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Know What the Hell is in Your Food: Healthier Recipes for Your Fave Dishes

Hello, I’m Kendra Valentine and my blog Americulinariska promotes cooking grub for yourself with big flavor and REAL food. Since I’m an expat living abroad, it was important for me to get the comforts of home no matter where I called home, using creativity and whole food instead of unnatural processed-food short cuts.

The moment I started to understand how my food was made and the ingredients which comprise it, my perspective changed and I was able to take more…


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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: Compton born and raised Vegan Voices of Color co-founder Aaron Luxur preaches community-driven, eco-friendly, crulety-free activism

I am Aaron Luxur; 21-year-old creator, environmentalist, animal liberation advocate, and food justice activist from Compton,CA. I represent one-half of an emerging movement called Vegan Voices of Color (VVoC) that I started with my best friend last year. Taking matters of food justice into my own hands, I also began guerrilla gardening last year. This means that I plant food in public spaces that have been abandoned and turn them into thriving, green spaces with food for…


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OP-ED: The Emotional Roller Coaster We Face As The Murders Continue To Rise #TerenceCrutcher

Yesterday, a former high school classmate of mine (Who is very active in the movement of social injustices) wrote a status on Facebook. The question was: "How are y'all feeling this morning?"

I knew why he was asking. Yesterday we all woke up to more news of an unarmed black man being killed. His name was Terence Crutcher. He was a loving father, student, brother, and God-fearing man. He didn't deserve to die.

When I clicked on the simple but powerful post by my…


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OP-ED: Is substance abuse lyrics in hip hop culture really a cover up for depression?

In today's hip hop culture we hear a lot about drug use. You won't be surprised to hear lyrics about someone sipping on lean or taking molly, Xanax, or even cocaine to stay high all the time. Have you ever wondered why some hip-hop songs with drug influenced lyrics are so popular? Or, why do so many people in this younger generation relate and do many drugs themselves?

One of my favorite hip-hop songs to date "03 Adolescence" by J. Cole has a verse that really…


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FIT PUNK: Strotherpt fitness guru teaches us 5 simple stretches to feel incredible right away

Everyone wants to look and feel their best. If there was something you could always carry with you that not only made you feel incredible but, made your clothes fit better, relieves stress helped with your creative process would you take it? What if I told you it was stretching? Strotherpt is going to show you 5 moves that will make you feel amazing everyday! The first move is the standing hamstring stretch. Its one of those simple moves that a lot of people know but kind…


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The Price of Prayer: The Absence of Mental Health in the Black Church

The views of mental illness in the church are something that drastically needs to change. I've seen first hand how churches don't take mental illness very seriously at all.  Something I've always noticed is how prayer for the different areas of healing are treated.

By Jasmin Pierre*, AFROPUNK Contributor

For example: "Sister Tasha is going in for chemo therapy. Let's pray for the…


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Lately, I've been remembering old questions from my childhood: why we eat some animals and not others, if the food we eat makes us sick, and if the animals care or feel pain when they're killed. As I got older, I was intrigued by things vegetarians and vegans would say, saw the intense "behind the scenes" videos of fast food places. I did more research on nutrition and the treatment of the meat, animal rights, etc. I felt like by around year 2024, I would be vegan.…


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Nicole Crentsil’s “Unmasked Women“ art exhibition explores the often overlooked mental health of young black women in the UK

Themed around the mental health and wellness, the Nicole Crentsil-curated project aims to ignite a conversation about mental health inside a community that systematically seems to struggle with acknowledging and considering psychological wellness as a real priority. Frustrated by the lack of available resources for young women of color, 24-year-old Crentsil, who herself struggled with mental illness as a young person, created this project to raise awareness for the unique,…


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OP-ED: The Long Lasting Mental Effects Of Police Brutality

As we all know police brutality has been in the media quite often these days. While we know this has been going on forever technology has allowed us to see it more up close and personal. Videos of people being murdered and most recently an innocent 84 year old black woman being pepper sprayed, and handcuffed by the police in her own home has surfaced on the Internet. The whole ordeal gave her an anxiety attack.

We don't really discuss the long lasting mental…


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OP-ED: Why I Decided To Attend AFROPUNK Fest Topless, Showing My Mastectomy Scars

So, lots of people have responded in the most humbling ways to that photo and have asked what motivated me to share myself in that way, what my story is:

In May 2014, I was standing in Wall Street about to walk into a Sephora on my lunch break, but then looked down and saw that my doctor was…


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