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Brazilian designer Isaac Silva partners with maven Magá Moura for vibrant & inclusive fashion show

Brazilian designer Isaac Silva has long been influenced by feminist, Black and LGBTQ activism, and his latest work is no exception. During the fashion event Casa de Criadores in São Paulo on May 11, Silva debuted his winter 2017 collection in partnership with Magá Moura, and the two worked closely to exemplify the importance of representation in the medium. The show featured models of various gender identities and body types, including trans models, displaying more fully…


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Nairobi photographer Brian Otieno centers African heritage through portraiture

Check out the work of Nairobi-based art director and photographer Brian Otieno. With a body of work centered around body forms and portraiture, Otieno hopes that his photographs act as a nod to African culture and the unspoken histories and hidden heritages of the continent. Moreover, he hopes that these pieces act as a conversation catalysts around these subjects.

See some of Otieno’s photos, below, and more on …


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French Guianese illustration/fashion design student Vaëll V shows off graceful line work

“Understated” and "minimal" are some the word that comes to mind when looking at French Guiana illustration and fashion design student Vaëll V’s airy renderings. The simplicity of her digital drawings really highlights her meticulous attention to detail and the each character's personality, pushing her work into the realm of character studies and storyboarding sketches. Her minimalist and soft line work imply whimsical movements fit for an animated film.



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Photo series pays tribute to androgynous Grace Jones box-cut haircut, celebrating Black beauty

Inspired by the inner beauty black women possess and Grace Jones’ signature aesthetic, Brazilian photographer Luiz Moreira editorializes the Greek mythology of Midas. Model Regina Ferreira poses in a Grace-esque box cut fade as she adorns her body with gold. “Through this re-imagining, Luiz Moreira transforms the story into a beautiful message inspired by and building upon on the inner beauty of Blackness, where a black woman uses the Midas touch on her body.…


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Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop reimagines historical moments of Black protest in new photo series

Senegalese fine arts and fashion photographer Omar Victor Diop describes his latest series, "Liberty," as "a reinvented narrative of the history of the black people." The powerful portraits tastefully showcase international moments of Black resistance spanning generations, including Bloody Sunday and…


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Puerto Rico-based street photographer Phoenix Robles captures the beauty of everyday faces and spaces

Through gritty photographs, Puertro Rican photog Phoenix Robles captures the places and faces of everyday people. Phoenix primarily shoots in black and white which giving her photos a documentary-type of feel and perspective.

“I'd like to consider myself a sociological photographer,” Robles says. “My photography seeks to discover the inner workings of places and people, that would normally go over-looked. Frequenting the urban places similar to the…


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BOOK: 'Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies' dispels myths to shed light on the true origins of rock #SoundCheck

By the mid 60's, rock had been so thoroughly gentrified, that a young Rick James declared himself the black Mick Jagger, despite Mick Jagger himself being just a white Chuck Berry who can't play guitar (though in fairness, Keith Richards can't play guitar either). Elvis is lionized as the King of Rock and Roll, despite the hit-making era of his career lasting barely 2 years. His crown was given by a white audience to erase the black origins of the music he played. Delving…


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Donald Glover finally makes first appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer

Offering up some advice to Tom Holland's young Peter Parker, Donald Glover’s currently unknown character drops some wisdom on the kid: "You gotta get better at this part of the job." The franchise reboot’s third trailer is the best one yet that, in that it doesn’t revisit the same ol’ Spidey crap we’ve seen in the other franchises over the last 15 years.

The appearance of Glover’s character in the trailer, though, raises more questions than it answers, but in a…


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Capetonian mother launches Swimma Cap line aimed at protecting high-volume black hairstyles

As a young black girl from San Diego, CA. learning how to swim in deep water with all the other white and latinx kids in my 3rd grade class was pure joy—minus the time spent before and after fussing with my hair. Swim caps be damned, no matter how tightly they squeezed my head, the sheer volume of my hair was no match for what, I'm sure, was designed to protect flat, stringy coifs. Ill-fitting swim caps have plagued many aquatic black folks for too long, until now. …


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'The Get Down' is cancelled by Netflix after only one season

Shocking audiences all of the internet, Netflix announced last night that it had canceled its break-out hip-hop history drama-musical, ‘The Get Down’ after just one two-part season. The ambition Baz Luhrmann series cost Netflix $120 million for just 12 episodes. For reference, shows like Game Of Thrones shoot 10 episodes in multiple countries for the better part of the year on a $100 million budget.

In an interview with Vulture earlier this Spring, Luhrmann was…


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Check out the Amandla Stenberg co-written fantasy comic setting Kickstarter on fire!

Amandla Stenberg is everywhere these days. Having just recently starred in the film Everything, Everything, the Hunger Games star is now working on a graphic novel project, and has already raised more than $25,000 for its completion on Kickstarter!

The fantasy comic is called…


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MOCADA hosts first public auction exhibition featuring works of the African diaspora

In an unprecedented exhibition, the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MOCADA) is hosting it’s first public auction. Comprised of 58 work by 48 established and up-and-coming international artists, their pieces explore and express themes related to the African diaspora, as curated by Joakim von Ditmar. The auction includes donated works from all around the globe, including places like Nairobi, Sweden, Lagos, London, Ethiopia, and more. Funded raised…


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Grace Jones documentary launches in Cannes + a biopic is in the air!

A documentary five years in the making, director Sophie Fiennes’ (’The Pervert’s Guide To Cinema’) Grace Jones documentary ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami’ was just sold at Cannes to WestEnd Films. Currently, in post-production, the documentary explores the culture of performance art, Grace’s cult legacy, and her private and public worlds. The film utilizes both personal footage from Grace’s collection as well as staged performances to explore both sides of her…


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Afro-Mexican histories and mythologies are explored in artist/musician Ras Levy’s “Mexico Negro” exhibit

Mexican musician, painter and rasta Ras Levy is one of the prolific Afro-Mexican artists who has spent close to two decades promoting the exposure and visual representation of Mexico’s legacy of blackness. Levy’s latest collection, ‘Mexico Negro’, is a series of portraits of acrylic paintings done on wooden canvas and embellished with vinyl featuring Mexican figures, histories, and mythologies that are linked to African heritage, like La Mulata de Cordoba (pictured…


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Stunning Photo Series Pays Tribute To Icon Grace Jones on her 69th Birthday

“AMAZING GRACE“ is Amsterdam based visual artist AiRich and stylist Stefhanie Blokland’s tribute to icon Grace Jones for her 69th birthday. Teaming up with model JNM The Naked MC to bring Jones’ electricity and unflinching confidence to life, it was important to the team stay true to Grace’s person throughout production. ”It was almost scary at times because the looks she gave during the shoot made it feel like she truly dipped into Jones' character. It felt like she,…


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Brown Girl Tarot deck card project aims to uplift and empower marginalized WOC

Brown Girl Tarot™ Creation is a visual empowerment project, by filmmaker/humanist/entrepreneur Fontaine Felisha Foxworth, with a mission to encourage and uplift women of color by celebrating self-love and creative expression. “I started a lifestyle brand company called Brown Girl - Incorporated, with a mission to uplift and empower marginalized women of…


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Photography and poetry project "blackmatter" highlights the blatant and subtle practices of anti-Blackness

Ash (The Spoken) Williams is a 20-year-old artist studying at Ithaca College in upstate NY. His goal is "to spread [Black peoples'] story and history as much as I can, and educate and to build solidarity for all people of different races in America and beyond." Williams' latest project is a photography and poetry series called “blackmatter” that aims to reveal both the outright and subtle practices and events that have helped to evolve and maintain systematic racism toward…


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Black queer artist reimagines Blackness, gender and in/visibility in moving performance piece on tour now!

Kiyan Williams is a multidiscplinary artist and writer whose work explores Black queer identity. Their art has been exhibited internationally, including at SFMOMA (CA), Stanford University (CA), La Mama Experimental Theater Club (NY), Dixon Place (NY), and Orpheum Theater (Austria). Williams' latest project, Unearthing is a moving performance piece currently touring across the country. Unearthing uses live-singing, installation, movement and storytelling…


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Nigerian Sister Entrepreneurs Create Sunscreen Specifically For Black Skin

Creating a solution for a common problem black people face when it comes to skin care and beauty products, Nigerian sisters and entrepreneurs Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa created their community-driven beauty line, Bolden. Using locally produced shea nuts from Burkina Faso, Bolden centers women of color and their unique, overlooked skincare needs, like…


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White People Can Have A Torch-Wielding Mob, But When Black Folks March Peacefully, It’s Martial Law

I’ve lost count of the number of marches and street protests black citizens have planned and led in this Black Lives Matter era. Lets go with “a lot.” What isn’t lost on me is black people’s recurring fear that these protests will end horribly, in clouds of tear gas, a hail of bullets, screams, blood, tears and imprisonment.

So far, that has been the pattern — now and back in the day. The historical pattern, that is, for handling black protests.

On the…


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