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FEATURE: Photographer, Delphine Diallo - Soulful Expression In Art

One of the most subjective topics besides religion is Art, a gift that I believe is a divine connection between this world and an existence in between. With so many people underestimating and unappreciative of artwork, the artist becomes invisible. But, this is not the case for Delphine Diallo who through her artwork shows us her courage, vulnerability, knowledge, love and most of all - spirit. The work of the New York based photographer is currently a part of the 'Harlem…


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FEATURE: Writing While Latina

A few months ago, I sat on the cold marbled floor of the Brooklyn Public Library as Junot Diaz read excerpts from This Is How You Lose Her. This by no means was the first time I had travelled to hear him speak, and as a young Dominicana trying to write herself into the world, fuck, I had to. Certainly, there are brilliant Latino…


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FEATURE: Curator Ingrid LaFleur on making art accessible and enjoyable

Art curator Ingrid LaFleur is all about using "radical imagination" while "taking the intimidation out of art and making the experience of art more enjoyable". In a recent interview with Living Unchained, she said: "A large part of the work I do is exposing people to the wonderful world of contemporary art and culture. I do this mostly… Continue

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FEATURE: 'Newlyweeds' co-star Trae Harris set to star in new vampire film, Octavia

'Newlyweeds' co-star Trae Harris is set to star as the title role in poet/filmmaker Dennis Leroy Kangalee's (previously, Dennis Leroy Moore's) latest project, "Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire (or Endless Shards of Jazz for a Brutal World)." The film will also star Militia Vox, and Brian Anthony Wilson.  

"Part poem, rock opera, and “Brechtian” play - this will not be your traditional horror/vampire…

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FEATURE: Tell us all about your Nergasms!

Let’s start with an introduction. My name is Taneisha and I’m a gaming, sci-fi, and comic book geek as well as a music lover and bookworm. I’ve been this way since I was young, having gaming and comic books introduced to me by my older brother, whom was always playing a video game or had a comic lying around. In junior high, I was introduced to sci-fi after a friend recommended I read The Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and I fell deeply with the genre. All of this was an…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Melanie “Coco” McCoy Unravels The Mystery of Sankofa & Afrofuturism

When you scroll through Black Twitter or Tumblr you see a lot of young, Black radicals talking about protesting the injustices against our communities and wanting to change the mainstreams ideas pressed on us. However, how many of those “activists” do you really see out in the streets making that wanted change? Visual artist and writer Melanie “Coco” McCoy is regularly amongst the mobs of protesters on and off the computer screen. She stands for Black liberation,…


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FEATURE: New exhibition on Rotimi Fani-Kayode opens at London's Tiwani Contemporary

'Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955-1989)', a solo retrospective of the work of the late photographer Rotimi Fani-Kayode opened yesterday in London at Tiwani Contemporary. The exhibition will run till the 1st November. Check out Fani-Kayode's body of work below (NSFW) and get more info on the exhibition HERE.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: The work of Moroccan multidisciplinary artist Hassan Hajjaj

Check out the work of Hassan Hajjaj. The 53-year-old multidisciplinary artist was born in Morocco and moved to London as a teenager. Splitting his time between Morocco and London for the last 15 years, he creates works that bridge the West and North African. Hajjaj designs every aspect of what you see in his images, hiring local tailors and artisans to create what is featured and using friends as subjects. Of his work, earlier this year, The New York Times…


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FEATURE: Two Young Black Female Entrepreneurs Launch Brown Sugar Stickers

Hello AFROPUNK Community, we are two sisters born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. We are Sequoia (18) and Dakota (20), and we want to be a part of the movement of empowering black people. We launched Brown Sugar Stickers to promote awareness for black pride and positivity. Kinky hair and dark skin have been seen as a negative thing in this country for a long time. We made these stickers to take that negative vibe about black people and turn it into a positive one.…


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FEATURE: Viola Davis discusses the struggles of being a black actress in Hollywood

Viola Davis is about to star as the lead in new Shoda Rhimes series 'How to Get Away with Murder'; however, in a recent interview with The New York Times, the actress discusses the present hardships for black actresses - despite the personal breakthroughs of herself and other high profile black actresses. 

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: With new poem, 'Gather', Alice Walker calls upon the black community to "unite"

Alice Walker has revealed a new poem through her personal WEBSITE, which she dedicates to Carl Dix and Cornel West - both of whom have called for a "month of resistance to mass incarceration, police terror, repression and the criminalization of a generation" next month, October. In the poem, titled 'Gather', the writer and activist calls upon the black community to "unite" in the face of…


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STREAMING: Kehinde Wiley Documentary, 'An Economy of Truth'

Recently PBS premiered the long-awaited Kehinde Wiley documentary, 'An Economy of Truth", and now it is available for streaming HERERenowned for his depictions of black men, through a reinterpretation of the Grand Masters, the Jeff Dupre directed documentary follows the artist in 2012 as he set his eyes - for the first time in his career - on the black woman. Scouting…


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FEATURE: London-based Adebayo Bolaji tells us his story as a young Black actor, writer and director

So, I’m in rehearsals and talking with with my co-actor Allyson Brown about honesty, relative truth (if there is such a thing) and human behaviour-why people do what they do, yes I know... all very existential in the rehearsal space that day. This rehearsal is for my new play ‘In Bed’, a play about two actors who spend a night together to rehearse a play, but rather than analysing both their characters, the play takes a turn and they both encounter a real-time…


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FEATURE: 'Death Metal Angola' Doc Getting U.S. Theater Release This Fall

Feature documentary Death Metal Angola has been on our radar for a while, and now it's getting a theater run this fall after being picked up by indie studio The Vladar Company. The release is planned for November 7th 2014 in New York and Los Angeles.

As we've stated before, Angola has had…

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FEATURE: First Official Poster for 'Dear White People' Movie Designed By Fan

The first official Dear White People movie poster is out and was created by a fan. In case you were living under a rock, the movie tackles stereotypes, micro-aggressions and racism head on. Vulture reports: "The one-sheet was designed by Nikkolas Smith, a 29-year-old architect with a day job working on theme parks… Continue

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FEATURE: Photographer Nakeya B.: "The Refutation of 'Good' Hair"

The obsession with Afro hair has become one stemming from the feelings of admiration, hate, power, and confusion. All of which are emotions that belong to those of Afro descent and non-Afro descent, some in love with themselves and others battling between theirs and society’s standards of beauty. Back in the 60’s, the afro was an eminent staple of power amongst the world, being the unifying commentary for a people proud of their Nubian heritage. And then, the expository changed;…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist, Gordon Skinner: Decolonizing Through Art

The power of art is embedded in the mind of the artist, becoming vulnerable so that it commits to its greatest potential. And though art is indeed subjective, knowing the artist’s muse makes for an even greater understanding of what we see- the product of a brilliant mind! Some people have an innate gift for combing their state of being to their craft and painter, Gordon Skinner happens to be one! There’s an urge to enlighten in which he has commited himself to. Within his… Continue

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