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INTERVIEW + NEW TEASER PREMIERE: Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu opens up about the independent release of her feature film 'In The Morning'

Filmmaker Nefertite Nguvu has been making the festival rounds with her feature film 'In The Morning', a film set in Brooklyn which "charts the emotional anatomy of the lives, loves, infidelities, and enduring friendships of a group of inter-connected New Yorkers over the course of one day". Nguvu is getting ready to distribute the film independently, and we caught up with her for an interview. Plus we're premiering a brand-new teaser for the film. Check…


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FEATURE: 'PURIFICATION' - Brazilian Photographer Moah Buffalo's New Photo Project

Take a look at the new project from Brazilian photographer Moah Buffalo - 'PURIFICATION' (a collaboration with fashion designer Romer Oliveira). He tells us, "During a moment of spiritual purification, Romer Oliveira received the aesthetic vision of garb purified. Through this vision he developed a study and invited me to photograph it, so I invited a friend of my own spiritual journey to be the model on this project, Robson Gonçalves." Explore…


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FEATURE: FEATURE: Celebrating Our Diversity - The Latest From Congolese Photographer Christin Bela's Ongoing 'African Queens' Photo Series

Take a look at the latest images from Congolese photographer and videographer Christin Bela - part of their ongoing photo series, 'African Queens'. They tells us: "The main purpose of this series of photographs is to send a positive message to the world about Black culture. My focus is more…


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FEATURE: The Stripped-Back Portraits Of Atlanta Based Photographer Alex D. Rogers

Check out the striking photography of Alex D. Rogers - an Atlanta based portrait photographer who got the photography bug after documenting a Janelle Monáe concert. Rogers says: "I ordered a new camera specifically to shoot a series of shows she was playing in town. I was hooked, then." As you'll see…


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FEATURE: 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits." …


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FEATURE: Nigerian Comic Book Creators Comic Republic's League Of African Superheroes

Check out the superheroes of Nigerian comic book creators Comic Republic. The brainchild of illustrator Jide Martin, Comic Republic now have several titles under their belt (including 'Hero Generation', 'Ireti', and 'The Might of Guardian Prime') - titles that are centered on African women and men with badass superpowers. The motto of the company - it's core being Jide Martin, Tobe Ezeogu, Ozo Ezeogu, and Michael Balogun - is, "We believe…


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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' weekly illustration by Nadya Nickels

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the 'Eclectic Weirdos'. Check out this week's piece below.



* Nadya Nickels' website: …


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FEATURE: Aza Comics - Jazmin Truesdale's Universe of Multicultural Women Superheroes

Check out the superheroines of Aza Comics. The brainchild of Jazmin Truesdale and illustrated by Remero Colston, the upcoming comic book series (out later this month) is a universe of multicultural women superheroes - led by Kala, a super warrior from the Gullah Islands of South Carolina. Truesdale tells us, "My superheroes will address real life problems that women of color face as well as current events while also raising self esteem". She adds: "I plan to change…


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FEATURE: The 'MUKUNÃ editorial' - Brazilian Photographer Kelvin Yule's New Photo Series On Locs

Take a look at the 'MUKUNÃ editorial', Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule's stunning photo series on locks. The 4-part series is a collaboration with Salvador based hair & beauty studio Mukunã Dreadlocks, a salon that specializes in locking hair. Yule tells us that the series was inspired by the experience faced by the salon's founders (and many people in Brazil who have locs). He quotes them as saying, "I ( Claudio ) and Victoria (wife ) we were still in…


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FEATURE: Allowing "The Art To Speak For Itself" - The Mixed Media Creations of Tobu Heart

Check out the mixed media art of Tobu Heart, aka Markarious Gordon. He tells us, "The aim of Tobu Heart is to allow the art to speak for itself, and to eliminate implied rules of social dynamics and stereotypes. To lead by example, to and show the world that, you truly can decide your own fate.. "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul."( William Ernest Henley, Invictus)". Explore below.



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OP-ED: Miss Cotton Travel Diary - Egypt is beautiful but I constantly had to face blatant racism

Egypt is one of the world’s top holiday destinations.  Tourists bring 7 billion dollars a year to the economy. Unfortunately the splendour of the archaeological sites is ruined by the behaviour of some of the local population.

By Miss Cotton, AFROPUNK Contributor

Text translated from French by  Sarah…


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FEATURE: Filmmaker Artemus Jenkins Explores The Shared Experiences of Life In New Movie About Atlanta Creatives - 'If You Know the Words, Feel Free'

Check out filmmaker Artemus Jenkins' new feature film, 'If You Know the Words, Feel Free'. The movie (produced by KarynRose Bruyning and Sean Fahie) centers on a group of Atlanta based artists and creatives inhabiting Atlanta, and explores their shared experiences. Jenkins states, "'If You Know the Words, Feel Free' is a film about life; the various ways…


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FEATURE: Chrystèle Saint-Louis Augustin starring in French movie 'Mon Roi'

Congratulations to our beloved #AFROPUNKParis host, French West Indian actress and activist Chrystèle Saint-Louis Augustin, who's featured in major French movie 'Mon Roi' directed by Maïwenn (out this week). Pictured: Chrystèle rocking her afro on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet this year while promoting the movie.

Photo via Getty Images …


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PHOTOGRAPHY: James Van Der Zee (1886 - 1983), A Completely Great Eye

James Van Der Zee's photography carries itself into an exactness that is representative of Harlem, & at the same time, his Eye is definitive beyond the Harlem Renaissance's enlightenment for Black Americans prolifically contributing to their own community, economically, & artistically. Where the discourse of reading James' photography will guide the onlooker is onto an insightful bridge that caters to their steps by guiding their eyes into a class that…


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FEATURE: Atlanta Renaissance Man, Sean Fahie, Talks Art

If you’re a part of the Atlanta art scene, you probably know who Sean Fahie is. He was honored by Creative Loafing, one of the city’s alternative news outlets, as the Renaissance Man for 2014. In addition to publishing two books, he’s produced two films, and maintains two regularly scheduled events around Atlanta. The city’s art scene has grown since Fahie moved here, and he’s partly responsible. He’s been hosting events in what now might be the hippest…


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FEATURE: Capturing "The Complex Variances of What It Means To Be Black" - Toronto Based Photographer Sierra Nallo

Take a look at the stunning photography of Sierra Nallo, a 24 year old photographer from Toronto, Canada. In regards to her work, Nallo tells us that "photography is how I best express myself and the majority of my images portray the complex variances of what it means to be black." FYI some of the shots below were taken at our recent AFROPUNK Fest in New York, of which Nallo writes: "I was literally stunned at the endless beauty of the people." Explore her work…


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ART: Upcoming Exhibition 'Past, Present, Future: An Ode to Black British Artistry'

Check out some of the featured art of upcoming London exhibition 'Past, Present, Future: An Ode to Black British Artistry' (26 – 29 October, 2015 at The Hoxton Basement). Curated by creative agency Shanice & Suzette of S|SPACE°, the exhibit seeks to "delve into the minds of the new generation of Black British Artists, looking at their…


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FEATURE: Radical Photography by Imraan Christian documenting Cape Town Creatives, Skaters, Activists

I am a 22 year old Film maker and Photographer, born and raised in the Cape Flats of Cape Town.

In retrospect I realize that My upbringing formed most of my core beliefs that govern the flow of my life. I am most grateful for the family I was born into because truth was never stifled in favor of comfortability or fear of pain.

Words & Photography by Imraan Christian, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: 'Anarchy Nowadays' movie project about rad young creatives of color

AFROPUNK Fam, here's a project worth checking out: indie filmmaker and visual artist Donovan Vim Crony is working on a movie called 'Anarchy Nowadays', described as "Rock & Roll youth grow up in a small town while figuring out how to truly live".

He tells us: "This is a narrative film that I've been conceiving for quite some time. I'm so tired of not really seeing us as the creative, loving, rad beings like we are. That is why I want to make this film."

Check out…


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FEATURE: The 'Awoulaba/Taille Fine' Photo Project, By Photographer Joana Choumali

Here is an introduction text about Joana Choumali's latest project, 'Awoulaba/Taille Fine' (written by Choumali and Maria Pia Bernardoni): The shops at the latest trend from Paris and New York, set the tone. Adjamé Cocody , Treichville, Marcory.. in every districts of Abidjan, shops are selling cloths made in china, alternate with tailors shop and Traditional Outfits shops. I observe this busy festival of elegance and I notice a detail : almost all the…


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