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INTERVIEW: Brazilian Black feminist philosopher Djamila Ribeiro on intersectionality and the Black feminist movement

Brazil has seen a huge rise of the black feminist movement in the last years. Black women have reached spaces that before were only occupied by white people. Brazilian philosopher Djamila Ribeiro, Master in Political Philosophy - Federal University of São Paulo - is a great example of that. She’s woman, she’s black and she has brought inside the academy the struggles of black girls who won’t take back down.

Portuguese and English translations…


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FEATURE: Afro-Cuban/Dominican womanist and writer Juliana Pache starts #BlackLatinXHistory hashtag

Juliana Pache is the Afro-Cuban/Dominican singer and womanist writer behind the #BlackLatinXHistory hashtag that emerged on Twitter to include the stories and accomplishments of Afro-Latinx people. “Latinx”, pronounced La-teen-ex, is a gender-neutral term meant to include people who don’t necessarily fit the gender binary. “On the morning of February 1, I saw posts about Black History Month, and out of curiosity, I looked at the social media accounts of a few Latinx…


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FEATURE: Afro-Brazilian YouTuber Luciellen Assis encourages black girls to love and accept their natural hair

21 years-old Brazilian Luciellen Assis has changed the life and mind of a lot of black girls in Brazil by encouraging them to accept their natural hair.

She started her Youtube channel to register her transition to natural hair, but she didn’t expect that lots of girls would identify with the videos and feel encouraged to do the…


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OP-ED: AFROPUNK Contributor Danielle "Jazz" Noel received heartbreaking comments when she was featured in a viral video with her ex. She tells us how she handled it

Prior to the Elite Daily video, I had never gone to a casting. So when we found out Hack was selected to take part in a social experiment on exes, he asked me to come along. Despite the tone of the video, him and I are actually still best friends.

However, what started as a fun social experiment turned into a larger social conversation less than 12 hours after its release. The comment section was filled with comments bashing my physical features. Men were…


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FEATURE: Black model Maryse Kyelem’s mere existence on MAC Cosmetics Instagram account draws immediate wave of racism

"If I survived middle school in america I can get over this. The bullying and alienation from others solely based on my features and skin color did not stop me from doing what I want," 19-year-old model Maryse Kyelem. wrote on Instagram after MAC Cosmetics featured her lips in one of their lipsticks at Fashion Week. The picture, which was posted late Wednesday, quickly illicit disrespectful and…


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FEATURE: Portugal-based Angolan Dércio Tomás Ferreira Decolonizes Minds Through YouTube Channel

Dércio Tomás Ferreira, an Angolan YouTuber living in Portugal, has a lot to say. He started a channel on YouTube to talk issues like blackness, religion, culture and society from the perspective of an African boy living in Europe, but also in context with the black experience in the Americas. These types of complex connections makes his channel be more focused on provoking questions rather than giving answers, as he says:

“My purpose is to deconstruct black…


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OP-ED: Our Right to Black Love in the Face of State-Sanctioned Violence

Photo: Beyoncé's "Formation" music video

Well before I was born, my grandfather organized against police violence. He owned a nightclub in the heart of Oklahoma City where police had harassed him and his customers. This had become such a frequent occurrence that he was forced to close his business.

I was born to his daughter, a single mother who struggled with substance abuse and…


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FEATURE: Spoken word poet Yazmin Monet shares free-write poem inspired by “Kendrick and Beyoncé at their peak blackness during Black Future Month”

My Black make people

.. Uncomfortable..

Makes them picket

And petition

Online and in ballot booth

Hidden by screen


Calling names,

All bloody murder

And trigger finger

My Black make people scared.

Well Boo! Boo,

My Black ain't goin nowhere

Will not bow my head

Nor dull my shine

My Black be a bold Black

A free Black

A I refuse to take anymore Black

My Black 'will no…


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FEATURE: Generation Revolution documentary shines bright light on London’s new generation of black and brown revolutionaries

Generation Revolution is feature-length documentary, a year in the making, that shines light on the UK’s stirring undercurrents of racial tension and inequality, and the building resistance of London’s new generation of black and brown revolutionaries as the lead the charge for social and political change. “Once you see the injustice in the world you can’t do anything else but this.” Generation Revolution was young filmmakers are gearing up for the…


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OP-ED: Miscegenation in Brazil as a state policy to whiten its population

A little more than 100 years ago, pseudo-scientific theories arrived in Brazil from Europe trying to establish a supposed superiority of the white race and influence Brazilian intellectuals. The miscegenation (producing interracial children) that was once seen as bad, started to be considered a solution that, in 100 years, could extinguish the black population from the country. Thus, the alliance between the pseudo-scientific racists, intellectuals, and politicians formed…


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OP-ED: British singer-songwriter VV Brown writes frank essay about cultural assimilation, Frantz Fanon’s “Black Skin, White Masks”, and being unapologetically black

I started wearing my White Mask towards the end of elementary school when other people’s awareness of my blackness became the source of humor and mystification. The ignorant question about hair texture and care, musical preferences, Africa, comments about my complexion, etc. all served as a reminder of my otherness. That that’s what white people first noticed when they looked at me. It seemed easier to downplay what white people couldn’t help but see by slapping on a mask…


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OP-ED: Black History from my lens—lessons that I was blessed to listen to

As a Black Man:

My Black History: It goes back my years as a teenager, Black Baltimore days in the 1990's, when an elder that I respected rolled up on me while I was standing on the corner of Madison & Wolfe Streets in East Baltimore. Alone on a summer night. He whips out a Black Panther newspaper (that may have been older than me) & hands it over to me; it was unspoken that he wanted me to read something. I opened it up, & then he elaborates in a rapid…


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FEATURE: YouTuber Nátaly Neri talks black identity, self-esteem, and black feminism on her channel Afro e Afins

Nátaly Neri is a 21-years-old YouTuber, afro-hair stylist and Sociology graduate student who started the YouTube channel Afro e Afins, which brings to light issues as self-esteem, black identity and black feminism while speaks about hair style and beauty.

“We grew up in an online world. We always spent a long time watching make up videos on Youtube and I rarely saw myself on that. So I asked myself: “why don’t we use that spaces also to give black woman…


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FEATURE: #BlackHistoryMonth — Cecil Rhodes was just as bad as the other psychopath

Cecil Rhodes, founder of De Beers Diamonds in South Africa, a celebrated imperialist and businessman, for whom the worlds most celebrated and prestigious scholarship, The Rhodes Scholarship, is named after, killed millions of blacks during and as the subsequent result of his reign of imperialistic terror on the continent. “Rhodes connived his way to wealth in a lawless frontier culture, then used that fortune to fund a private invasion of East Africa. He bought newspapers…


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