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Eye Candy's Blog – December 2015 Archive (53)

FEATURE: Visual Artist Patrick Campbell's powerful painting heads to The Smithsonian

One month after Mike Brown's body laid uncovered in the streets of Ferguson, illustrator Patrick Campbell took to canvas and painted a new American flag: the old flag turned vertically, trails of red watercolor form nooses, from which human figures hang. 'The New Age of Slavery' is a disturbing and visceral reminder of America's perpetual cycle of state-sanctioned violence against black Americans. And while images of hanged bodies juxtaposed against postcolonial…


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FEATURE: The Latest From Congolese Photographer Christin Bela's Ongoing Photo Project, 'African Queens'

Take a look at the latest images from Congolese photographer Christin Bela's ongoing photo series, 'African Queens' - a project that he begun at the start of the year. Bela (who is currently based in Paris) tells us, "We need to start celebrating who we are and what we have become, because it's UNIQUE! YOU WERE BORN TO STAND OUT, WHY DO YOU NEED THEIR APPROVAL?" He adds: "Celebrate who you are. Keep inspiring young black queens, raise them in a beautiful universe where they…


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FEATURE: The Multifaceted Character Creations of 2D/3D Visual Artist SOZOMAIKA

Check out the creations of SOZOMAIKA (aka Maika Sozo) - a visual artist whose stunning work consists of both 2D and 3D pieces. She states, "My vision encompasses multifaceted character creation that ranges from conception to fully articulated models." Explore those breathtaking characters below.…


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FEATURE: “Embrace Your Essence” - The Empowering Photo Series By Photographer Eva Woolridge

Check out some images from photographer Eva Woolridge's “Embrace Your Essence” photo series - a bold project with a purpose: "to photograph what women found beautiful about themselves, thereby moving away from destructive self-criticism," writes Business Insider. The series has garnered much attention…


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Feature: Meet the non-conforming WoC featured in Mooncalfe's comic series 'Shadoweyes'

"In the city of Dranac in the year 200X, aspiring vigilante Scout Montana is knocked unconscious by a brick in her first crimefighting attempt. Upon recovering, she gains the ability to transform into a superhuman blue creature, which she quickly takes advantage of and becomes the antihero…


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FEATURE: 'Afrofeira' - Brazilian Photographer Kelvin Yule's New Photo Series

Take a look at some images from Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule's latest photo series - 'Afrofeira'. The series was produced by Matheus de Morais, Emile Brito, and Guilherme Souza - with makeup from Helen Mozao, Cecília Cadile, and Fernanda Kétsia - and features a host of stunning…


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FEATURE: The Portrait Photography of Neat Shiny Owl - "People are beautiful and I hope to remind them of that"

Check out these commanding portraits by photography blogger Neat Shiny Owl (aka Anthony Lewis). "People are beautiful and I hope to remind them of that," states the NY based photographer - a photographer whose aim is to present positive images of people of color. In regards to how he got started, he writes: "What began as an experiment turned into a…


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FEATURE: "Floresta Negra" (Black Forest) - Photographer Martin Shankar's Nature Inspired Photo Series

Check out this nature inspired photo series by photographer Martin Shankar, featuring model Alana Priscila. Martin says that the bold images were shot for Hallyson Martins' project '…


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FEATURE: The Queer Comics & Inclusive Illustrations of Visual Artist Mooncalfe (aka Sophie Campbell)

Explore the comic book illustrations of Mooncalfe, aka Sophie Campbell - a visual artist (known for her comic book series, 'Wet Moon' and 'Shadoweyes') whose work features characters with various body types, sexual orientations. One …


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FEATURE: Photographer Kelvin Yule & São Paulo Based Rapper LAY Make Feminist Statement With New Photostory

Take a look at the bold new photo story from photographer Kelvin Yule, featuring São Paulo based rapper LAY. Yule (who is from Salvador, Bahia) tells us: "The last time I was in the capital of São Paulo, I met two guys (Eduardo Costa and Gustavo Fogaroli) that have a thrift store called…


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FEATURE: The 'Goddess' Photo Series, By Florida Based Photographer Christy Marie

Take a look at this beautiful photo series by photographer Christy Marie (a photographer based in Tampa, FL, who specializes in portraiture and street…


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FEATURE: 'Okemus' - The Action Packed Graphic Novel From Illustrator Taylor Sterling

Check out 'Okemus', the amazing new graphic novel series by artist Taylor Sterling & his Red Arcis Entertainment team - a sci-fi action story (influenced by classic japanese anime, sentai, and martial art genres) about "a black superhero who…


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FEATURE: 'Realezas Djuntu' - The Empowering New Photo Project By Martin Shankar and Thais Lago.

Check out Brazilian photographer Martin Shankar's latest photo project, 'Realezas Djuntu' (a collaboration with Thais Lago) - a series which features African models of Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Angola who are now based in Bahia, Brazil. Shankar tells us, "These people are African royalty in our country, children of our ancestors, and they are leaving a trail of much beauty here in our Bahia". Shankar adds, "This series is an incredible record - made…


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FEATURE: 'Cannon Busters' - Artist LeSean Thomas' Hip Hop Influenced Comedy/Adventure Anime Series

Check out these teasers for upcoming Anime series 'Cannon Busters' - the brainchild of visual artist LeSean Thomas (known for his work on cartoons such as 'The Boondocks', 'Black Dynamite', and 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'). 'Cannon Busters' is an adventure comedy series based on a comic that Thomas illustrated in 2005, which he developed while working in South Korea as an animation production/storyboard artist. Regarding the plot of the Hip Hop…


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FEATURE: Jumping Off The Surface - The 3D Murals of Portuguese Graffiti Artist and Tattooist Odeith

Take a look at some murals by Portuguese Graffiti artist and tattooist of Odeith, aka Sergio Odeith - an artist known for his “sombre 3D” style (creating landscapes, portraits, and letters that jump off the surface). "He held a spray can for the first time in the mid 1980s, but it was in the 1990s, when graffiti began its dissemination throughout Portugal and began…


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FEATURE: Linoca Art - The Drawings of Brazilian Graphic Designer Aline Souza

Check out the drawings of Brazilian visual artist Aline Souza (aka Linoca Art) - a graphic designer and AFROPUNK member based in Sao Paulo. Explore her imaginative work below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: The Photography of Brazilian Creative Bruno Gomes

Take a look at some of Brazilian photographer Bruno Gomes' striking photographs. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the talented creative uses his camera to capture his picturesque seaside city and the beautiful women and men who inhabit it. Take a look below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Promoting Black Pride - The Illustrations of New York Based Artist Jaleel Campbell

Check out the art of Jaleel Campbell - a New York artist (born and raised in Syracuse) whose work is centered on black empowerment. He tells us, "My work promotes black pride and pays homage to many techniques our ancestors have used previously". His team state: "With his body of work titled "Melanin", Jaleel challenges the Eurocentric standards of…


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FEATURE: Photographer Paul Shiakallis Spotlights The Queens of Botswana’s Metal Scene

Take a look at some of South African photographer Paul Shiakallis' commanding portraits of the leather-clad women of Botswana’s metal scene (the “Marok” scene, translated in English as “rocker”). Shiakallis met the metal fans - who call themselves Queens - last year at a gig in Gaborone, Botswana’s capital, and they become the focus of his 2014 photography…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Sam Rodriguez Gives Star Wars A Remix With His Ongoing 'Ancient Aliens' Series

Take a look at some pieces from artist Sam Rodriguez's ongoing 'Ancient Aliens' series - a remix of some of the California based artist's favorite Star Wars characters (inspired by ancient Azteca hieroglyphics). Rodriguez states, "I have an ongoing interest in the mysteries of Ancient…


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