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An open letter to "undateable Blerd men": It's not us, it's you

Another day partaking in the internet’s favorite pastime: slandering Black women. The latest 0 Kelvin take is also a staple: Why Black women made me, a Black man, date white women. An opinion piece so cold Mr. Freeze couldn’t hold it without losing a limb to frostbite has popped up frequently on popular sites…


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My aunt (Jay-Z's mother) inspired me to embrace my queerness

Jay-Z’s new album 4:44 is being praised for its deeply personal nature, for the ways he takes accountability for his failings and lack of tools, and for the effect his physical and emotional absences has had on those he love. There’s a poem by Rumi where he writes “the wound is the place where the light enters you.” 4:44 is the wound’s light, the personal confrontation with the ego, masks, and defenses we erect in hope to make ourselves appear solid and hard, but we…


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Queer musicians from around world release Rainbow Riots album to resist homophobia

Largely with the help of colonial globalization of patriarchal European standards, queer and transantagonism is an unfortunate staple of most of the world. Swedish music producer Petter Wallenberg from The House of Wallenberg hopes to use his talents, and the talents of queer people around the world, to change this. Wallenberg is behind The Rainbow Riots album, described as "a protest musical repertoire that features queer artists from all over the world." The album…


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Judging people for being public about their sexuality is queerantagonistic

Postcolonial societies are a mess when it comes to healthy understandings of sexuality on their own, but add an extra layer of religiosity that is rooted in ideas of sexual chastity and you've got yourself the recipe to fuck up a young queer kid's sense of self for the rest of their life.

My mother's position in the Hare Krsna community is what might translate into a pastorate in the Christian tradition, and one of the four pillars of her denomination–and thus a…


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Keiynan Lonsdale coming out: "not apologizing for falling in love with people no matter their gender"

Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Kid Flash (Wally West) on the CW's The Flash, just came out as pansexual in an Instagram post, with a long and moving note explaining his decision to go public:

The post reads:

"I like to change my hair, I like to take risks with how I…


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Dating "preferences" are political, this is not up for debate.

Every few weeks or so, there is a piece published in some major left-leaning publication denouncing the racism of racial dating “preferences.” The titles are always eerily similar:

‘No Blacks’ Is Not a Sexual Preference. It’s Racism.” - Daily Beast



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The racist & transphobic rhetoric of Gays for Trump was fostered by LGBTQ movements centering cis gay men's rights

After Caitlyn Jenner appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday, Peter Boykin, president of Gays for Trump, tweeted a very telling warning about the focus on trans rights being allowed room to grow.

"The trans rights agenda, although valid, is separate than the gay rights agenda," Boykin wrote. "We must NOT allow their agenda to hijack or slow our progress."…


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Anti-gay Georgia pastor convicted on eight charges related to child molestation

Well, would you look at that! An anti-gay pastor who claimed the 49 people massacred last year at the gay Orlando nightclub Pulse "got what they deserved" has been convicted on eight charges related to child molestation. …


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WTF: Dozens of anti-LGBTQ bills have already been introduced in 2017 #Resist

At least 13 anti-LGBTQ bills in Texas, 15 in Arkansas, and over 100 across the country have already been introduced to legislatures in 2017. This comes despite the…


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First openly gay Division I football recruit My-King Johnson is breaking barriers

My-King Johnson is a division 1 football player breaking down barriers as the first openly gay recruit. Johnson, known by friends as King, told University of Arizona defensive line coach Vincent Amey he was gay during the recruitment process, to which Amey replied: “We want you to be a Wildcat.” Amey went on to admit that having an openly gay player on the team was “new” to him, but expressed support for King and stressed that this message will be echoed in the locker room,…


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'Black-ish' takes a stand against anti-LGBT discrimination

Never being a show to shy away from socio-political themes, ABC’s Black-ish recently took on LGBT discrimination dressed up as “religious freedom”. In the opening scene of the episode, Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) and Dre (Anthony Anderson) visit a bakery to order a “gender reveal“ cake. Fumbling with the right words to describe such cake, they call it a ”sex cake“, to which the baker responds, "We can bake any kind of cake you want. Oh! Just as long as it's not for a gay…


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I'm a Black Dominatrix - 'Fifty Shades of Gray' is complete BS (#NSFW)






(PS: It's the worst book series in history.)

As the saying goes: “You have to…


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Chance the Rapper’s Brother Taylor Bennett Comes Out as Bisexual

Chance the Rapper’s younger brother, fellow rapper Taylor Bennett kicked off his 21st birthday by coming out as bisexual in a series of tweets today. “My birthday is tomorrow & moving into next year I’d like to be more open about myself to help others that struggle with the same issues,” he wrote. “Growing up I’ve always felt indifferent about my sexuality…


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Queer Muslim couples marry before Trump's inauguration to protect their families

Ahead of President-Elect Trump’s inauguration this weekend, black musician Laila Nur & Pakistani visual artist Saba Taj decided to make the monumental moment about radical love and family by getting married in their North Carolina town. The gorgeous couple captured the moment on the steps of a North Carolina courthouse—their spiritual connection with and dedication to each other a symbol of radical love and resistance in the face of white supremacy and homophobia. "Right… Continue

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OP-ED: Hold Kim Burrell Accountable, But Hold Christianity Accountable As Well

Gospel singer Kim Burrell has been on the receiving end of a proper dragging the last few days, and I’m here for it!! Late last week, a video of one of her sermons surfaced on social media. The video features Kim preaching to her Love and Liberty Fellowship Church congregation in Houston, Texas.

In the video, Burrell makes several disparaging remarks about homosexuality that included, but was not limited to, “You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s…


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OP-ED: Black Homophobia: The Hate We Let Slide - by Neguswhoread

If you are a heterosexual, testosterone filled man, you encounter it every day.

If you are a church-going southerner, it has probably been pounded into your psyche and belief system.

Even if you are an enlightened, “woke” Hotep, you’ve allowed it to seep into your brain.

There is a remnant of hate that Black people have chosen to ignore or disregard for generations. We all know it exists, even in our own hearts and minds but we allow it to…


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What Would You Do? Don't be too quick to pass judgment on domestic violence survivors

TW: domestic violence, abuse

Say we know someone who is going through life and a half, and perhaps we feel as though they aren't doing all they can to get themselves out of a particularly bad situation. We decide to give them (often unsolicited) advice, and almost always start off our self-righteous diatribes with:

“Well, if it were me…” and/or, “Well, if I were you…”

In 2001, the musical group City High released their…


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OP-ED: Layla Mahmood dives into Black LGBTQ issues in the Netherlands and gives us a peek at Amsterdam’s My Crush safe space event

Its midnight and currently I'm celebrating GayPride in Amsterdam. A fitting place to celebrate anything liberal and slightly edgy. The air is carnivalesque, filled with an odd mix of progressive celebration and debauchery. Protestant-looking tourist families are holding penis-shaped balloons like its nothing, whilst observing the general festivities of the city, like the good little spectators that they are. Because hey, its Amsterdam, the place where anything goes to those…


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OP-ED: Frank Oceans pens profound essay about Pulse shooting, homophobic violence, and religion

Singer/songwriter/rapper Frank Ocean recently took to Tumblr to write this powerful essay about the Pulse nightclub shooting, homophobia in general, and religion’s part in it. It’s positively incomprehensible that the word that contextualizing queer identities and highlighting the very real, systematic…


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OP-ED: I Am Omar - My Internalized Homophobia Led Me To Ugly Places

As my well-intentioned straight friends have spent the past few days adding rainbows and #WeAreOrlando to their statuses, the news about Omar Mateen's regular attendance of Pulse has made me realize something darker and sadder: #IAmOmar, or at least, I kinda was. And as much as we would love to lay the blame elsewhere, we all made him together, and we're all currently making the next one.

Starting around the time my fellow 8 year olds realized that I sucked at…


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