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OP-ED: How revolutionary self-care becomes an act of radical activism

This year during Black History Month, a 23 year old Black Lives Matter activist, MarShawn M. McCarrell committed suicide on the steps of the Ohio State House. Hours before he took his life MarShawn posted on his Facebook saying “My demons won today, I’m sorry.” This reality breaks me. It made me think about how I talk about my dreams but never my nightmares. As millennial blacktivists we’re constantly throwing ourselves on the line for our causes not realizing the…


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OP-ED: Rio's Olympic Games legacy will be that of a humanitarian catastrophe - in English & Portuguese

When Rio de Janeiro was elected in 2009 to host the 2016 Olympic Games, the authorities then said one of the event's legacy would be a safer city for all. But less than a month for the beginning of the games, the practical effect has signaled that what comes ahead is a humanitarian catastrophe.

From 2009 now, around 2500 people were killed by the police only in Rio, and very few cases have been properly judged. The same security policies applied in the games of…


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OP-ED: Trump’s acceptance speech: a Nixon-esque appeal to white America's fears

Last night Donald Trump gave the longest nomination speech in 40 years. It apparently takes more than 75 minutes to attempt to convince Americans they are doomed without you. The Donald wants you to know you will be overrun by criminals, immigrants, criminal immigrants, terrorists, and economic oppression unless you vote for him. But if you do, he will make everything better “very, very, fast”. Because in his mind "crime and poverty" (i.e. non-republican black people), illegal…


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FEATURE: Legends Chuck D and Tom Morello rally and rap against Trump at the RNC

At the Republican National Convention this past Monday, the overall air was one of frenzy and action. Most of the attention though, was focused on the outside- as there were thousands rallied to protest Donald Trump's candidacy. The largest protest of the day: "End Poverty Now, March For Economic Justice."- took on a different tone, as it was headed by "Prophets of…


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The GOP Convention is like Trump: a racist sexist homophobic mess

Carri Twigg reports Live from the GOP Convention in Cleveland. She was an Associate Director in the Office of Public Engagement and served as the White House liaison to the labor community. Carri is passionate about being an advocate for workers and families.

The morning after.

I’ve been on the ground in Cleveland for last two days covering the Republican National Convention. The purpose of modern political conventions is for a party to create and…


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FEATURE:#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes: Twitter's hilarious response to Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama

Last night- the first night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland- brought much in the realm of entertainment. From Trump's Kanye-esque entrance, to the hundreds of republicans booing him, trying to salvage their reputation with another candidate- there was much to see. The biggest take-away though, has to be the blatant plagiarizing of a one Melania Trump, as she recited a speech that was a…


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FEATURE: Bernie Sanders now endorsing Hillary Clinton? Are we ok with this?

As of yesterday afternoon, the news surrounding the presidential campaign has taken a break from Trump's improv, and has shifted to the surprising shift recently touching the Clinton campaign. Taking the stage together for the first time since the start of the race: Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Hillary Clinton stood in solidarity. 'I have come here to make it as clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president...'-…


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OP-ED: We are being hunted Hunger Games-style

"WELCOME BACK TO THE 2,016th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES. Yesterday we witnessed District Louisiana northern sector Baton Rouge Tribute (citizen) Alton Sterling fall. As we sound the cannon please hold a moment of silence. We have confirmed there was an altercation with Peacekeepers ultimately resulting in his death. There seem to be some uncertainties and irregularities surrounding his death but worry not, The Capital has it's best investigators looking into the matter. As new…


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