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Top 5 Anti-Gay Ministers Accused Of Being Homosexual

Bishop Eddie Long is not the first preacher who ranted against homosexuality, who in turn was accused of being gay. There have been several others, all who have been accused of carrying out homosexual affairs in the bedroom, while raging against gays in the pulpit. Here are 5 ministers who preached against homosexuality in public yet were accused of indulging in homosexuality in private.

Top 5 Anti-Gay…

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Katende Patrick sits with a friend on the floor, absentmindedly rotating a few tiny rocks in his hand. They are pieces in a makeshift game of Parcheesi that the two have made out of a scrap of paper. Both of the boys are in the throes of malaria, so they speak slowly, but Patrick talks with an eloquence and calm that belie his 13 years of age. This is the Kampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre, Uganda’s only juvenile-detention facility.…


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Black Witch, The Arts: Featuring George 2.0 and Festivals you should know!

Here comes The Arts! How have you been liking them so far? Been a blast for me! Let’s get this show on the road shall we? Starting with the third Wondaland feature! All the Wondaland Arts Society features have been simply wonderful! First Janelle Monae, then photographer Nastassia Davis! Who’s Wondaland feature number three?

Black Witch, The Arts: Featuring George 2.0 and Festivals you…

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Black Witch: "Tell me what you see"

Ah, divination. The art of looking into the future, usually using a helper tool of some sort such as a bowl of water or a deck of cards (or else it could be describe as clairvoyance or precognition). There is a lot of debate surrounding whether divination is real or not, whether we can actually look into the future or not and whether it is okay to do or not from a spiritual perspective. For me, I believe it so even though I didn't always feel that way. I get fairly mixed…

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Black Witch: The Arts, featuring Nastassia, Lupe, and much more!

Here comes another round of The Arts! I hope you enjoyed the last one. Now we did completely music for The Arts but I wanna make sure everyone understands I’m doing all the arts. If it’s creative, it’s up here. I couldn’t modify the post for Artscape, a festival that’s every summer in Baltimore celebrating all the arts (except for the literary arts), for last month because The Arts posts are fairly…

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Black Witch: Anything you wanted to ask a witch

Alright, this is the first Ask a Witch installment for the Black Witch column. Basically, you guys ask me questions throughout the month either in the comments or using the “Ask a Witch” form here. I pick out the three best to answer from the queue and answer them here! You can ask me anything so long it’s not a divination reading or something stupid (but I will take silly questions, just not stupid questions). Because I started asking for Ask a Witch questions kinda midway…

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The 10 Worst Events That Happened To Black People

Since the existence of man, the worst things have always happened to the Black race–and NO I am not talking about Black Republicans or Flavor Flav! Black people have persevered through countless years of slavery, racism and the crack epidemic. What possibly could be the worst event the Black race has ever experienced? The following 10 events will outline the worst events to happen to Black people in history.…


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Black Witch: "How I became a Pagan Witch

This is my first post after the Afro-Punk festival, thank you everyone who said hi to me and recognized me! That was totally awesome! I'm very glad you guys like my writing, it's very nice to know I have support. I had a great time, it was my first Afro-Punk. I missed P.O.S. and a couple other several acts on the next day because I was too broke for an overnight stay. I do plan on going next year and being more prepared. I…

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I'm Black and I'm a Witch: My guide to Magick

Y’see, I’m a Witch. A Black Witch but not in the way of practicing black but I’m an African American who also happens to be a Witch. I guess it would be better calling myself an African-American Witch to keep heart attacks at a low but it’s such a lengthy name! Ah well. I’m Pagan as well, meaning that I follow a nature-based belief system. I’m not Wiccan tho. I’ll explain the differences (and why ‘magick’ is spelled with a…

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Missing the meat of religion and politics

In this week's religious fuck up news, Nebraska is becoming an ever more dangerous place for women to live in, with misogynistic new laws that restrict abortion based on perceived "fetal pain" [e.i. christians' perceived notion of fetal pain]. Also, they are now forcing women to undergo a psych check before receiving an abortion.…


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Confederate History Month up for grabs

Alright, let us get this straight. Virginia Governor (Republican Bob McDonnell) has issued a proclamation declaring April 'Confederate History Month', angering Virginia NAACP & Legislative Black Caucus, and other civil rights leaders. Granted, the official declaration only talks about 'understanding' and 'remembering' this part of US History (you know, the part where some White Southerners fought to secede from the Union and uphold slavery). But knowing that the…

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Darkness Kills the Demons of Health Care

For those of you who've been losing your nut for Tiger Woods over the last few months, all this "boring adult stuff" will go right over your dense heads. Keep moving. Now, for the REST of you who might just give a damn, I want to talk HEALTH CARE. By the time you read this, President Obama would've signed historic health care legislation into law. Sounds sweet enough to use as a slogan for a successful second term, right? Well, here's some sour…

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No cups of tea, please

Tired of seeing bigots courted by GOP politicians? Advocacy website is collecting online signatures for a petition asking the GOP to stop tolerating and encouraging hate within their party. "Anti health care protestors shouted racist and homophobic slurs at Black and gay members of Congress. It's not the first time we've seen such hatred. For over a year, the Republican Party has done little to stop the violent… Continue

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Wyclef tracked for everything!

The Smoking Gun reveals that charity Yele Haiti paid Khatou-Chevassus $105,000 as an independent contractor in 2008 for “program development”, adding to the controversy surrounding Wyclef Jean's non-profit organization. "Jean's organization reported having no employees, 'only three consultants,' the highest paid of which was Zakiya Khatou-Chevassus". The website also exposes other… Continue

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Bread And Butter With Darkness Ultd: Damos' Depressive Blog [vivi]section Version 2.

Since it's become evident to me that most people are too fucking ignorant to get politics I'll keep the newsy stuff to just 2 issues this time around. I want to discuss two men: Joseph Stack & Aaron Campbell.

Original AP posts and comments can…

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FEATURE: The New York Times profiles the most notable fatal police encounters in New York City since 1990

The New York Times has profiled some of the most notable fatal police encounters in New York City since 1990. A piece which clearly shows that young black men are being continually 'demonized' in the United States - Darren Wilson himself referred to Mike Brown as looking like a demon (two words, race and stereotype). These black men that are being killed by our trained civil servants are not thugs or demons, they are sons, brothers, uncles, cousins, fathers.  Take a…


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