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10 Times White Tears Made Us LOL in 2016

Let's look back on the year and think about all the time white folks tears made us giggle, guffaw, cackle and laugh our guts off, because Lordt knows 2017 is about to be a long year.

1. #BeckyWithTheBadGrades blamed Black and other minority students for not getting into UT Austin! LMAO. …


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10 Times Black Women Kicked White Supremacy's Ass in 2016

Honestly, if there’s one thing that gives me hope about 2017, it’s black women. Even though black femmes have a historic legacy of being the movers and doers at the root of black resistance and activism in this country, 2016 was filled with so many powerful moments and contributions by them. These are just a few of our favorite black femmes who kicked White Supremacy's ass in 2016.

1. Ieshia Evans seen in Baton Rouge - by Jonathan…


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Five times in history where White People failed our Indigenous People

Throughout the history of our young nation, the American government has, time and time again, trodden on the rights and disrespected the existence of our minority populations. But, they have treated no one more despicably than the first people of America, the Indigenous peoples.

Recently we saw this disrespect most apparent in the national protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The DAPL is a 3.7 billion dollar underground pipeline that was routed to go through…


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Attorneys for officer who killed Philando Castile blame the victim, say he was "negligent"

In an era marred by the perpetual occurence of state sanctioned violence against Black people, it should come at no surprise when their disregard extends to defending the perpetrators of these crimes. But in this instance, the unmitigated gall of the lawyers for Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer who killed Philando Castile astounds me. In a move that questions their ethical code in more ways than one, they are moving for charges to be dropped based on the claim that…


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WhiteGirlMagic: The Inherent Danger of F*cking With White Women

There are two important lessons every man must learn.

The first I taught to myself and to my college girlfriend. She was in the bedroom and heard me scream bloody murder from the kitchen. She ran into the kitchen carrying a stun gun (yes, this is how I found out my girlfriend carried a taser) to check if a knife wielding intruder had stabbed me in the spleen or if Africanized bees had finally arrived in America and set my apartment as their destination. I…


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Black History: Donald Trump’s Election is just the latest reaction to fear of losing white privilege

Donald Trump is the backlash (some have said the whitelash) of white Americans to the escalating fear of loss of white privilege. His election is the latest in a series of reactions to people of goodwill protesting and demanding equality.

Trump’s election has also done people of goodwill a favor. It has shown just what a huge problem we have here in the U.S. We have 60 million Americans who when faced with the choice between two seriously flawed candidates chose a…


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Black queer woman Lydia Polgreen named Huffington Post editor-in-chief

What kind of resume is required to run one of the biggest, most powerful news websites in the world? And what would you think that person looks like? If you’re like many of us, because of habit and social conditioning, you’d imagine an ivy league graduate, with experience at a top news outlet like the New York Times, and years of hard work and dedication, which is all true of the new Editor-In-Chief of Huffington Post, Lydia Polgreen. What that conditioning might also suggest… Continue

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Black Love is great but we also need to talk about emotional abuse in our relationships

Everyone loves black love. Images of The Obamas, Jay Z & Beyonce, and Will & Jada can touch that place deep inside of us that wants companionship more than we like to admit. Yet, while many of us might love the idea of being in love, few of us have had examples of what healthy black relationships look like. It's a well-documented fact that the same systemic racism that creates injustices that Black Lives Matter protests in the streets today is to blame for the…


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A Letter To Angry White People From Black Santa Claus

Dear Y. P. Pull;

I know you’re used to the one-way dialogue when you sit your kids down to write their privileged, “gimme mine” letters to me (by the way, I’ve been meaning to tell y’all that your children can’t spell very well, and every year it’s getting worse. Maybe it’s because your kids’ Christmas list is filled with dreams of Grand Theft Auto and iPhones. I haven’t dropped a book by a Caucasian house since the late 80’s but you’re wondering why Abby Fisher…


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On Whiteness, the Cold North, an Anthropomorphic Orange, and a Scouring Pad

I remember one late, warm, Canadian summer evening when I was young, sitting on the old marked and peeling linoleum of the bathroom floor in the small bachelor apartment of the complex my mother and I lived in, scrubbing my skin with one of the rough green scouring pads from the dollar store she had used earlier that day while teaching me how to do dishes. I imagine I was… Continue

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