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OP-ED: Do Shows like "Love And Hip Hop" Paint A Bad Mental Picture Into The Minds Of Black America?

I won't even sit here and lie to you. I used to watch reality tv shows like "Love And Hip Hop" faithfully. That's until I realized this is not a good reality for my mental stimulation. Let me explain what I mean. Every week I tuned into LHH I saw every negative black stereotype imaginable. Loud and ignorant black women ready to fight on sight, sneaky black men constantly cheating on his beautiful black woman, black men with two or more baby mama's who can't get…


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Renee Davis was depressed, suicidal, and pregnant when she was killed By Police #SayHerName

Once again someone going through a mental health crisis has been shot, and killed by police. This time 23 year old Native American woman Renee Davis. She was a mother of three, and was five months pregnant with the fourth. Statistically she is the 13th woman shot, and killed by police this year who was listed as mentally ill. This story comes less than a week after writing an article ( on a similar problem I have…


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I Accidentally Survived Suicide - The Stigma Around Mental Health Can Be Deadly

TW: suicide, mental health

In August of 2015, a father came home to every parent's worst nightmare:

The unresponsive body of his twenty-six year old daughter, naked, and lying in a pool of her own pink, red and white vomit, with the music list of her phone deleted to just two songs set to repeat over, and over, and over again:

“Center Of The Sun” by Conjure One (skip to 1:55), and “Breaking The Habit” by Linkin Park.…


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OP-ED: Slaying The Silence surrounding mental health: Dealing With My Grandmother's Suicide - TW: suicide

“Your Grandmother is in the hospital. She broke into the medicine cabinet behind the nurses' station at her nursing home, stole some Tylenol, and took too many. It isn't looking well."

My seventeen-year-old body went completely numb; perhaps to try in a futile effort to keep myself from feeling the shock of the words my Aunt had spoken softly into the phone on the night of November 19th, 2006, just a little after 2am.

For years, my maternal…


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The Police Can Show Up To Your Door Instead Of An Ambulance If You're Feeling Suicidal - TW: suicide

If you're feeling suicidal an officer can show up to door. Even if you call 911 they can refer you to call the police department instead. This article is not meant to bash all of law enforcement. However, we need to address a major issue here. Many police officers are not fully equipped to take on a mental health crisis. I feel it's bad enough that people with mental illness can already be mistaken for a common criminal. Especially when they're more than likely to be a…


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OP-ED: “I’m in Hell Already”: A look Inside What Severe Depression Really Feels Like (TW Suicide)

The words you're about to read are true. They come from my very first self help book called "A Fight Worth Finishing". I want people to really look inside of the head of someone who has gone through severe depression and suicidal thoughts. I really want to wake people up.

Depression is real and it can feel like IS HELL. I was alone for so long because I felt like nobody understood me. The torment in my mind was real. The hurt and pain was unbearable.…


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OP-ED: F&$K The Seat at the Table, Build Your Own Table

One rainy Saturday in July, I was at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival representing my apparel and multimedia firm Libre Brand, when I heard the master of ceremonies comment on racial discrimination in the United States. "We need a seat at the table too," he said (or something to that effect) which immediately irritated and exasperated me. It is my understanding that one of the reasons why Black people in America are suffering from economic and cultural impoverishment is their…


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FEATURE: Check out Afya Ibomu, the vibrant vegan who doubles as your friendly neighborhood celebrity chef

Afya Ibomu is the holistic nutritionist that slays in every way imaginable. When she's not cooking for the likes of Erykah Badu and crew, she's promoting her books "The Vegan Remix" "The Vegan SoulFood Guide to the Galaxy" and "The Get Your Crochet On Pattern Books," or writing for her lifestyle blog RBG Fit. In addition to an amazing career, she's also raising an adorable son named Nkuosa with her partner Stic, one of the rappers from the illustrious hip hop duo Dead…


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Classically trained dancer, Curvyballerina, celebrates body and sex positivity at her Baltimore-based fitness company BalletAfterDark

Curvyballerina (aka Tyde-Courtney Edward) is a classically trained ballerina from Baltimore and the Founding Director of BalletAfterDark, LLC—a ballet-inspired fitness company that encourages body positivity for all body types while celebrating and embracing sensuality and sexual confidence on the road to meeting fitness goals. Outside of the dance studio, Edward challenges body image standards and preaches sex positivity in a …


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OP-ED: Dear Kid Cudi, You Have Nothing To Be Ashamed Of (tw: suicidal thoughts)

Dear Cudi,

I woke up early this morning. Like earlier than usual. Why? I'm not sure. I get on Facebook because I couldn't go back to sleep. I saw one of my Facebook friends tagged me in a post written by you. When I read the post I understood why I was tagged.

The post you wrote literally bought me to tears. I…


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OP-ED Dear Solange: 'A Seat At The Table' Is Good For Black Mental Health And Self-Love

Dear solange,

With people of color frequently getting harassed, shot, and killed by the hands of the police in the media, people constantly telling us our natural hair isn't good or professional enough, being ridiculed and called racist for trying to empower our people and having self love, and minorities struggling to financially and physically survive you couldn't have dropped this new album at a better time.

The fact that you gave us an album that…


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