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Jeff Sessions rescinds Obama-era order that aimed to phase out use of private prisons

Private prisons are modern day slavery. Private companies use inmates as free and cheap labor and profit from their bodies. Private prisons are unconstitutional and President Obama took a stand against them during his presidency, committing to reduce the federal government’s reliance on them and eradicate them over time. But as we know, President Obama is president no more and the current administration is just two generations removed from the slaveowners and outright… Continue

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"Kill all ni**gers": white power is alive & well in video by Va. college student

An investigation is underway at Old Dominion University after a racist video surfaced online this week with a sweatshirt with the ODU seal in the background. The video was of a young white woman wearing a Donald Trump mask and a shirt that said “My President Is White. Again.” and waving a firearm around while saying racial epithets. White nationalist hip hop music praising lynching, white power and the Ku Klux Klan played in the background, while messages on the screen said…


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Milo Yiannopoulos has been racist for years, do we only draw the line at pedophilia?

After years and years of spewing bigoted vitriolic hate speech under the guise of intellectual conservatism, Milo Yiannopoulos has finally said something to strike white America’s nerve. In the days before his speaking engagement at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the virulent Breitbart editor and outspoken defender of the alt-right, poked the bear in a video in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13 and laughs off the seriousness of… Continue

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Hidden Figures: Joan Tarika Lewis, the first woman to join the Black Panther Party

Many people know the Kathleen Cleavers and Angela Davises of the Black Panther Party but the first woman of the iconic group was Joan Tarika Lewis. Known then as Tarika Matilaba, she was the first woman to gain entrace to BPP and demanded to have space for black women in its platform. Born and raised in Oakland, her upbringing was full of injustices, whether it was the post World War II decline, extremely high rates of unemployment, lack of affordable housing, and other… Continue

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FBI arrests white terrorist plotting large scale attack #WhiteMenAreDangerous

What happens when you put a white supremacist and the internet together? Why terrorist attacks, of course. Inspired by Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, 29-year-old by the name of Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell of Conway, South Carolina was arrested by federal agents for allegedly plotting an attack this week. Apparently he’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch--according to Huffington Post, “His plan ran into some other logistical problems along the way: his mother wouldn’t… Continue

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It's on! The Women's General Strike is happening on March 8

If you’re wondering what the civil rights movement was like, look no further than our current political climate. And if you’re wondering how to make your voice heard with action, the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington have set a date for their general strike dubbed ‘A Day Without A Woman’ on March 8th, coinciding with International Women’s Day. The announcement comes as protests of all kinds and motivations are springing up in opposition to this administration.…


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5 badass moments of South African Digital Activism

In many ways South Africa’s historical architecture can be mapped by the bloodied passage of radical activism. It’s as if the land itself has always been the inhabitable blank page for people to autonomously author their own histories. Ours is a heritage born in and out of contention. It’s an almost industrial heritage permanently in flux between sites of cultural demolition and construction, one always awkwardly existing between extreme states of exclusion and…


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‘A Day Without Latinos’ activists protest racist Milwaukee sheriff

Approximately 10,000 people gathered and marched in Wisconsin yesterday in "to protest against a proposal by the Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, most well known for his audacious support of the orangesicle president, to enroll his deputies in a federal program that would give them the authority of federal immigration agents so they could detain undocumented immigrants. The droves of protesters marched under the banner “A Day without Latinos" in Milwaukee, in…


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Preliminary impeachment papers filed against Trump

In this week’s edition of bittersweet presidential campaign news, Democratic congressman of NY Jerrold Nadler has filed preliminary impeachment papers against Trump. As a senior member of the judiciary committee, Congressman Nadler filed a “resolution of inquiry” requesting information from the executive branch pertaining to any communications between President Trump and the Department of Justice as well as more information regarding his business ties to Russia, which… Continue

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Teen Mary-Pat Hector becomes youngest eligible woman to run for office in Georgia #BlackGirlMagic

After winning the legal battle last week to allow her to compete in a local city council race, 19-years-old Mary-Pat Hector became the youngest eligible woman to run for public office in the state of Georgia. Typically, Georgia state law mandates that a candidate be at least 21-years-old to seek office unless city law specifies something different. In this case, The DeKalb county board of elections ruled in favor of the Stonecrest City Charter, which states that a candidate…


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For this GOP Congressman, White Terrorists are not as problematic as the rest

The crazy cast of characters who are currently running our government have really outdone themselves. In the span of three weeks, they’ve made such a fool of themselves and our country, but what’s more asinine is the way they’ve flippantly let whatever bigoted thoughts come to mind escape their lips. Reality star turned republican congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin encourages the American people to consider the silver linings in all things, including the Charleston…


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Let's be real, Uber's CEO quit Trump advisory council only because of backlash

Uber’s CEO has had a change of ways without a change of heart. After significant backlash from the public about his involvement on Trump’s advisory council, Travis Kalanick stepped down from the council to help quell some of the concerns of Uber’s faithful community of users. In a post on Uber’s website, he expressed that, “Joining the [advisory council] was not meant to be an endorsement of the President or his agenda but unfortunately it has been misinterpreted…


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Hidden Figures: Yasuke, the first non-Japanese Samurai, was Black

What is known about Yasuke is limited and fraught with the uncertainties that history is often full of, but his legacy is strong nonetheless. As the first non-Japanese samurai, many will call into question the proof, but it’s clear that he was the first and that he was Black! Although there is some contention about Yasuke’s origins, it is established that he arrived in Japan in 1579 in the service of the Italian Jesuit Alessandro Valignano, who had been appointed the… Continue

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A petition denounces new cabaret called 'N-word Ball' set to open in Paris

Colonial nostalgia... Some people still can't seem to get rid of it. This is 2017 and entrepreneur Guillaume Cornut wants to open a cabaret in Paris called 'Le Bal Nègre' ('N-word Ball' in French).

While the phrase 'Bal Nègre' has had different meanings in French over the years, people are shocked by the white owner's nostalgia for colonialism and his very disconnected way of using the N-word today. On the…


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Frederick Douglass' family responds to Trump & tells him what time it is

Black people are notorious for epic clapbacks, and there’s nothing like an eloquent, well thought out clapback to acknowledge and rebuke someone’s ignorance. Who’s ignorance are we referring to today? Well none other than President Pumpkin, who referenced Frederick Douglass in the present tense during his bizarre Black History month press conference. While we’re about 99.9% sure Trump has no idea who Frederick Douglass is or the impact that he’s had on abolitionist and…


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Sean Spicer on detention of 5-year-old: assuming kids don’t pose a threat would be "misguided"

No one is safe. I repeat, no one is safe. Not women, not Black and Brown people, not Muslims, and apparently, not even children. White House press secretary Sean Spicer has been making quite a name for himself with alternative facts and blatant lies alike, but this is a new low. As if the travel ban on Muslim countries wasn’t enough, Spicer has defended the decision by his administration to detain a 5 year old saying that assuming kids don’t pose a threat would be…


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Une pétition dit "Non au bal des colons! Pas de 'bal nègre' à Paris en 2017"

Ah, la nostalgie coloniale... En 2017, certains ne s'en sont toujours pas débarrassés. Ainsi, M. Guillaume Cornut a l'intention d'ouvrir un cabaret à Paris baptisé "Le Bal Nègre".

Sur le site officiel, on nous "explique": "La génération des Années folles est alors avide de distractions sur fond de musique et rêve d’un monde nouveau en réaction aux souffrances de la Grande Guerre. On se passionne frénétiquement pour…


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FBI report confirms White supremacists have infiltrated local police dpts

Right in step with what black people have been saying for a hundred years, a recent FBI report confirms that White Supremacists and other extremist groups are deeply embedded in the law enforcement community. In a stunning collection of reports and investigations, outlined by The…


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Black-owned app Moovn: an alternative to problematic Uber and Lyft

It’s been a rough week for ridesharing applications, but to keep it 100, they brought it on themselves. The CEO of Uber and several of Lyft’s top investors have direct links to the clementine-colored administration and that leaves the masses with the following dilemma: support companies that directly contribute to the presidential adviser’s pockets or boycott them with no real substitute. Luckily for us, Black-owned app Moovn is an alternative to both, with none of the… Continue

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