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10 Black Cosplayers Who Killed It in 2016 #BlackCosplayersRock

2016 was a major year for the visibility of Black Cosplayers and we loved every minute of it. Whether you guys meticulously recreated looks from your favorite fandoms or brought to life or an original fantasy-themed character, black cosplayers were some of the fiercest nerds in all the internets. There were a ton of incredible cosplay to choose from, and these are some of the stand outs—check ‘em out and keep using the #BlackCosplayersRock tag. …


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10 Times #BlackBoyJoy Rocked Our World in 2016

2016 was the year that Black boys and men shined despite the world trying to steal their light. Black boys are love and life and living and joyful. Let's keep supporting one another and revel in joy. Witness 10 moments of #BlackBoyJoy in 2016!

1. 21-year-old Jewell Jones elected to Michigan's…


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Top 5 Moments of 2016 - Staff Picks

2016 has been a debilitating year in so many ways but as I struggle to find comfort and guidance, what has given me hope, has been the GREAT year of art and culture across the board that I have been able to witness. From seeing the Nova Twins, Skinny Girl Diet and Big Joanie carry the punk rock torch at AFROPUNK London, to a fuller range of images, characters and storytelling on screens big and small. With the debut of Issa Raye's - Insecure, W Kamau Bell's United…


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Stream SUPA SUPA, the web series following one hilariously unusual hero’s quest for love

Ever wonder what it would be like if you discovered you had a superpower? Which supernatural ability would you want? Well in SUPA SUPA, a new 12-episode webseries from Bounty/Banana and Studio 4, the protagonist finds himself with powers much like the airbending we’ve come to know and love in The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra. He uses them in the hopes of gaining the undying affection of “Girl.” SUPA SUPA’s archnemesis MEGA MEGA is trying to thwart his attempts at…


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Jamaican model Wayne Booth exudes serenity in effortlessly stunning editorial for Suitcase Magazine

There’s really nothing like folks with melanin in white and when I say that Jamaican model Wayne Booth is breathtaking, I mean it. Each of Grant Thomas’ captures of the beauty evoke a spirit of serenity and genuine happiness from Wayne. The shoot, which took place in Kerala, India, makes the countryside look akin to an oasis, with Wayne being the goddess of them all. Take a look at this effortless grace and sincere spirit in this photo series from Suitcase Magazine.…


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This budding illustrator makes these hand drawn portraits look too easy!

This dope artist has styles for days! Digital illustrator Keenan Dailey is bring you a different aesthetic for every day of the week! From anime inspired drawings to cartoon-esque portraits of the icons we know and love, there’s something about his pen that draws you to his work. Enjoy these beauties below and support via Facebook with a like or two!

By T.…

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Three reasons why you should go see ‘Hidden Figures’ on Christmas Day

Growing up in Jamaica, the importance of storytelling was embedded in me from an early age. I often heard stories, of especially women in my family, who sacrificed time and time again for the sake of family. They did back breaking work others wouldn’t do just to feed their families. They migrated to distant lands--to Canada, the U.S and England--so their kin could be afforded a better life. They overcame obstacles and hurdles, persevered and pushed through, no matter what the… Continue

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This ballerina doesn't let scoliosis dim her #BlackGirlMagic

Dance takes all the physicality and strength of a team sport and the grace only found within and Paige Fraser is doing all of that with a condition called scoliosis. This Bronx ballerina is a professional dancer with Visceral Dance Chicago, former Ailey2 and graduate of Fordham University, who is living with a curvature in her spine, which, as you can imagine, makes it quite difficult to dance. Having Scoliosis is challenging as it limits range of motion and can lead to other… Continue

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Three young Black women create empowering swimwear brand Enza

Fashion is not for the weak-spirited or those lacking creative confidence, but the founders of Enza, a new swimwear brand are neither. Silvana Cristóvão, Vanesa Bongo, and Joyce Pinto are Angolan students studying in Portugal and decided to create a swimwear line to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident. The trio says, “For us it is very important to highlight the beauty of the african aesthetic in our colors, our designs, our models and especially our… Continue

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FEATURE 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel feat. Joia John

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at(AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits." This week's illustration features Joia Talbott aka @joiajohn!

* Eddaviel is a Visual Artist from The Dominican Republic, president of Moro Studio, a…


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Black actress Sonequa Martin-Green will be the lead in new 'Star Trek' series!

The Walking Dead is touted as one of the most ethnically diverse shows on television at the moment and of its brilliant Black actresses, Sonequa Martin-Green is helping to lead the pack. It’s only right that she should get a helluva lead role out of this, but no one could’ve imagined that she’dbe the lead in the next 'Star Trek' tv series. But she is and she’s ready to make it her own! The 13-episode first season, which will be made available weekly on CBS All Access…


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Canadian creative DJ Stop snaps street style shots of black Canadians in Winnipeg

Shot late last Spring in Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, creative DJ Stop assembled a group of black Canadians, each from different places, who all share the experience of living in a predominately white area and struggle to find places to get their hair done and to find friends (like each other) who share similar interests in style and fashion. To celebrate their unique aesthetics and the end of the harsh Canadian winter, the models and DJ took to the park to snag…


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The Tenth Magazine juxtaposes the technological future with Civil Rights imagery in new 'Revizionist History' editorial

For their “technological issue”, The Tenth Magazine paid tribute to the digital as well as the historical. Inspired by their “favorite object maker”, Cedric Williams of Revizionist History, the magazine uses powerful Civil Rights era imagery with accessories crafted by Williams to play with our concept of time and relevancy. "When EIC Khary Septh initially approached me about the project, he mentioned that "Courreges/Paco Rabanne meets '60s black gay culture" was…


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Witness breathtaking photos of ballerinas from Nairobi’s Kibera slum

For the last year or so, documentary photographer Fredrik Lerneryd has been capturing the most amazing portraits of Kenyan ballerinas in the slum Kibera in Nairobi, one of the biggest urban slums on the continent. In an interview by Huffington Post, Lerneryd said, I came in contact with the dancers…


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Photographer celebrates the overlooked beauty of albinism in new photo series

For those who were born with albinism, finding the beauty within is often a difficult battle with societal norms and cultural standards, but many artists are fighting back. Anthony Gebrehiwot is one of them, a photographer celebrating the overlooked beauty of albinism by simply capturing the radiance with his lens. What many artists don’t understand is they’re performing a small radical act by simply making a point to give space and credence to marginalized communities.…


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These portraits of African Americans at Standing Rock celebrate solidarity

Solidarity is one of the most powerful tools that people of color and marginalized communities have to fight the oppression we face. In solidarity, all struggles are worth fighting for, all progress is shared, and all resources are made towards the attainment of freedom. The #NoDAPL movement has seen its share of struggles, but recently, a major step forward has been made, as the US Army Engineer Corps and President Barack Obama have halted the construction of the pipeline.…


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Brazilian orixa inspired editorial “Renascer Jeguedê” seeks to celebrate the Black female form

Brazilian spirituality is heavily informed by the presence of Afroindigenous religions, specifically candomblé. The orixas represent the elements and different personalities, of whom many pray, celebrate, and make offerings to. Photographer Lucas Aniceto collaborates with model Mariana Fernandes and Victoria Couto to “Enhance all existing African traits in Afro-Brazilian bodies, break all concepts of inferiorization to the black woman's body, and to emphasize the ancestral…


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Penn students replace picture of Shakespeare with one of Audre Lorde! :D

Some kickass students at the University of Pennsylvania are making waves after they replace a prominent photo of Shakespeare with the womanist thinker and revolutionary Audre Lorde in a Penn classroom building. Fisher-Bennett Hall, one of the main buildings for English and Humanities courses is known for its larger than life portrait of William Shakespeare displayed as soon as you walk through its heavy wooden doors. Several years ago, the English department voted to replace… Continue

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Senegalese wrestlers strike a delicate balance between serenity and intensity in “Lutteur” photo series by Ernst Coppejans

The human form is capable of amazing things and the strength and physique of professional fighters is one of the many wonders of the world. In Senegal, wrestling is the most popular sport, with young boys training fervently in the hopes that one day they’ll be at the top. Photographer Ernst Coppejans accompanied a group of young men from a village called Yene who gather on the beach to train everyday. Their bodies, the sand, the sunlight reflecting off the water--such a…


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10 Gift Ideas for Woke Folks to Troll Your Triflin' Ass Relatives

Trump won, and quite frankly, a lot of us woke people saw it coming.

However, thanks to white people (and a select few Uncle Toms and auntie Tonyas), the 2016 election revealed to millions of sleep people that the United States hasn’t actually come as far as they thought. Now as the holidays roll up on us like the final wave before the apocalypse, many of us are either go to our hometowns to argue with our Trump-supporting relatives, or ignore confused…


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