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FEATURE: Jesse Williams understands his "light-skinned" privilege & uses it to speak up

Ever since Jesse Williams stole the BET Awards with his incredibly profound and powerful acceptance speech (watch) for their 2016 Humanitarian Award, folks of the internet have raised some questions about light-skinned privilege playing a role in the virality of Williams’ speech and the…


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OP-ED: Know Your Black History - Funding Freedom: The Power of Black Philanthropy In The Fight For Freedom

Black philanthropists are rarely mentioned in American history. Yet the power of black philanthropy was an essential element in toppling slavery in the U.S.

The power of black philanthropy emerged from the entrepreneurship and initiative of both enslaved and free African Americans. The first American slaves attained their freedom using entrepreneurship and initiative long before America was a nation. Many of the first black slaves were able to purchase…


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FEATURE: No criminal charges for McKinney, Tx. cop in pool party incident

The McKinney, Texas police officer who attacked a teenage girl attending a community pool party last year won’t face charges for disproportionately violent handling of the situation and the young woman. The decision not to indict former Cpl. Eric Casebolt was made by a Collin County grand jury that, apparently, was totally okay with a trained officer and grown man body slamming a law abiding, but black, teenager for essentially no reason. Business as usual.…


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OP-ED: WTF? Zoe Saldana thinks that "for years, nobody knew who the fuck Nina Simone was"

Oh, Zoe. Why can’t you just let us forget that time you disgraced Nina Simone’s legacy? Because, apparently, talking nonsense and sacrilege is more her speed. Once again opening up about her, eh, controversial casting as Nina Simone in the July issue of…


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OP-ED: Hood Rich - Does Gentrification prove people need to invest in their 'ghetto

With gentrification rife and the people of inner city communities seemingly in anguish over big developers and corporations moving in and changing the landscape of local life, I wanted to explore a taboo term that existed as long I can remember - ‘Hood Rich’.

I needed to understand why people use the term hood rich, furthermore I wanted to explore when people who declare themselves of this status often suddenly disengage from the same communities that…


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FEATURE: Black Lives Matter organizer sentenced to 90 days jail time for crime formerly known as "felony lynching“

In a disturbingly transparent attempt to intimidate the movement and make an example out of black resistance, activist Jasmine “Abdullah” Richards, 28, was recently sentenced for a crime formerly known as "felony lynching" after attempting to rescue another protestor from police custody last August. Since joining the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014, and participating in local actions in the Pasadena area, Richards was known by police and officials for her presence and…


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OP-ED: Long-term St. Mary Parish School System substitute teacher fired after racist Michelle Obama post went viral

FLOTUS Michelle Obama has endured close to a decade of national disparagement and dehumanization by anti-black racists, Fox News pundits, and loud mouth white folks who don’t realize the internet is a public forum. Earlier this week, a racist post made by an educator for St. Mary Parish School System in Louisiana, went viral, showing a side-by-side image of Mrs. Obama and a gorilla, alluding to Harambe, the, er, now famous(?), now deceased gorilla from Cincinnati…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE: White Supremacy Is Not About Your White Friends' Fragility

When we talk about white supremacy, sometimes we talk about white people. We talk about the ones we went to college with, that stood up for us in that racist town or checked their privileged parents at the dinner table. We talk about the exceptions: our white friends, our white neighbors, our white bandmates. The ones who are “not like that.” The good white people. Once we start talking about individual white people, we are no longer talking about white supremacy.…


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