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Laugh in a nazi's face, it will make your day better

25-year-old Saffiyah Khan’s unbothered gaze at an English Defence League (EDL) protestor was mood goals for real after Khan stepped forward to protect a Muslim counter-protestor in Birmingham, England last Saturday. The unnamed Muslim woman had shouted "Islamophobe" at a group of…Islamophobes and was surrounded by about 25 men when Khan, a Britain-born half-Pakistani, half-Bosnian, came to her defense. "I don't like seeing people getting ganged up on in my town,"… Continue

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Opioid crisis in white suburbia gets compassion while POC get mass incarceration

It’s cute that politicians across the country are taking up the very real and very serious opioid addiction epidemic that’s taking place in rural and suburban white communities, but I can’t help but feel confused and overlooked by the fact black communities have been suffering because of drug abuse for decades.

Over the weekend, I heard a white politician from somewhere refer to drug addiction as “drug misuse”. My jaw almost hit the floor. Drug…misuse. “Oops, I’m…


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Protests erupt ahead of cuts to education in Puerto Rico economic crisis to be worsened under Trump budget

Photo credit: Vice News

Thousands of students at the University of Puerto Rico began a one-week strike yesterday, protesting imminent multimillion-dollar cuts amidst a severe economic crisis. The… Continue

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Resistance in French Guiana: population fed up with exploitation & neocolonialism

My name is Lya and I’m a 21 years-old student from French Guiana (currently living in Toulouse, France). I don’t think that you’re aware of the current situation of French Guiana and you might don’t care at all but whatever. It needs to be said.

French Guiana is a French region located in South America between Suriname and Brazil. The majority of the population is Black, mixed or has foreign origins. We all live together and our culture (music, spoken languages,…

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Make America Smart Again: we cannot let mediocrity be the new standard

Donald Trump is really something else. Living under his rule definitely seems the zap more than just a few brain cells, and I can only hope they are being used by him and his staff because they very sorely need them. What did he do now, you ask? I don't even know. Maybe it was the fact that there was a… Continue

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Sorry not sorry for Trump voters now losing their Meals on Wheels, healthcare, etc.

People voted for Trump for a lot of reasons. Maybe it was in desperation to reclaim that super dangerous coal mining job that disappeared a decade ago, or the desire to “shake up Washington”. Whatever delusional or self-destructive bullshit those folks told themselves, it’s pretty clear—considering the rhetoric—that Trump voters are either flat out racist or completely apathetic to racism. Not only did Trump supports chant, cheer, and ultimately reward, the most racist…


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Yo, Trump, stop making us pay for your expensive shit while you cut important programs

On Thursday, President Cheeto released a $1.1 trillion budget outline that pays for another $54 billion in military spending by eliminating or cutting dozens of crucial programs that have long been Republican punching bags. Proposed reductions include a 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency, a 20 percent cut to the National Institutes of Health, and full defunding of…


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Artist and curator Ingrid LaFleur announces bid in Detroit mayoral race

Detroit native and contemporary artist & curator Ingrid LaFleur has thrown her hat in the race for the mayoral race in her hometown. After spending over a decade traveling the world and engaging in the contemporary arts community, LaFleur aims to apply what she’s learned through her unique experiences, creativity, and background to leadership. “I have experienced all of the beauty and challenges in Detroit on an intimate level,” LaFleur told…


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President Toupee Fiasco's Twitter fingers are like that hotep uncle you avoid at the cookout

You know that one uncle you always try to avoid at every family gathering? No, not the embarrassingly drunk one who just makes you uncomfortable but is relatively harmless. That one you still love. I'm talking about the other one. The one you hate. The one your aunt Gloria didn't invite to the cookout but he still found out anyway and so she had to pretend it was just a mistake, but everyone knows she's lying.

By Hari…


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Texas Rep. gives men a taste of their own medicine with bill to regulate their masturbation

Texas Representative Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, filed a bill this past Friday that would penalize men for "unregulated masturbatory emissions." House Bill 4260, aka the “Man’s Right to Know Act”, satirically flips the language used in anti-choice legislation to demonstrate would encourage men to “fully abstinent” that allows for "occasional masturbatory emissions inside health care and medical facilities." Other parts require men to wait a mandatory 24 hours after a health…


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With all due respect, Uncle Tom Carson needs to STFU

Nutty mofo, neurosurgeon, and newly sworn in HUD secretary, Ben Carson, embarrassed himself yesterday while making a speech in which he compared African slaves to immigrants. Carson, who was making his first address to the HUD Staff, was speaking about the American Dream and perception of opportunities to be had here, held by immigrants when he segwayed into slavery: “That’s what America is about, a land of dreams and opportunity,’’ he said. “There were other immigrants who…


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WTF is up with the new-found love for George W. Bush, are y'all crazy?

Former president George W. Bush has condemned Trump’s racism. A lot of viral articles have him sounding like the voice of reason, which in all honesty is amazing and wholly inaccurate. Really, it’s the most “pot calling the kettle black” situation we’ve found ourselves in. The media has created this spin to make W seem like the angel amongst a sea of demonic Republicans and all I have to say to that is... Bruh.

We get it. Trump is trash, so in comparison, everything…


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Wypipo praise Trump for "sounding Presidential", but he's the fucking President!

Do we celebrate professors for sounding professorial? Do we congratulate athletes for sounding like the masters of their sport? Do we glorify pastors who have any semblance of oratorical prowess? No, because it’s their job to look, act, and sound like the jobs they’ve chosen to do. So why the hell are white folks congratulating the Doofus in Chief for (finally) sounding (remotely) presidential. He’s the fucking president. That is, by default, a quality he was supposed to… Continue

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Mediocre, dangerous leader tries to appease Congress with lies & shenanigans

You might not have heard, but the 45th president of the United States is a yuge liar. It’s compulsive, without any thought, rhyme or reason, and the wildest thing about it, is that it’s almost as if he believes what he’s saying as truth. In his first address to Congress, he spewed the venomous fluff, alternative facts, empty promises and a healthy dose of contradictions. Beginning with a condemnation of the anti-Semitic and racist attacks of the week, even though earlier… Continue

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Jeff Sessions rescinds Obama-era order that aimed to phase out use of private prisons

Private prisons are modern day slavery. Private companies use inmates as free and cheap labor and profit from their bodies. Private prisons are unconstitutional and President Obama took a stand against them during his presidency, committing to reduce the federal government’s reliance on them and eradicate them over time. But as we know, President Obama is president no more and the current administration is just two generations removed from the slaveowners and outright… Continue

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"Kill all ni**gers": white power is alive & well in video by Va. college student

An investigation is underway at Old Dominion University after a racist video surfaced online this week with a sweatshirt with the ODU seal in the background. The video was of a young white woman wearing a Donald Trump mask and a shirt that said “My President Is White. Again.” and waving a firearm around while saying racial epithets. White nationalist hip hop music praising lynching, white power and the Ku Klux Klan played in the background, while messages on the screen said…


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Milo Yiannopoulos has been racist for years, do we only draw the line at pedophilia?

After years and years of spewing bigoted vitriolic hate speech under the guise of intellectual conservatism, Milo Yiannopoulos has finally said something to strike white America’s nerve. In the days before his speaking engagement at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the virulent Breitbart editor and outspoken defender of the alt-right, poked the bear in a video in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13 and laughs off the seriousness of… Continue

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Hidden Figures: Joan Tarika Lewis, the first woman to join the Black Panther Party

Many people know the Kathleen Cleavers and Angela Davises of the Black Panther Party but the first woman of the iconic group was Joan Tarika Lewis. Known then as Tarika Matilaba, she was the first woman to gain entrace to BPP and demanded to have space for black women in its platform. Born and raised in Oakland, her upbringing was full of injustices, whether it was the post World War II decline, extremely high rates of unemployment, lack of affordable housing, and other… Continue

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FBI arrests white terrorist plotting large scale attack #WhiteMenAreDangerous

What happens when you put a white supremacist and the internet together? Why terrorist attacks, of course. Inspired by Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, 29-year-old by the name of Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell of Conway, South Carolina was arrested by federal agents for allegedly plotting an attack this week. Apparently he’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch--according to Huffington Post, “His plan ran into some other logistical problems along the way: his mother wouldn’t… Continue

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It's on! The Women's General Strike is happening on March 8

If you’re wondering what the civil rights movement was like, look no further than our current political climate. And if you’re wondering how to make your voice heard with action, the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington have set a date for their general strike dubbed ‘A Day Without A Woman’ on March 8th, coinciding with International Women’s Day. The announcement comes as protests of all kinds and motivations are springing up in opposition to this administration.…


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