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FEATURE: Black Panther Halloween - Poetry by Jon Daniel

They were BLACK.

They were LOUD.

They were PROUD. …


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OP-ED: No Azania Without Black Women

The ‘Revolution’ is irrelevant. The very word implies revolving; going around, returning. Battle after battle, revolution after revolution, the slave adapts, subject to an advanced  form of torture and on revolt, the people fight only part of the cause of the oppression. For freedom, we cannot revolve; we need to evolve. What is required is a complete shift in consciousness: Holistic rebellion, dismantling every form of oppression. We can only truly shift…


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CONOCE TU HISTORIA NEGRA: Revueltas esclavas Parte 1 – Negros y Nativos Americanos: La poderosa alianza de la que nunca te enseñarán en tu escuela

Considera, piensa un poco en lo que la mayoría de nosotros conoce sobre las revueltas esclavas: que hubo algunas rebeliones mayores, como la revuelta de Nat Turner en 1830, que fue rápidamente aplacada. Yo propongo una visión diferente: las Américas bajo un estado constante de revuelta o amenaza de una rebelión esclava. Hubo tantas revueltas esclavas registradas en tantos documentos de la época que necesitamos empezar a visualizar cómo los esclavistas y…


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FEATURE: "Why I'm Absolutely an Angry Black Woman" - Writer Dominique Matti's Must-Read Article

If there's one thing that black women have to combat daily, it's the longstanding stereotype of the "angry black woman" (that crazy notion that a black woman presenting general assertiveness means that she is some how one of those "angry" ones). Now one Philadelphia based writer and editor, …


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FEATURE: "Why White People Freak Out When They're Called Out About Race" - AlterNet discuss 'White fragility' with Professor Robin DiAngelo (the woman who coined the term)

In a great piece for AlterNet, writer Sam Adler-Bell has interviewed Robin DiAngelo to discuss 'White fragility" - a term that DiAngelo (professor of multicutural education at Westfield State University and author of 'What Does it Mean to Be White? Developing White Racial Literacy') coined in a 2011 journal article; describing "White fragility" as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.…


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VIDEO: Dr. Joy Degruy on how trauma shaped some "cultures" and passed on from generations to generations

Take a look at this must-watch video of Dr. Joy Degruy (author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) breaking down trauma and post traumatic syndrome. On her site, Degruy writes: "P.T.S.S. is a theory that explains the etiology of many of the adaptive survival behaviors in African American communities throughout the United States and the Diaspora. It is a condition that…


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FEATURE: NYC activists ticket Park Slope residents for minor "offences" to "show how cops treat communities of color"

As reported by Waging Nonviolence, on October 18th, a group of New York Anti-police brutality activists (Police Reform Organizing Project, aka PROP) mock-ticketed white people in the gentrified Park Slope area of Brooklyn, for minor "offenses" such as jaywalking and blocking the sidewalk - offences that black people are often harassed and ticketed for by cops. Their aim: "bring attention to the profiling Black residents go through". The founding member of PROP,…


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OP-ED: Millennials Are Re-writing The Rules & Stepping Outside The Box By Getting Rid of The Box Altogether

Special interest has been taken with the millennials. They have abandoned many of the principles and rules their parents once lived by and created their own. Millennials are focusing in on creative pursuits and implementing "the arts" in their everyday routines. “Creating the type of lifestyle you want”, seems to be the unspoken fundamental objective for most of the individuals who identify with this empowered…


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INTERVIEW: Bridget Anderson, One of the Many Black Women Reenergizing Atlanta’s Activism

Bridget Anderson is an Atlanta activist who is fighting for justice in the name of her late boyfriend Anthony Hill. She stands at about 5 feet 4 inches tall, but her smile and her strength are always larger than life. On March 9th Bridget’s life took a sharp change when she learned that Anthony, her boyfriend of 3 years, was shot and killed by an Atlanta police officer.

We sat in a coffee shop on a sunny day, and she was willing to share her story with me. “The thing about…


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KNOW YOUR BLACK HISTORY: Part II Slave Revolts by Sea: Relentless Determination and the End of the Myth of the Amistad

Slavery’s Middle Passage has been described as the “African Holocaust,” a brutal and deadly voyage for Africans forcibly taken for the slave trade to the Americas. Estimates of how many Africans died on the voyage range as high as 50%. The movement of slaves along the Middle Passage was anything but orderly. Bloody slave revolts broke out on ships bound for the Americas, often making the voyage just as perilous for the slavers transporting slaves across the Atlantic.



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FEATURE: Scientist Lucien Victor Alexis (1887-1981) - Nicknamed “The Negro Einstein” At Harvard University

Take a look at this photo of Lucien Victor Alexis (1887-1981), the New Orleans born scientist that was given the name "Negro Einstein" at Harvard University. Black Then recently profiled the genius, stating: "Lucien was determined to attend Harvard University. Not having the finances to do so,…


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FEATURE: Alabama Brings In Tougher Voter ID Law, And Then Conveniently Shuts Down Driver's License Offices In Black Counties

Yes, you heard right! According to Talking Points Memo, Alabama (a Republican state) has closed down 31 driver's license offices in black counties, after enforcing a tough new voter ID law. Alabama's excuse: "budget crisis". columnist John Archibald is quoted as saying, "Every single county in which blacks…


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FEATURE: "This is erasure” - Texas Mom Puts Textbook Company On Blast For Calling Slavery ‘Immigration’ and Slaves ‘Workers’

A mom In Texas has put a book publishing company (McGraw-Hill) on blast after seeing that the transatlantic slave trade was referred to as "immigration" in her son's World Geography textbook. To make matters even worse, slaves were referred to as "workers". WTF?! Roni Dean-Burren (an English teacher for 11 years at the high school that her son attends) took to her youtube channel to protest (watch below); and now the book publisher has stated that it will make…


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FEATURE: New Study Shows That Homegrown White Terrorism Is A Bigger Threat To The United States Than Muslim Extremists

If there's one thing that has been reflected by last week's shooting in Oregon and the Charleston church shooting in June (in which nine blacks were shot dead by a young white male at one of South Carolina's most historic black churches), it's that white supremacy is America's biggest…


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