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Style Lounge event fosters relationships across the African fashion industry while premiering stunning new designs

Debonair Afrik is a leading consulting and fashion house working to help African fashion related businesses reach their full potential. One of their initiatives, Style Lounge, is an annual workshop for the social, educational and cultural integration of designers, photographers, models and others in the fashion industry. Style House seeks to "disseminate knowledge, both practical and theory, to everyone and to foster…


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‘Mfon’ book series features 100 Black women photographers of the African Diaspora

Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora is the inaugural and exclusive book launch of a bi-annual journalism project that is committed to creating a collective voice and platform for women photographers of African descent. The on-going project will also “ill a void while creating a space for intellectual discourse around issues represented by” these artists. This spectacular first issue of Mfon features 100 photographers across the Diaspora and an introduction by…


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Kenyan artist's "Identity Politics" photo essay takes on the pressure to hide one's heritage in the workplace

Kamau Wainaina is a 20-year-old Kenyan artist studying in New York. His latest project, titled "Identity Politics", is a photo essay inspired by conversations with his mother about her experiences in the workplace. In one instance, Wainaina says, his mother was called a racist remark by a co-worker, and when she responded was told by superiors to "calm down" because she was "an employee first, an African second."

"Identity Politics" is a commentary on how…


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Comic: ‘Cloudia & Rex’ #1: A Black girl with the power of a hundred Gods? Take all my money

I remember seeing the cover for Cloudia & Rex #1 on Twitter some time ago and dropping whatever I was doing. Look, I wouldn’t lie to you, the cover had me hyped. I like seeing Black girls in comics, I like seeing Black girls on comic book covers. Speaking of the cover–I had no clue what was going on but it looked hella intricate and I was hell interested.

Cloudia and Rex are two sisters who are traveling with their mom, maybe a road trip, but it looks to me…


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Fashion designer Katiuscia Gregoire uses grad collection to symbolically subvert gendered roles and social norms

A Parsons grad from Miami Beach, Katiuscia Gregoire is the mega-talented designer and “Hood Dandy”, believe it or not, is her graduate collection. A fashion designer and visual artist, Gregoire uses her work to examine themes related to gender roles, sexuality, and race. She symbolically uses bold textile motifs and heavy knitwear as the…


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Chuck D announces new Public Enemy album for July 4th!

Over the weekend, Spanish publication Binaural leaked news of a secret Public Enemy record in the works, causing fans of the group to go wild with speculation. Although founding member Chuck D is overseas in Croatia touring with his new rap/rock supergroup group Prophets of Rage, …


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'Lolendo' photo series highlights the plight of sexual minorities from the Congo

Just in time for the annual Pride Festival in Brussels, photographer Régis Samba-Kounzi's unveils a new and powerful exhibition, “Lolendo” (which means “Pride” in Lingala), at the Bozar Center for Fine Arts. "Lolendo" is a photo series done in collaboration with the Massimadi Festival (the LGBT film festival from Africa and its diaspora) showcasing the stories of queer people from the Congo through portraits. Highlighting an array of queer Congolese in…


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Brands love rebels... until they actually rebel :D

For the past two years, Dolce & Gabbana has featured millennial social media influencers in their Spring-Summer runway show. It's clear that the brand is trying to tap into a youthful, fresh, counter-cultural energy, and last week at the Men's Fashion Week in Milan they featured Atlanta-based soul singer Raury who provided exactly that.

Leading up to the show, D&G had been taking heat for dressing Melania Trump, and had responded to the…


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Comic series follows brilliant scientist who channels Dr. Frankenstein after police kill her son

Author Victor LaValle’s Destroyer is a new six-issue limited comic book series that follows a brilliant Black scientist, Josephine Baker, who is grief-stricken after her 12-year-old son is killed by the police. Baker also happens to be the last living descendent of Dr. Frankenstein. In an interview with NPR, LaValle explained that his interest in writing his own Frankenstein had more to do with its creator Mary Shelley than the…


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Street art project paints positive inspiration for South African youths away from cycles of violence and abuse

ph/t HealOurHome is a street art project created by South African visual artist Imraan Christian, aimed at uplifting the young people of the community in the face of an intense increase in gang and domestic violence. Using photographs Imaraan shot with kids from the Harvest Youth Program in Hangberg, he transformed the images them into murals. The HYP is a visual and performing arts center for young people who have been affected by gang-related violence. The supportive…


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'Dark Justice' web series hits on the absurdity of white racism through satire

An absurdist comedy web series, ‘Dark Justice’ makes tongue in cheek commentary on racism, police brutality, inequality in the justice system, and living in a predominately white community, told from the perspective of a black cop, Amir Johnson. Goofy for sure, hilariously painful at times, ‘Dark Justice’ offers a laugh break from the absurdity that is our reality. ‘Dark Justice’ just wrapped its second season, so check it out below. Stream season 1,…


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Black Magazine demonstrates "Black Beauty" in stunning editorial by Australian beauty editor Justin Henry and photographer Tintin Hedberg

Everything looks better with melanin. If you don't believe me, take a look at Black Magazine's latest fashion editorial, aptly titled "Black Beauty". Frequent collaborators, Australian Senior Hair and Beauty Editor, Justin Henry teamed up with photographer Tintin Hedberg of Hell Studio's to literally shoot some Black beauty! Take a look at some of the stunning images below!:…


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Pioneering comic book store owner Ariell Johnson just got a $50,000 grant to help make comics more diverse

Ariell Johnson, owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, was the first black woman to own a comic book store on the East Coast in December 2015. This year, the inclusionary entrepreneur was chosen out of more than 4,500 applicants by the Knight Foundation to win a…


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Community-minded social entrepreneurship residency Red Bull Amaphiko Academy heads to Baltimore for the first time

Red Bull Amaphiko, Red Bull's 10-day launch pad camp for grassroots social entrepreneurs who are working to make positive improvements in their communities, is headed to the States! At Red Bull Amaphiko, like-minded, solution-driven creatives and future (and current) business owners have the chance to collaborate on ideas, draw inspiration from each other, develop…


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Visual artist JG channels the lords of anime for his larger than life characters

Check out the trippy illustrations of visual artist JG. Clearly inspired by geek culture and anime, JG’s characters lean more in the direction of machismo buff dudes who do stuff and busty women who look good, so it would be really cool to see some babes ready for whoop some ass. But, JG’s characters, even the quick pieces he whips up in 30 minutes are of larger than life characters that seem to radiate with rage, passion, and strength. Check out a few of our favs…


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White Lens, Black Lives: how a Nazi filmmaker made a career of photographing Nuba peoples in Sudan

What constraints Photography's societal freedom & what has guided its power would be how it has grown into a tool for civilizations, as well as communities of people & governments to design the visual feelings, attitudes & mentalities attributed to the sway of perception.

Photography, when placed on the clock of historical significance does not fit under an ancient medium---it is a very young medium with under 200 years surrounding its age. …


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PREMIERE: Empowering picture book promotes self-love for black boys

New pages from the follow up to Lawrence Lindell’s self-empowering, black skin-loving picture book, ‘From Black Boy With Love: Part I’! 'Part II' is a thoughtful and uplifting collection of affirmations for black and brown boys aimed at instilling a sense of worthiness and self-love in a world committed to tearing down black men and women.

“This book is for all the boys of color who feel pressured to fit in and be something you're not. We are not…


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Meet self-taught Cameroonian visual artist Felix Fokoua

Meet Felix Fokoua, a concept artist and graphic designer from Yaounde, Cameroon. From a young age Felix had a passionate interest in visual arts that was encouraged by his mother. His impressive skills as a digital and conceptual artist are surprisingly self-taught; he actually earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Buea in 2014.

Check out his awesome work, below!…


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Boots Riley will direct new movie starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson

Hip Hop/Rock musician Boots Riley is taking his talents to the big screen. According to Deadline, the first time director has snagged Tessa Thompson, Lakeith Stanfield and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) to star in his upcoming drama Sorry to Bother You, slated to begin filming this month. Riley studied film…


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Diversity and representation are at the forefront of visual artist D. Mathieu Cassendo’s inclusive cartoons

D. Mathieu Cassendo is a brilliant visual artist who prioritizes diversity and a celebration of black history and black people in their digital character renderings. Cassendo’s inclusive cartoons feature a range of black and brown folks, both gender conforming and non-conforming characters, some with disabilities, some who wear the hijab, others with vitiligo, and all of these characters with a variety of body types and hair textures. In addition to their stand-alone…


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