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Paris Contre Trump: an Anti-Trump Protest in Paris

In spite of the 40-degree weather, close to 1000 protesters gathered in the streets of Paris last Saturday. The reason was simple, to publicly display their frustration, anger and hurt surrounding the election of Donald Trump. Whether chanting in English, French or Spanish, the protesters expressed their thoughts with passion. Of the many, one chant was repeatedly returned to:

Muslim rights are human rights!

Muslim rights are human rights!…


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Student's 'White People Stay Colonizing' presentation examines how teen slang & dance crazes appropriate Black culture

Black academics are slaying in more ways than one these days, and Taylor Amari Little is no different. AFROPUNK covered this budding intellectual earlier this year because of her nonprofit The Temple Project, whose purpose is to remind people that the homeless members of the… Continue

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Acts of resilience: 4 glimmers of black hope to come out of the Reagan Era

Before Donald Trump won the 2016 election last Tuesday — becoming the 44th white, cis male to hold the office in the United States — he was already drawing comparisons from the press with another incendiary and controversial commander-in-chief, whose policies were detrimental to the lives of black Americans and working poor — Ronald Reagan.

From the disproportionate and punitive impact of his “supply-side” or “trickle-down” economic policies on the black…


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OP-ED: 'I'm Terrified for reproductive and LGBT rights

I was laying in bed late Tuesday night, my room pitch black, bile rising to the back of my throat. My phone buzzing from a succession of frightened, confused, and empathetic texts. Trump had won. Too angry to cry, a wave of hopelessness washed over me: Do I still have the right to control my own body? Do my gay and queer friends still have the rights to their families? Are my trans sisters in even more danger than before?

Let me be clear—I'm not afraid of…


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Organize, build, educate. We must stick together in the face of hatred

Donald Trump is the new President-elect of the United States of America. How did we get there? Voter suppression is real. Many also see the failure of the neoliberal Democratic…


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Black Women: Let's vote, but we must also be there for each other

Several years ago, as I stood in the doorway of my assigned polling place, ready to make a stand and cast the very first presidential vote of my life, I found myself unexpectedly stunned and awed by what I saw before me:

There were four voting booths; three were occupied, leaving the second from the left empty, and vacant for me. The voters in question were hunched over slightly as they scribbled and marked their choices as to whose hands to leave this country of…


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Brazilian students face police brutality as they occupy schools to protest budget cuts

Brothers and Sisters,

As you might know by now, we live in a non-democratic state since the elected president was taken out of power by a coup last August, in Brazil. It was a parliamentary coup, with full support from the Supreme Court that ousted President Dilma Roussef. In 2014 we elected Roussef for presidency, although her party had kept an incestuous alliance with PMDB (a conservative party), it was better than the alternative, Aecio Neves, whose name was…


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