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OP-ED: Oakland - A Portrait of Male Privilege and A Lesson on Self Worth

i. I am in Oakland competing for National Poetry Slam when I quickly realize this city is a car with its windows rolled and black leather seats...meaning it is really fucking hot. Here, it is too warm to dress comfortably...and by comfortably, I mean jeans, Nikes, a snapback, bomber, and long sleeved shirt. By comfortably, I mean "masculine". My body, an ocean of sweat, tries to calm the tide of itself - wears dresses, skirts, and crop tops instead *insert…


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OP-ED: "Sandra Bland isn’t going away" (via Friends of Justice)

"Sandra Bland isn’t going away", says writer Alan Bean. In a new piece for Friends of Justice, Bean explores the activist's death (found dead in a Texas jail after being threatened, assaulted, and arrested by Texas Trooper Brian Encinia during a traffic stop) and why her name will continue to dominate the media, politics, and every day conversations:…


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FEATURE: Roomswap - A Young Black Entrepreneur Helps University Students Find Affordable Housing With Mobile Housing Community

Check out Roomswap - a new start up, founded by black University of Oklahoma student Carey J. Flack, which allows university students to find housing in their college town (run by a team, made up entirely of women under the age of 23). The housing assignment service can now be accessed via a mobile app and assists students, free of charge, to secure affordable student-occupied spaces or to sublet (meaning everyone saves money!). Flack states: "We're giving students…


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OP-ED: The Slippery Slope of Selling Yourself - How I Almost Landed in the Sex Industry

We are at a restaurant in Santa Monica when he asks how much he owes me. “$200 for 30 minutes,” I say. I don’t remember his name, just his eyes and how they never blinked. Just everyone else’s eyes and how they never blinked too. I am 20 when a 57 year old white man is the highest bidder on one of those websites where you keep the male ego company over dinner while being fetishized all at once. Fools like me will think ourselves to be the ones in power because we do…


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FEATURE: "17 Struggles All Suburban Black Kids Know Too Well"

Check out these illustrations from LA based artist Pedro Fequiere - from his new spot-on Buzzfeed listicle, "17 Struggles All Suburban Black Kids Know Too Well'. Any black person who has experienced or currently experiencing youth in a suburban (or mostly-white environment) should definitely understand where this illustrator is coming from. See some extracts below and …


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OP-ED: Black Sailors Were Essential to the Development of the Early U.S.

As in Africa, the development of the U.S. as a world power has been largely accomplished by the use of rivers and seas for commerce. Today 95% of America’s foreign trade flows through our port systems. Nearly every black family in America has some family member who has worked or traveled by sea. I remember the tale of my great-uncle Nick’s sea chest. He was a merchant seaman in the 1940s and left his chest at the family home. My dad, a curious 11-year-old, opened his chest…


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OP-ED: "Why Black Women Need Their Friends More Than Ever In The Wake of Sandra Bland"

Sunday, August 2nd was International Friendship Day! In the wake of Sandra Bland it is imperative to support the black women in your life. 

By Jia Justice, AFROPUNK Contributor.



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OP-ED: A Love Note to Black Heterosexuals Who Fight for Black Freedom While Despising Black LGBTQ People, Your Freedom Vision Ain’t Free

Our present moment is organized by a brutal calendar of black death. Videos cataloguing black people alive before they are killed by police, deadened by suicide, mercilessly shot by white racists who despise their blackness, satirized by an apathetic public, taken from us by ghosts who enter jail cells sometime between a futile arrest and a hanging, abound. There is no rest for any of us. There is no retreat from collective liberation despite the thirst for…


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