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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE - F*cking A Black Person Does Not Mean You Fight For Black Lives

For 6 months, I lived with a white man with a black girlfriend. They cooked, traveled and slept together. She sautéed his favorite vegetables in a black cast iron pan and ran into his arms when he arrived home. They merrily drunk beer together, laughed over metal music, and exchanged acid trip stories. From the outside, it was thriving and passionate romance. It was a deep human connection of shared secrets and nights of warm touches. There was just one problem with this…


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FEATURE: 14-years-old Pedro Henrique Cortês creates YoutTube channel to present the forgotten Afro-Brazilian history

What do you know about great black heroes of the country where you live? A phenomenon that crosses the Americas is the invisibility of black people who have had a prominent role in the fight against racism and in the social and cultural fabric of their country. And it isn’t different in Brazil. Not knowing the great black names of our history takes from us references that could inspire us in our fight against racism and in our daily battles.



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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - Repression: A Creative Force for Black Americans

Repression has often created solidarity between different groups in America. In the black community and throughout the nation continuing police brutality and murder of citizens, Wall Street misconduct and racist political demagoguery have galvanized activists and communities. In the face of repressive policies, African Americans have historically opposed injustice with vigorous determination and new levels of creativity.

1830 was a…


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FEATURE: Absurdist satire web series "Dark Justice" explores racism, policing, and activism through the eyes of officer Amir Johnson

"Dark Justice" is an absurdist satire web series that deals with issues around and relating to racism, activism, and of course police brutality and the justice system. Season one is broken down into six episodes that run between 5-8 minutes a piece. The episodes follow Amir Johnson, the first black officer in a small town department. Watch episode one down below and check out the rest of the season right …


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OP-ED: Confessions of an Afro Latina - Why I Won't Let Society Define Me by Autumn Myers, AFROPUNK contributor

As we continue to unite during the Black Lives Matter and black recognition movements we tend to forget another from of black culture. A culture that only took until now to gain proper recognition and still not receiving a title in the Black Latinx community. I am talking about the Afro-Latinx community. As more and more people from Latinx cultures identify themselves as an Afro-Latinx rather than just Latinx, it helps develop more acceptance within the Latinx community.…


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FEATURE: Fed up with anti-black casting practices, Zoë Kravitz pursues DIY filmmaking

Usually relegated to the "quirky black best friend" or exaggerated interpretations of her real-life bohemian image, talented musician, actress, and genetic lottery winner Zoë Kravitz has grown sick of Hollywood's anti-black casting bullshit. With nearly 10 years of industry experiences under her belt, Zoë Kravitz is done putting up with the narrow-minded stereotypical casting that she (and every other actor of color) endures in the film industry.

Last year,…


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ESSAY: AFROPUNK contributor, Dein Moore of Sonitus pens powerful essay about on his experiences as a Black rocker in the UK

My name is Dein Moore, I grew up in Jamaica but have now spent most of my life in the UK. I play guitar and songwrite music in a band called Sonitus, who's members have become my greatest friends and partners in crime. I have loved the sounds of heavy guitar riffs and amp fuelled distortions since I was a kid, my earliest memories of Rock have been from my dad's old CD collections of Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Alice in chains, Lenny Kravitz, Skunk Anansie and later my own…


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FEATURE: British writer Heather Agyepong interviews former UK-based Black Panther and black feminism activist Beverley Bryan

In an article for The Debrief, British writer Heather Agyepong interviewed retired professor and activist Beverley Bryan; one of the last members of the UK's Black Panthers movement. In the interview, the pair touched on everything from Black British diaspora to representation…


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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - "Black by Choice" an essay about Pinckney Benton Stewart, Louisiana’s first and last black governor during Reconstruction

“If I were you, Pink, I would not let my ambition die. I would seek to rise and not in that class either but I would take my position in the world as a white man as you are and let the other go for be assured of this as the other you will never get your rights.” This was the stark message that Pinckney Benton Stewart (P.B.S.) Pinchback received from his sister in 1863. She had made the brutal judgment that Pinchback would never be able to attain his goals as a black man,…


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OP-ED: Zoe Saldana wears blackface, a kinky wig, and a prosthetic nose in highly problematic “Nina” trailer

Alright, let’s talk about Zoe and Nina. 

Yesterday, the internet was up in arms over the release of the first trailer for the Nina Simone biopic, "Nina", which has been looming in the distance for years. The biopic where the very lovely and talented Zoe Saldana wears blackface, a kinky wig,…


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