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Major Lyft investors support Trump, are even worse than Uber CEO

In the shitstorm that has characterized the President Agent Orange’s first two weeks in office, nothing created the level of protest that the travel ban on Muslim immigrants and refugees. While many American citizens, legal residents, and green card holders were being detained at airports across the nation, allegedly Uber tried to break the blockade of NYC Taxi drivers protesting at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, NY. As a result of this, as well as the…


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First Black Woman elected Harvard Law Review President

Black women are doing the damn thing. I know you’re thinking, “Duh, since the beginning of time,” but hol’ up! We gotta acknowledge Black girl magic when we can! And the Harvard Law Review’s newest president Imelme Umana is the definition! The Nigerian student is the first Black woman to be elected to this position and is studying how stereotypes about Black women are perpetuated in political discourse. So, you know, just some light work for someone so young, gifted and… Continue

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Bigotry loves company: when Black Church folks side with Trump

There are folks who believe the Sunkist POTUS isn’t racist, bigoted, xenophobic or sexist. An alarming number of those folks believe that Tangerine Trump is not only a good man, but that he’s a Christian man, a follower of Jesus Christ, the child of an unwed mother who was seeking refuge that no one would offer who would grow up to receive undue amounts of persecution that would eventually lead to his death. They would rather ignore the parallels between Jesus' story…


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Quick thoughts from this weekend's resistance against Trump’s fascist Muslim and refugee ban

Even amidst the raging, un-extinguishable dumpster-fire that’s been the opening week of Donald Trump’s presidency, Friday’s executive order banning Muslims and refugees of seven nations from entering the U.S. was a high-reaching flame that looked to leave singe marks on the Constitution and some basic (if hardly equally enacted) American self-beliefs.

The executive order banned the residents of (and, importantly, legal U.S. Green Card holders from) seven nations…


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Voting Rights are under attack: Trump's "civil rights" guy supports voter ID laws

President Trump has spent most of his first week in office in denial of many facts. Opting instead to believe whatever he’d like to tell himself. One of the more blatant rejections of information being in his claim 3-5 million people committed criminal acts of voter fraud. His paranoia now launching an investigation into events that have no evidence or history of happening. Outside of being a waste of time, this bizarre claim means that voter rights is probably something…


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Trump orders advancement on building Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines

As you may have noticed, President Trump and the GOP don’t really care about taking care of the planet. Economic growth? Yes. A place to live when everyone is unimaginably prosperous? No. In another tone-deaf move against climate science and utter disregard for the indigenous rights and sovereignty and the people who depend on the water that the Dakota Access Pipeline will run under, Trump has signed two executive orders that will move forward on the building of Keystone XL…


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Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBTQ rights Removed from the White House website

What a weekend it’s been. The inauguration didn’t come and go quietly, with women, people of color, and other marginalized communities uniting nationwide in protest. But the effects of the transfer of power are already potent and apparent, but in the most unlikely of places. The White House website has been a place to explore the issues facing our country and a resource to those looking to gain insight, but it seems that the new administration doesn’t take kindly to…


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Peep The Resistance Manual, the one stop educational spot for all things liberation by NYU law student Aditi Juneja and activist Deray McKesson

Rejoice in the abundance of Black & Brown brilliance! NYU law student Aditi Juneja had the idea to crowdsource information and strategies for liberation and turn it into a resource for folks organizing and creating tangible change. The final result of her hard work and collaboration is The Resistance Manual. Prominent…


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Don’t just focus on Trump, let’s work to change the system that made him possible

We all know that racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia and every phobia against marginalized communities helped to fuel the vehement, albeit overt disregard of human decency this election season. But what you might not know, is how policy and unethical political tactics helped usher in the era of the orange one. Three of these tactics in particular contributed heavily to this election and two of them have been used since the dawn of time to unfairly win…


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President Pussy Grabber plans to cut 25 violence against women programs

Entering his first day into office, President Trump, an alleged rapist who brags about touching women’s genitals without their permission, announced a proposal (according to the Hill) that will cut the Department of Justice's violence against women grant programs. The department oversees 25 grant programs and disperses…


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5 ways to say F*ck Trump with active resistance, instead of paying the inauguration any mind

I’m not sad or angry or frustrated about today’s presidential inauguration, I'm more concerned about how we can organize and resist Trump's policies. Although Barack Obama was not the perfect president by any stretch of the imagination, at least we knew that he valued the lives that so often are found within the AFROPUNK community: Black and brown people, LGBTQ folks, undocumented immigrants, and the differently abled. But this new era of American history will not and…


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Elizabeth Warren to Betsy DeVos: "I don’t see how you can be the Secretary of Education"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tore up terrifyingly clueless Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos yesterday during the billionaire’s Committee Hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension. One of Trump’s many controversial nominees, DeVos has no personal experience with the department she’d be running. In this case, Sen. Warren took aim at the education “activist” lack of experience with public schools, student loans or Pell Grants; as…


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The Fight for the Affordable Care Act is not over, here's what you can do

If you’re like me and are one of the millions of Americans who relies on ACA for affordable healthcare access, you’re probably confused, uncertain, and afraid about our future access. Times are dark, but all is not lost. To clear up some confusion, last week the GOP took the first steps in repealing Obamacare by passing a budget resolution that would pull funding for certain crucial aspects of ACA, like tax credits for low-income folks. Now that the resolution has passed…


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Stand up and resist the Trump presidency

We are one week away from a Trump presidency. Let that sink in for a second.

The man that none of us thought would win is merely days away from being sworn into one of the most powerful positions in the free world. His hateful rhetoric and divisive policies are poised to undo not only the progress made by the most recent administration but also the decades of hard work that made America truly great. That is reason enough to have spent the Holidays binge eating and…

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Dylann Roof feels no remorse: "I do not regret what I did"

It seems that some of the sick things from the past two years have carried over into the new year. The Charleston church shooting of 2015 left 9 dead at Mother Emanuel AME Church and a nation scarred by the vicious killing motivated solely by white supremacy. The perpetrator Dylann Roof is now on trial and the jury heard excerpts from Roof’s journal, in which he wrote, “I would like to make it crystal clear I do not regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for… Continue

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OP-ED: Time To Launch The Resistance! Here's what you can do right now

Solidarity Siblings in Struggle,

I am humbly writing to you to communicate what we most likely have in common, which is a genuine concern about the direction in which our society is heading. We all have seen what this year has cultivated for the masses of people especially within the last couple months. Even those with the faintest attention span or sheer apathy can see that difficult times lie ahead. Black and Brown people in this country have long lived…


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