Alternative Female: where are guys going wrong?"

The dating scene is hard for everyone. Almost every singleton I know has admitted that although the idea of having a significant other is appealing, the whole ‘build-up’ process leaves little to be desired. The other week I discussed some unhealthy thought processes that single females (who want relationships) sometimes possess without realizing. This week I…


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Slut-Shaming is Against the Guy Code

So you’ve stashed a few compromising photos of your ex-girlfriend in your digital vault. You’re a heterosexual man; a man with publishing power, you’ve no qualms about addressing your personal gripe in a very public way. And once you unleash the photos from your bold grip, you will feel gratified.

This release will feel better than the orgasms you used to enjoy with her.

And behind your anonymity bares your bloated power and arrogance which stems from your distorted…


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5 Unhealthy Thought Processes of a Single Female

As a part of my bid to reconcile myself with all that is moral and fulfilling, I’ve decided to settle for nothing less than a relationship in terms of romantic interests. No flings, no one-night stands and no casual arrangements. Noble as that may be (depending on who’s looking at it), the chronically single will understand that the click of a finger a boyfriend does not summon! A lot of us are out of practice and what some may not realize, is that we are making ourselves…


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Closets are Scary, I won’t Come Out, I’ll Be Out [for]

Regarding bisexuality my 29th birthday was special. I found myself in Amsterdam near the Museum Square Hotel Amsterdam kissing a Dutch man who insisted that it was okay to let his girlfriend join us. I could only understand the “its Ok…its Ok” rant. But we were far beyond…


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Confessions of a BLACK Dominatrix: Feelings & Bottom Line Hurt?

Part of working in the BDSM community professionally is being able to market yourself. Of course, many of our clientele are used to seeing thin, white girls with huge breasts in painted-on latex. But for the black and brown kinksters, being black and brown poses its own individual problems as far as marketing and promotion are concerned. There’s a part of me that will always be the weird girl in the big room. I was weird throughout junior high as well as high school. I was also…


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Confessions of a Black Dominatrix - Part 2: Race Play?

What's your fantasy? I recall seeing Spike Lee’s 1996 film Girl 6 when I was much younger than I am now. I’ve always been a fan of Spike Lee’s flicks, but Girl 6 to me remains one of his more unsung pieces, and still no DVD release? Shame on you, Spike. For those who are not familiar with Girl 6 it starred the drop dead gorgeous Theresa Randall as an actress down on her luck and in dire straits. Unable to find a steady paying acting gig, she responds…


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Confessions of a Black Dominatrix

“I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it.” When Rihanna sang in “S&M” about how whips and chains excite her, a shockwave went through the pop world. People excited by getting hurt? Oh no, no, that couldn’t be right. And on top of that a Black woman parading around in latex, rope bondage, oh that’s a definite “no.” Proper Black women do not express their sexuality as deviants, that type of sexual abandon is left for white women and not us.

But I have never…


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Does Weight REALLY Matter??

Would you ever date someone heavier than you (guy or girl)? The other night I was just searching around the web like I usually do when I can't sleep, and stumbled upon some message boards where females asked men "Is 5'5 180lbs too big?" "Do men consider 5'7 190lbs too fat?" "I'm 160lbs, am I thick... do guys like thick girls?". I'm not going to lie, I'm not skinny by ANY means. I'm thick, but I don't consider myself fat. A lot of guys on these boards were so... so... shallow! I was… Continue

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Single, Bi-Sexual Black Man Seeking Black Woman

I have this Black male guy friend. He just landed on the opposite side of 30 and finds himself single. Very marriage minded; he eagerly waits for the day when he can meet that special lady and have children. He’s a successful entrepreneur in New York City. He has a devilish sense of humor. He LOVES his Momma and always conducts himself as a gentleman. His body is cut up like a Greek statute thanks to his daily body building and yoga routines. His smile can light up a room.…


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Why Don’t Afro-Punks Hook-up??

This particular topic strikes a nerve, because it makes no sense at all. After my rant I hope you all have some answers because I am simply confused. Afro-punk’s (the documentary) main purpose was to expose issues that minorities face within a white washed scene and show each one of us within these scenes that we are not alone. A few years later the film has grown into an awesome community of die hard rock fans of color from all corners of the… Continue

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Afro-punk guys and white women, is it easier?

It’s only fair to the artificial humans that my official introduction into the blogosphere be right here on, and away from the dogmatic matrix that is mainstream media. After all, I represent both the alpha and the omega of consciousness that internally bleeds within the souls of alternative hip hoppers, ghetto nerds, neo soul cool cats, backpackers, hippies, skaters, poets, artist, punks, and black rock kids who simply want to dig their own private and social…

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Love Connections on Afro-punk? Why Not?

My response to Jill Scott's Essence Magazine article seemed to have people up in arms as far as interracial relationships and white men/ women stealing all the "Good" black men/ women. I've noticed that here on Afro-Punk we have an array of men and women from different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. and it almost seems, even though we all have our different views on many many topics, that…

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