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Katy Perry wants Black people to be nicer to her when they call her out on cultural appropriation :D

Y’all’s girl Katy Perry is currently promoting her meh album, ‘Witness’, by doing a bizarre series of interviews and appearances on tv and the web having these come to Jesus moments about her past problematic white behavior and her history of cultural appropriation. Sitting down with controversial activist Deray Mckesson for a recording of his podcast …


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"Amazing Grace" is about redeeming its white writer for his role in slavery, maybe it's time for a new fave

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound / that saved a wretch like me / I once was lost, but now I'm found / Was blind, but now I see."

We all know these words because, objectively, "Amazing Grace" is a beautiful hymn that has withstood the test of time. But underneath these beautiful lyrics is a much more sinister story that many people may not know, a story that just might change how willing you are to ever sing those words…


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Cosmetics brand Watsons Malaysia uses colorism and blackface to teach a racist lesson on inner beauty

Black people do not only have to worry about white people promoting colorism, but also have to be on guard against other POC. The Asian community has a bad habit of portraying dark skin as charcoal-like and abandoned people who need a skin bleaching makeover. The anti-blackness is not just targeting skin tone, but also poking fun at African culture.

Despite the assumed isolation Asian media outlets think they have to stealthily promote colorist and racist…


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OP-ED: Dear White Gays, stop patronizing Black Women with your "allyship"

Dear Black Women: White Gays Are Your Allies, So Don't Push Us Away

This headline hit me like a ton of bricks as I scrolled through my Facebook timeline. Quite a few thoughts went through my head as I hesitantly clicked the link––The first was to wonder what kind of mental gymnastics it would require for this headline alone to pass through multiple editors of TIME, as if any…


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“Can I date a white person and still be woke?” is the wrong question - your comfort isn't what matters here

This question, y’all. This question.

It’s always on the tip of someone’s tongue––when a Jessie Williams leaves his Black wife for a white girl, or a Serena Williams marries a white dude, or an Unidentified Williams who’s a friend of a friend on Facebook talks about how it feels…


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Hillary Clinton's been down with Black prison labor for a hot minute, why is anyone surprised?

On Tuesday, social media erupted in controversy after Twitter user @JeanneteJing posted excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book It Takes a Village revealing that the former presidential-candidate "employed" Black inmates while serving as First Lady of Arkansas:

In the passage, Clinton recalls the…


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It's white people's job to hold their friends/family accountable for white violence

Western society, liberals and conservatives alike, generally believe that it’s the duty of the “Good Muslims” to keep tabs on the “Bad Muslims”. Imams, neighbors, acquaintances, and family alike are responsible for making sure their people aren’t up to some sinister shit. They must transform into secret police types, spying on the people around them and report it *immediately*.

Whenever there are is mass violence, be it terrorism done in the name of ISIS, or…


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The success of Wonder Woman proves liberals are OK with imperialism as long as its led by a (white) woman

*This post contains spoilers*

I should have known. I think too much to enjoy most Hollywood-approved movies––superhero movies especially. But I'd just wiped my memory clean of that god-awful Batman vs. Superman and Jesse Eisenburg's horrendous portrayal of Lex Luther (yes, it took a whole year to free myself of those nightmares), and…


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Company offers "ghetto tourism" around an impoverished and gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood

For many already reeling from the devastating effects of gentrification in Brooklyn's rapidly changing neighborhood of Bushwick, Free Tours By Foot is just the latest step in their displacement nightmare. The company, which claims a focus on street art, offers walking tours to tourists through the neighborhood where 30 percent of…


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I am 23, Black, and almost died of cancer because I was too focused on surviving

To donate to the author's GoFundMe click here:

“come celebrate

with me that everyday

something has tried to kill me

and has failed”

-Lucille Clifton

On April 10th, 2017, after…


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9-year-old Virginia-based entrepreneur starts her own line of bath products

Jelani Jones is one busy nine-year-old. A straight “A” student, Jalani balances homework, dance class, church and a girls’ ministry with running a full business–her own line of bath products called Lani Boo Bath.

According to, Jalani enjoyed making bath bombs in class…


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Bill Maher has BEEN racist & sexist, his "house ni**er" comment is just the latest example

Bill Maher, white liberal comedian and host of HBO's Real Time, is facing backlash and calls for his firing after using the word "nigger" on his show last week. The comment came in response to his guest Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), who invited Maher to “come work in the fields” in Nebraska.

“Work in the fields?" Maher replied, "Senator, I’m a house nigger." The audience, accustomed to this sort of offensive humor for reasons outlined below, broke out in…


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Stop attacking "call-out culture" just because it hurts your feelings. Some people need to be called out

Along with the growth of social media platforms, concerns about "call-out culture" have increased exponentially over the years. As defined in this piece against calling-out that went viral in 2015 (and seems to be making the rounds again), "call-out culture refers to the tendency among progressives, radicals, activists, and community organizers to publicly name instances or…


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Dozens attempt to prevent ICE arrest of local man in Queens

This is what resistance looks like! Dozens of Queens residences teamed up on Tuesday to prevent federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from arresting a 35-year-old Guyanese national, Hardat Sampat. Accused of burglary and re-entering the U.S. illegally, according to the …


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Stop re-traumatizing your black friends with unsolicited violent news updates

I can’t help but feel as though every time a white friend tags me in or sends me a link to news about violence against black people, that this friend is seeking entertainment via my outrage and pain. And, sure, while these friends *are* genuinely upset by the news they see, it seems like my black pain is being used as an outlet for white people to vent into.Nothing wrong with needing to vent about the bullshit, but well-intentioned white friends often fail to consider the…


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White woman wants to "raise awareness" by doing Blackface, shocked by "unfair negativity" she received :D

People are outraged after it appears a(nother) white woman has lost her damn mind. Boglarka Balogh, from Nyíregyháza, Hungary, claims she was just raising awareness of tribes that were "fading away" when she photoshopped images of her face over those of African women. How does literally erasing Africans and replacing them with white people help them from fading away? What's the difference between a tribe "fading away" and being wiped out by colonization and genocide? Why…


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Social justice buzzwords can be annoying, but they reflect the urgent reality of marginalized experiences

I get it. The crowd that loves to show off their social justice chops and lecture people on what's right and wrong always has some fancy new lingo we're all supposed to fall in line with every other day, and it's exhausting. When it comes to gender and sexuality especially, there seems to be an unlimited amount of experiences to describe, and a million letters after the LGBTQ. (Remember when there wasn't even the "Q"?! The good ol' days... Wait, actually…


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The caucasian guide to Black women’s hair #Satire

Welcome Back, white people!

After the recent spate of black girls suspended from school because of their hairstyles and the increasing number of employers forbidding certain hairstyles from the workplace, we thought it necessary for another episode in our educational series “The Caucasian Guides.”

By Michael Harriot* /…


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Off-duty customs officer kills Black teen, shoots another, claiming self-defense

An Arcadia, CA community is enraged after a Black 15-year-old was killed and his cousin hospitalized Friday when an off-duty Customs and Border Protection officer shot them in what he claims was self-defense. Authorities allege the two boys, along with another child, tried to beat and rob the officer after they all got off at the same train stop. Officials had originally falsely reported the assailants were men.

Deputies did not release the identity of the…


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WTF: French officials threatened to cancel afro-feminist festival because they say it's anti-white

After drawing attention from the far right National Front in France, MWASI’s NYANSAPO Festival faced cancellation due to white discomfort. Organized with an objective to build “Afro-feminist strategies to end racial, patriarchal, colonial and capitalist violence,” the MWAAi collective billed three of the four even venues as being exclusive for black women and women and…


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