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FEATURE: 'Blending French and African Identities'

Check out this new article from The New York Times Lens blog, a write up exploring the balancing act that many first generation French-Africans face juggling their French and African identities. The article, written by Whitney Richardson, features photos from Carolina Arantes' ongoing photo-documentary project “First Generation,”which captures the daily lives of young Afro-French women. The Brazilian photographer states, “I wanted to…


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FEATURE: #SayHerName Rally in NY (Remembering the Black Women Killed By Police)

On Wednesday a vigil was held in Union Square (NYC) to remember the black women and girls killed by police in America - an event which has highlighted the gender-blindness of officers when it comes to police brutality. Family members of some of victims were present, such as those of Tanisha Anderson, Rekia Boyd, Miriam Carey, Michalle Cusseux (pictured). As reported by …


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OP-ED: With Police Brutality, An Officer's Race Doesn't Matter

The continuous killings of blacks by police is the alarming news story of today. And while most cases have involved white officers shooting and killing unarmed young Blacks in America, the Freddie Gray case included six officers, three of them who were Black. The story in Freddie Gray's death is an everyday incident, similar to an episode of The Wire, as officers would be involved in, rough driving, taking sharp turns to add an extra punishment to the person who…


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FEATURE: Afro Brazilians to Afro Iranians. Black is everywhere

Last year I went to Puerto Rico. What did I expect? Warm weather, great food, late nights, but not black people. I thought that if I saw black people they’d be tourists just like myself. That was the moment when I realized that I forgot that slaves weren’t just taken to the U.S but all of the America’s across the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, Brazil took the most slaves from West Africa. Again, when I think of a Brazilian person, I wouldn’t automatically think…


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FEATURE: "The Grim, Racist (and Likely Illegal) Methods of One Brooklyn Landlord"

The divisive subject of gentrification is the theme of a new interview from New York Magazine. The interviewee being a white Brooklyn landlord who shares some frank and revealing words on New York gentrification and its treatment of the black community. Check out some excerpts from the interview below and read it in full …


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FEATURE: Study Debunks The Myth of The Absent Black Father

Published data from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) debunk long existing stereotypes about black fatherhood, proving that black fathers in America play as much of an active role in their children's lives as other races. Although more likely to live separately from their children, the data shows that African-American fathers are just as hands-on when it comes to raising them. Read more on the story …


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FEATURE: Witnesses of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray's assault by police have all been arrested after they blew the whistle on police brutality

Following the riots in Baltimore, the man who used his cellphone to record video of Freddie Gray's arrest by Baltimore police officers found himself the subject of an arrest. Kevin Moore (pictured above) was arrested by police, as he left a protest, along with two friends - both of whom work with the activist organization Copwatch. Moore (who has now been released) describes the scene as police  intimation, and his case is far from an isolated…


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FEATURE: "Black Farmers to buy from instead of Whole Foods"

While rioters took to the streets of Baltimore two weeks ago,  in protest of Freddie Gray's death, Whole Foods - the supermarket chain specializing in organic food - were busy catering the National Guard brought into keep the "peace". As Blavity puts it, "Whole Foods Harbor East in Baltimore took it upon themselves “to make sandwiches…


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FEATURE: New Orleans Trade Routes: Path to Riches, Path to Freedom

The trade route between New Orleans, Tampico and Veracruz, Mexico and the Caribbean (mainly Havana , Cuba and Port au Prince, Haiti) was a conduit for slaves, goods and services, beginning in the 1500s. Free black entrepreneurs like my ancestors used these routes to conduct international business. And sailors along the trade route—free men, fugitives and slaves—conveyed news of revolt and resistance that informed and inspired other blacks. This trade route moved…


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FEATURE: International Reparations Summit - UPDATE

Last month (April 9-12) was the International Reparations Summit in New York, a summit exploring the growing reparations movement in the United States, the Caribbean and parts of Latin America. Check out the Final Communiqué from the summit below. In regards to the…


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FEATURE: "An 18-Year-Old Baltimore Rioter Faces a Higher Bail Than the Cop Accused of Murdering Freddie Gray"

It's been reported that Allen Bullock (pictured), an 18-year old who vandalized a Baltimore police car during the Baltimore riots last week, faces a higher bail than the police officer accused of murdering Freddie Gray. Yes, you heard right! Bullock, on the advise of his family, turned himself into police on Thursday and is now charged with eight misdemeanors, with a bail set at $500,000. Shockingly, Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr - the driver of the police van in which Gray…


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PHOTO ESSAY: NYC protest last week - by photographer Janet Woo

Check out these images from last week's protest in New York City (April 29), lensed by Janet Woo (Photos From the Underground). The protest, which began in Union Square, was a response to the death of Freddie Gray - who died while in police custody - and the subsequent riots in Baltimore. From #NYC2Baltimore was a hashtag many started using for that day's protest.



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FEATURE: 900 migrants, mostly African, died last week on their way to Europe

900 migrants, mostly from Africa, died last week on their way to Europe after the ship carrying them (a smuggler boat) capsized. This tragedy has shone a much-needed spotlight on Europe's mishandling of immigration and the need for its countries to be more open to African migration. The fact that Europe has both greatly contributed to and profited from the current situation in Africa through colonisation and paternalist post-colonial policies,…


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Ignorance Ain't So Bliss, Part 2: The Necessary Conversation on the Black Cops Charged in Freddie Gray's Murder

Before I even start, I would like to point out, yes, I am ecstatic charges have been filed in Freddie Gray's murder but: LA Riots in 1992 were not the first nor last. Ferguson Unrest in 2014 was not the first nor last. Baltimore Uprising in 2015 was not the first nor last. We can celebrate the warrants issued for the 6 officers responsible for Freddie Gray's murder this morning but be aware these are not synonymous with 6 convictions. Be aware. This system. Is.…


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OP-ED: "Why We Mad Tho?" - A Right To Rage

My neighborhood was on fire. In my little Orchard Mews community, a lower income housing complex near Pennsylvania Ave and Martin Luther King Boulevard in west Baltimore, people flooded the streets in view of my front porch. We all watched as a white cop chased down an alleged “corner boy” and had his face pinned up against the wall as he screamed for him to alleviate some pressure, and then came another white cop who for some reason was compelled to…


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BREAKING: "Six Baltimore police officers face murder, other charges in Freddie Gray's death"

News has just come in that six Baltimore police officers will face criminal charges for the death of Freddie Gray. On Monday Gray's death sparked a number of riots in the Maryland city, followed by large scale protests around the US. The six aforementioned officers will now face charges that include…


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OP-ED: How my encounter with the police quickly turned ugly and potentially dangerous

On Nov. 30, 2014, in Corpus Christi, TX, I was stopped by Officer Chris Meer for driving without my headlights on. This was the first time I had been stopped and it turned ugly quick. Instead of asking if there was anything wrong with my lights, the officer immediately started questioning me about beer. I was not aware of any alcohol in my vehicle and had not been drinking prior. He then asked me to step out to perform a field sobriety test, which he conducted off camera and I… Continue

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