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FEATURE: "Make no mistake, this is an act of white supremacy” - Sandra Bland Mural Defaced by #AllLivesMatter Protesters

On tuesday it was reported that a Sandra Bland mural in Ottawa, Canada, had been defaced by #AllLivesMatter protesters - with the very same hashtag it has used time and time again to overshadow the epidemic of violence against black people. The mural, a tribute to the #BlackLivesMatter activist who was found dead in a Texas jail (after being threatened, assaulted, and arrested by Texas Trooper Brian Encinia during a traffic stop), was painted by local artists…


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FEATURE: "Cincinnati Campus Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man"

This past Sunday, Sam Dubose became the next death in a growing "toll of unarmed black men dying in police encounters". As reported by The Daily Beast, the newly engaged father was…


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FEATURE: “#SayHerName: Keeping the Movement Intersectional”, By Writer & Photographer Devyn Springer

As the #BlackLivesMatter movement sweeps across America and thousands of new thinkers wake up to the racial injustices committed in America, we have to make sure our conversation remains inclusive and intersectional. Many speak about black lives without ever mentioning the lives of black women and black members of the LGBT (especially trans) community, and this is a gross injustice to this civil rights struggle.…


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FEATURE: The Satirical 'Black Body Survival Guide' From Creative Collective Intelligent Mischief

Take a look at the 'Black Body Survival Guide', courtesy of creative collective Intelligent Mischief. The on-going multi-media project is a satirical guide for black people, providing tips (in book form) to survive the surreal and absurd racism experienced by many in the United States. Intelligent Mischief tell us: "Our…


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FEATURE: The Garinagu - 218 Years of Ongoing Resistance

The Garinagu (plural for Garifuna) are an Afro-indigenous group from St. Vincent who were exiled to Central America in the 18th century and presently face a second exile from their ancestral communities there. Three popular narratives have arisen to explain the genesis of the Garinagu:1) The intermarriage of the African explorers with Amerindian women, circa 900-1200; 2) The shipwreck of a Spanish/Dutch vessel off the coast of St. Vincent in 1635/1675 3) Escaped…


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FEATURE: Why Is It So Often Called A Suicide When A Person Of Color Dies In Police Custody? #SandraBland

On Friday, Sandra Bland from Chicago, Illinois, was arrested during a traffic stop and 3 days later the Prairie View A&M University graduate (who was in Texas to start a new job) was found dead in a Texas jail cell - a case that has many screaming "foul play" and which many believe is another life lost in an epidemic of police brutality against black people in America. The office of Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith (an…


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AFROPUNK ARMY volunteers came out in record numbers to hit the streets with Care More (@letscaremore) this weekend and delivered hygiene kits and conversations to needy people living on NYC streets. They all earned their tickets to AFROPUNK FEST 2015! Give a little, get a…


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FEATURE: 'Hidden Figures' - Forthcoming Book And Film About The Unsung Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped America And NASA Win The Space Race

A forthcoming novel - and its film adaptation - are set to bring to light the unsung heros of America's space race - Black Women! Margot Lee Shetterly's upcoming narrative non-fiction book, 'Hidden Figures', will center on the cadre of African-American women who formed part of the country’s space work force during the 1940s through to the 60s - math wizards who provided the (then segregated) NASA with the raw computing power that the U.S. vitally needed to win the…


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BLACK AND NERDY: Here's Why I'm Forsaking All That's Mainstream and Submerging Myself in Black Media Instead

I've had enough. I'm tired of TV shows that set in fantasy lands where no black people exist and seeing it played off as if that's somehow realistic. I've had enough of the token black person (usually a handsome, "respectable-looking" black man) thrown in at the edge of cast photo as an obvious ploy for diversity. I've had enough of a film industry where the most popular black female characters were men in dresses, because the only big black woman popular society…


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NEW MUSIC: Deeway and Jalal's “The Preacher” Is A Perfect Summer Anthem #SoundCheck

Jubilant horns explode out of a laid back beat. Swirling electric guitars flit like so many lightning bugs in the July sky. Afro-Caribbean percussion skits and floats by, and vocalist Deeway spits out empowering verses “you're not weak / you're not slaves / you're not ugly like they say” before declaring himself “the preacher of love.” “The Preacher,” produced by Paris-based Jalal is one of those perfect summer anthems; chill but makes you move. Serve at maximum…


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OP-ED: Is It Time To Re-evaluate The Church's Role In The Civil Rights Movement?

I am not a religious person, however, I definitely identify as spiritual. I believe that one’s relationship with God should be personal, and if that relationship happens to align with the ideology of a religion, then that’s just fine. Religion gives us a sense of belonging and community, something desperately needed in recent times. With that said, I do feel that there are some serious conversations we need to be having in the black community about the place of…


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FEATURE: "Radical Farmers Use Fresh Food to Fight Racial Injustice and the New Jim Crow"

Check out this insightful write-up from farmer and educator Leah Penniman via Yes Magazine. In the article, Penniman (who works at…


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OP-ED: "Black history is some of the most inspiring American history of all"

I reject the nonsense that American History is not Black History. I saw an article making this claim sometime ago. Black history is some of the most inspiring American history of all. Black people, both free and slaves, fought against slavery continually from the day the first slaves were taken from Africa to the Americas. Many fought being taken from Africa or being delivered to the Americas as slaves. Numerous ships carrying slaves to America had revolts or were…


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FEATURE: “Looking Back at Huey Newton’s Thoughts on Gay Rights…”

In the wake of The Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage across the US, and in light of Obama's endorsement of the LGBTQ movement, take a look back at Huey P. Newton’s Thoughts on Gay Rights. Hip Hop and Politics profiled a speech that the late activist and Black Panther co-founder gave August 15 1970 regarding the the women’s liberation and gay…


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FEATURE: "The Supreme Court Might Destroy Affirmative Action Because This White Woman’s Grades Weren’t Good Enough"

The Supreme Court may soon destroy affirmative action in the United States all because of one white woman whose grades simply weren't good enough. Abigail Fisher, a white Houston student, sued the University of Texas for race discrimination after she was "wrongly" rejected - blaming the university's affirmative action program. Her argument: “There were people in my class with lower grades who weren’t in all the activities I was in, who were being accepted into UT,…


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OP-ED: Rose-colored Colorblindness - Same Hate, Same Target, Different Decade, New Generation

The story of a black church in America being turned into a crime scene at the hands of a hate-driven terrorist attack is all too familiar. It is part of the historical narrative of America’s race relations struggle. However, this narrative of blatant racial hate we see playing out before our eyes in Charleston, S.C. is not new, but it is new to the latest generation of minorities labeled as Late-Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z. Images from the…


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