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Get Involved: Support the Baltimore Bail Fund

One of the many ways the police use to quell dissent is to set high bails coupled with mass arrests of protesters. More often than not, the charges are for nebulous offenses like "resisting arrest" and "obstructing traffic." The police use vaguely defined language to justify charges, which more often than not are eventually dropped at the bench. Though bails are ultimately refunded once the arrestee shows up for their day in court, the obstacle of having to pay either an…


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Ignorance Ain't All That Bliss: The Necessary Conversation On Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Uprising, Social Media and Social Justice

Whenever racial tensions peak in America is when I really know who are my ride or dies when it comes to discussing social justice on social media. Since Ferguson, I've had to engage in constant purges of deleting "friends" who were saying the most ignorant shit to where I almost wanted to just go find their parents, former teachers, hell even God, and ask what happened...where did we go wrong.

By KiNG,…


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FEATURE: Protests in several US cities over Freddie Gray death - more than a hundred arrested in NYC rally

Last night protests took place in several US cities over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray who died this month while in police custody in Baltimore (sustaining a severed spine). In a move to deter protesters - and to avoid the social unrest in Baltimore sparked off by his death - more than a hundred people were arrested last night as protesters marched through Manhattan. The rally which began in Union Square was used to denounce the death of Freddie Gray and to…


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FEATURE: Seattle Woman Punched By Cop Sues City For Civil Rights Abuses

Miyekko Durden-Bosley, 23, is suing the city of Seattle for $1,000,000 after having her eye socket fractured by Officer Adley Shepherd last year. As if shit weren't already out of hand. However, it's hard not to admire her tactics. The only thing conservatives in America love more than the cops is fighting tax increases. So why not make them choose between continuing to refuse to hold the police accountable or raising taxes to be able to continue to fund police…


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CONTAGIOUS POSITIVITY: "11-Year-Old Ramarni Wilfred Joins Mensa; Has Higher IQ Than Einstein"

Meet 11-year old Ramarni Wilfred, one of Britain's brightest kids. After taking a Mensa test, Ramarni - from Romford, England - has now been told that he has a higher IQ level than Steven Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. Ramarni, who began reading by age 3 and writing from 18 months, was invited to take the IQ test after he was welcomed to Oxford University's graduation ceremony for a 2:1 awarded essay that he had written. In response to his IQ,…


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FEATURE: "I Can’t Hide Mine, Please Don’t Hide Yours: An Open Letter to Ben Affleck"

Last week it was revealed that actor and director Ben Affleck had asked producers of PBS documentary show "Finding Your Roots" to edit out the discovery of a slave owning ancestor. The actor states that he now regrets trying to censor the story, adding: "While I don't like that the guy is an ancestor, I am happy that aspect of our country's history is being talked about." Now Michael W. Twitty (a culinary historian focusing on the foodways of Africa, enslaved…


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Join us on Saturday, May 2nd at Greene Playground (Greene + Washington) in Brooklyn for a Town Square to discuss ways the AFROPUNK community can collaborate, get active and engage our neighborhoods. Bring your community organization and join the conversation. Attendees who fill out the RSVP form and participate will be guaranteed entry to the 2015 Festival. CLICK …


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BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Confirmed As First Black Female Attorney General of The United States

Meanwhile, in important news, Loretta Lynch is (finally) confirmed by the Senate as the next Attorney General of the United States. As the successor to the bold, outspoken Eric Holder, Lynch has big shoes to fill, and steps into the role at a time when relations between police and communities are at an all-time low. Over the next 2 years, she will be faced with upholding Obama's landmark immigration reform, justifying the legality of healthcare reform, as well as…


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FEATURE: Police Detective Cleared in the shooting Death of unarmed Rekia Boyd

As the saying goes, "one step forward, two steps back". Two weeks ago Michael T. Slager, a South Carolina police officer, found himself charged for the fatal shooting of unarmed Walter Scott - in simpler terms, charged for making a black man his target practice. A crime that so many men have walked away from scott free; so many Mike Browns; so many Tarika Wilsons. The news of Slager's conviction gave much needed energy to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, reminding…


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Hypersexuality: The Opposite Spectrum of Coping Rarely Discussed in Sexual Assault Victims

I remember whenever I thought of rape victims in high school, the movie, "Speak" immediately flashed before my eyes. For those who haven’t seen it, Speak was the film that placed Kristen Stewart on the map and where she also happened to be able to finesse "the Kristen Stewart role" she’s played in every damn movie since. But anyways, I digress, the film depicts a high school freshman, Melinda, who refused to speak ever since she called the cops at a summer party…


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FEATURE: "The Myth of Police Reform"

Check out this great article from The Atlantic on police reform in the United States, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. There is now a renewed call for reform following the fatal shooting of Walter Scott in South Carolina by officer Michael T. Slager (now charged with murder). Read some excerpts from the article below…


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FEATURE: "Eighth grader records classmates calling him ‘N***a’, fears returning to school"

With the events of last year in Ferguson and New York, and the recent case of Walter Scott in South Carolina, most are aware more than ever that racism remains one of the greatest issues facing America. Now a new report from The Grio is showing just how entrenched the racism is; reporting of an eighth grader,…


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FEATURE: ColorOfChange Wins Victory Over Officer Slager Fundraisers

This week ColorOfChange won a major victory getting Indiegogo to take down all Officer Slager fundraisers from their site. As with previous incidents of racially motivated murders from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown to Eric Garner, there has been a wave of far right fundraisers seeking to profit off of the hate. ColorOfChange motivated their 54,000 membership to raise their voices and take action, resulting in the immediate removal of all fundraisers seeking to…


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FEATURE: "Texas Bill Would Make Recording Police Illegal"

As reported in the Huffington Post, a new bill "introduced in the Texas House of Representatives would make it illegal for private citizens to record police within 25 feet". In light of recent events (including last week's fatal shooting of unarmed Walter L. Scott by a white officer) this news is shocking to say the least. A petition has now been created to fight the bill by non profit organisation Brave New Films, which you can sign…


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FEATURE: "South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death"

Yesterday a white police officer, Michael T. Slager, in North Charleston, South Carolina, was charged with murder after being caught on video fatally shooting unarmed Walter L. Scott (pictured). The incident took place on Saturday, the result of a scuffle - after a traffic stop - in which Slager claimed he had feared for his life after Scott stole his taser gun. However the surfaced video has refuted his claim that Scott took his…


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FEATURE: "Cuba Offers Free Medical School To Blacks And Latinos"

In September 2000, on a visit to New York City for the Millennium Summit of the United Nations, Cuban president Fidel Castro announced in a speech that free medical education in Cuba would be granted to black and latino students from low-income communities in the US - with the condition that graduates return to the US to aid underprivileged areas. The pioneering …


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FEATURE: The original Statue of Liberty was a Black Woman?

Was the original Statue of Liberty a statue of a black woman? According to Urban Intellectuals, that would be a "yes"; it reports that the original statue (a tribute to black slaves) presented to the United States was intended to celebrate the "part that Black soldiers played in the ending of Black African Bondage in the United States" and that it was the idea of French historian Edourd de Laboulaye, chairman of the French Anti-Slavery Society, and sculptor Frederic…


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NEW MUSIC: Denitia and Sene release new EP, 'Side FX'

Check out the new 4-track EP from AFROPUNK Fest alums Denitia and Sene. Titled 'Side FX' , the EP sets a minimal and pure tone - perfect for those late-night come downs.  Listen below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: Day of action against police violence on Tuesday April 14th #ShutDown14

"The Police Are STILL Killing Unarmed People -- This Must STOP!", says The Stop Mass Incarceration Network. The organisation - which was started after a Call issued by Cornel West and Carl Dix in September 2011 - is calling for a day of action against police violence on Tuesday April 14th. More info here. …


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FEATURE: Driving while Black - Chris Rock Posts Selfies of Himself Getting Pulled Over

With a number of tweets, Comedian Chris Rock has put a new spotlight on the police treatment of blacks, documenting three traffic stops that he has faced in just seven weeks. In one of the tweets, he writes: "I'm not even driving stop by the cops again". Check out the tweets below. 

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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