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FILM: Black Panther coming to the big screen, with Chadwick Boseman as the leading man

For a long while now, the comic book industry has been criticised for its lack of diversity; even more so in relation to film. With the film industry now heavily invested in bringing our favorite comic book characters to life, many have been left disappointed by the shelving of our favorite superheros of color; never seeing the translation to the silver screen like their white counterparts. However, with news that Marvel Studios have signed Chadwick…


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FEATURE: A raw review of 'Dear White People' by an AFROPUNK community member

I got to see the much talked about Dear White People movie. To me, the most telling part of it has less to do with what is inside of the movie. It has to do with what is out. As I went to the indie movie theater, I found that there were a large plethora of white people young and old who went to see the movie, which wonderfully contradicts the comments section filled with "victims" on YouTube. The reason I had to point this out was because the movie may be called…


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FEATURE: The Tribeca Film Institute's documentary filmmaker fund

If you've come across our current REELS 13 competition, you'll be fully aware that AFROPUNK are fully dedicated to supporting filmmakers from our community; so if you're an established or budding filmmaker, the following information is just for you: the Tribeca Film Institute is currently accepting applications for its documentary filmmaker fund. The…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Komi Olaf: Art of Purpose

There is a magnetic power that lies beyond art’s surface and elevates the minds of those who are unafraid to experience its field. Every color, shape, line, and symbol an Artist joins together tell of a story— their personal odyssey, whether in parables or a masterpiece with details equated to that of a novel’s. Understanding art at this capacity sets apart the drawers from Creators, using their divine capability to mirror their anguish, love, guilt, and joy. Painter…


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FEATURE: Creating new narratives, Folasade Adeoso's digital collages

This summer we wrote on Nigerian/Canadian model/artist Folasade Adeoso and her headwrap collection, '1953'. We now turn the spotlight on to the art of this New York based digital designer. With her signature digital collages, Adesoso is gradually making a name for herself. Normally using ethnographic photgraphy, Adeoso takes photographs and attempts to give these base images new narratives; often obscuring the faces of her subjects with flowers. At times, she also uses…


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FEATURE: The Craig muMs Grant Story

Hip-hop: is an organism made of elements all of its own. Giving voice to artist is one of the most essential components to sustaining hip-hop’s authenticity. Craig muMs Grant is a New York based Poet, Actor and Playwright. His story, Sucker Free Emcee is a lyrical journey of spoken word. The show is underpinned by the beats of Legendary DJ/Producer/Poet Rich Medina harkening back to the birth of hip-hop. He spit, he sweat, he gave us the truth of growing up in the Bronx to…


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FEATURE: South African artist OHYESLORD's vibrant illustrations

I've been a fan of OHYESLORD's work for a while, and when I thought of the idea to start an online mag/blog he was one of the first people to come to mind that I could possibly feature, so I was very excited when he agreed. Born in Pretoria and now based in Jahannesburg, OHYESLORD is self-taught, which I would have never guessed had he not mentioned it. His style of illustration is very unique and on a high standard when it comes to digital illustration. His ability proves that…


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ART: Artist Shantell Martin collaborates with Jewelry and interior designer Kelly Wearstler

New York based British artst Shantell Martin has teamed up with Los Angeles based Jewelry and interior designer Kelly Wearstler for a special collection, launching next week. Martin has used pieces from Wearstler's home collection as a canvas, customizing them with her signature marker drawings which have garnered the artist much acclaim in the art world. The collection includes includes leather jackets, upholstered leather furniture, totes, marble kisses, and…


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ART: Blaxploitation in Watercolor - the work of Argentinian artist Tata Monie

Meet Argentinian artist Tata Monie. The fine artist who originally trained in advertising and graphic design, is heavily inspired by the Blaxploitation film era and captures the iconic films of this era using just watercolor techniques, as though capturing movie stills with a camera. In his own words, what draws the artist to this era is 'The Funk, Gangsters, and gender'. Explore Monie's work, below.



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FEATURE: Oh crap! A black girl gamer!

I have been playing video games off and on since I was a little kid. I didn’t have a system at home, so I made sure to make friends with the kids who did. That said, why is it my experience is somehow less than in some gamers’ eyes, despite at least twenty years of interest? Oh, right. Because I’m a black girl queer gamer. The issue is that the “cool girl” doesn’t want to play; she just wants to watch. This unholy desire to actually play games instead of serving as…


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FEATURE: Where are they now? The 39 black models of Yale Joel's iconic Life Magazine editorial

On October 17th 1969, the iconic issue of Life Magazine with Naomi Sims as its cover model was published. In this issue was an editorial featuring 39 black models, shot by Yale Joel who also shot the cover. That editorial shot is pictured below, and the text in the image reads as followed: “You see before you what may well be the most persuasive demonstration of successful black power ever assembled. If these 39 models, employed by a new agency called Black Beauty, were all…


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FEATURE: Be a part of director Cecile Emeke's upcoming projects

UK director Cecile Emeke is currently raising funds for her upcoming projects. Check out what she has to say + more info below. Support indie Black voices!

Ms. Emeke told us: "We are currently launching a crowd funding campaign to support two projects that you may have already seen featured on Afropunk: "Ackee & Saltfish" and "Strolling". Ackee and Saltfish is a short film about two hilarious best friends Olivia and Rachel, which we are turning into a web series. And…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist AiRich Talks About Her Afrofuturistic and Raw Style

My name is AiRich. According to the people who surround me, my photography can work safely in the category of "afrofuturism". This has mainly to do with the style, the spiritual aspects that others link to my work. I see this as a great compliment, because my style was first developed by an optimistic philosophy that whatever is inside of me can come out. I welcome it, as it is an expression and reflection of my lifestyle, taste, who I am and how I see the world. One of the most…


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ART: Inspired by Hip Hop - the work of visual artist Derrock Burnett

Meet mixed-media visual artist Derrock Burnett. The Indiana native studied his craft at both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Indiana State University - receiving a masters in fine art at the latter. The experimental artist, known primarily for mixed media and collages, is a self confessed 'Hip Hop Baby' and uses the genre as one of his main influences; the music feeding an artistic, visual, response. Explore Burnett's creations,…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist, Imani Shanklin Roberts: The Portrayal of Afro Women

The perception and portrayal of Afro women in the media has always had an uneven, positive and negative balance being that, the latter has been the interest of popular culture. Good thing these misinterpretations of are beginning to come to an end with the contribution of a plethora of artists, including Imani Shanklin Roberts. Her powerful depictions of Afro people show the truth-- that we are indeed beautiful!

Imani’s sense of detail and beauty exudes perfectly…


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COMEDY: South African comedian Trevor Noah will join 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'

Named one of "Thirteen African Celebrities To Watch In 2013" by Forbes, comedian Trevor Noah is set to join Emmy award- winning 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'; and in doing so, the comedian continues to give South African comedy a global face and proves that he is indeed one to watch. The comedian confirmed the news via Twitter: tweeting, “thank you so much for all your love and support. Being a part of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is such an honour. I can’t…


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PHOTOGRAPHY: The subtlety of Nigerian photographer, Lakin Ogunbanwo

With work that has been featured in the Times New York, ID online, British GQ, Lakin Ogunbanwo is fast becoming one of Nigeria's most promising photographic talents. Refusing to stay in a lane of fashion photography, the artist - known for his classic portraiture and erotic subtleties - has now exhibited in exhibitions such as the Lagos Photo Festival and Art 14 in London. In fact, the photographer's work is currently being shown at the What If The World Gallery in Cape…


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FEATURE: A Storm Is Coming…

Every little girl becomes inspired by someone in their life and if you’re a geek you can become inspired by a character you've read about. But not every little girl grows up to embody the character she is inspired by, many only dream of the character or dream of being them. Allow me to introduce Maya Glick, performer, artist and the woman who will embody the Marvel Comics superhero Storm in her own fan made film “Rain.”  …


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COMEDY: W. Kamau Bell announces upcoming winter Stand-up tour

Stand up comedien W. Kamau Bell - best known for his critically acclaimed FX comedy series, 'Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell - has announced an upcoming US winter tour that begins next month. The 'OH, EVERYTHING TOUR' will kick off November 4th in Kansas City and run through the end of January next year. Check out the released dates below - plus, a hilarious clip of the man himself.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Meet Artist Jamilla Okubo

Over the past weeks I have had the pleasure of getting to know the warm spirited, creative and very inspiring young woman, Jamilla Okubo. Meet Integrated Fashion Design Student Jamilla Okubo - over laughs and conversation about school (we are both students at The New School), the experiences of being black women, inspirations, natural hair, music, and much more, Jamilla let me in to her vibrant world which possesses such a unique aesthetic. I came across Jamilla’s "Love…


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