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FEATURE: 'Cosmic Girl' - By Visual Artist Ron E.A. Powell

Take a look at the latest painting from New Jersey based Jamaican visual artist Ron E.A. Powell (aka REAP). The unfinished painting - entitled 'Cosmic Girl' - was inspired by a selfie that the artist came across on instagram. Yet another example of the innovative ways visual…


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FEATURE: 'Large Fears' - A Children's Book About A Queer Kid of Color

Take a look at new children's book 'Large Fears', a book about a queer kid of color who "defies gender roles, race politics, sexuality and his fears". The book was written by Myles E. Johnson and illustrated by NYC based artist Kendrick Daye; and with their creation and central character Jeremiah Nebula, Johnson and Daye hope to encourage children to conquer their largest fears, accept differences in others, and chase their wildest dreams. Johnson…


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INTERVIEW: DJ-Photographer Superduper Brick is the Definition of a Dream Chaser

“Oh my god, there he is…there’s Brick”, a tiny curly-haired tween squeals to her friends as they all huddle together to point and whisper. I’m sitting on the steps of the stage at SOBs and watching the meet-and-greet for the national tour that Brick is DJing for. I look over to see Brick with his arms draped around two fans, all three of them are straight up beaming. At first glance, Brick looks like he walked straight out of your favorite 90s movie or cartoon.…


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EVENT: #AFRICASOUT - Friday June 5th at Gladstone Gallery, New York

Next week, Friday June 5th, AFRICA'S OUT will hold a fun filled night to celebrate Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina; and to bring awareness and funds to non-profit organisation UHAI EASHRI (the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative) and the work they do for LGBTI East Africans. The night, celebrating Kenyan writer & activist Binyavanga Wainaina, will include Live performances from Solange Knowles + an After Party with live show by Cakes…


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FEATURE: The Versatility of Photographer Nicolas James Harris

Take a look at the versatile work of Dallas based freelance photographer Nicolas J. Harris. The Texan shoots several genres of photography including street-style, performance, and editorial. Harris states on his website, "Photography has been a passion of mine since age 7. It has always been my goal to help capture the moment, as it is created and allow the viewer to feel as if he or she was there." The photographer will debut his first so exhibition project,…


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FEATURE: Jaden Smith Set To Play Superhero Static?

Back in October, reports began circulating that Jaden Smith would be playing comic book hero Static in an upcoming Warner series. This was then played down as a mere rumour. However according to actor Tyler James Williams, Smith is now confirmed to play Virgil Hawkins; the teenage hero with electromagnetic powers. The Walking Dead Actor revealed the news in a Comic Con interview, stating: 'There aren't that many young black comic book super heroes. It's…


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FEATURE: Hip-Hop Meets Sci-Fi, New Comic Book 'Kid Code: Channel Zero'

Check out new comic book 'Kid Code: Channel Zero' - created by John Jennings (Co-Founder and organizer of the Schomburg Center's Black Comic Book Festival in Harlem), Stacey Robinson, and Damian Duffy. The "Hip-Hop meets Sci-Fi" book follows superhero Kid Code and his comrades as they fight to save the Universe from The Power - racing against time to assemble The Everlasting Cosmic Mixtape, nine tracks that will set the Universe back on course. Check out some…


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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' weekly illustration by Nadya Nickels - Flamboyan tree

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the 'Eclectic Weirdos'. This week's piece is called 'Flamboyan tree'. Check it out below!



* Nadya Nickels' website: …


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FEATURE: "The Beauty of Our Skin" - #MelaninMonday

Check out #MelaninMonday, the Tumblr page created by AFROPUNK Paris performer Young Paris and inspired by the popular hashtag. His mission: encourage people of color to share the…


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FEATURE: "Nigerian woman who has no formal education but lectures at Harvard" - Celebrated Artist Nike Davies-Okundaye

Meet Nike Davies-Okundaye: the accomplished artist, textiles designer, and ambassador for African arts and craftsmanship. NewsAcross recently featured the artist (and her inspiring story), an artist who lectures at top academic institutions despite having no formal…


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FEATURE: The Importance of a Sitting - Portraits, Myths, and Politics of Black America Today

I currently live in New York, but the idea of 'The Importance' project finds its roots in my hometown of Baltimore. The idea had been floating around my head for some time, growing legs after the murder of Eric Garner. In New York there was a mural created for him in front of Spike Lee's studio. The mural featured an outdated prom photo of Eric. Many people were confused as to why they used such an old photo, but in the Black community this is far too…


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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' weekly illustration by Nadya Nickels - Baltimore 2015

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the 'Eclectic Weirdos'. This week's piece is called 'Baltimore 2015': a depiction of the protests which took over the Maryland city following the funeral of Freddie Gray (the unarmed black man who died, suffering…


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Artist Spotlight: British Painter and Textiles Designer Kay Davis

Again, Tumblr has introduced me to some of the most inspiring and driven creative minds of this generation. Meet Kay Davis - her images vibrant and dreamlike will draw you in.

Artist Statement:

"Creating fantasy dream like paintings of young Black females situated in the cosmos, Kay Davis brings an element of childhood, nostalgia, and vibrancy to the underground art world. Referencing ancient symbols, and life…


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FEATURE: Race and Sexuality - The Mixed Media Art of Ervin A. Johnson

Check out the photo-based mixed media work of Ervin A. Johnson. A black gay man (born and raised in Chicago), Johnson oftentimes deals with the themes of race and sexuality - reflected in his most recent work, 'In Honor of Us'. The series of portraits (of black men) are printed out and then destroyed using acid and paint; "a way of seeing the world as a young black man when the world see's you in a certain way", says the artist. The images are now displayed across…


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FEATURE: The Enigmatic Faces of Visual Artist Ron E.A. Powell

Check out the work of Jamaican visual artist Ron E.A. Powell (aka REAP). The New Jersey based painter, focused mainly on faces, mixes a variety of textures and techniques to capture the pensive emotions and enigmatic quality of his subjects. Powell, whose parents were both farmers ("deeply in touch with the cycles of life", states the artist), explores his art in a similar holistic balance. Take a look at his paintings below.…


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FEATURE: "Powerful Images Tell A Revised History of America"

Take a look at these powerful images from Florida based photographer and film director Tyler Shields - a new photography series centered on images and symbols from the civil right's era. "The work is my statement", Shields tells MIC; a visual response to "the seemingly endless slew of black men and…


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FEATURE: Marvel Courting Ava DuVernay for long awaited Black Panther Movie?

Selma director Ava DuVernay is reportedly in the running to direct Marvel's upcoming Black Panther movie. The company, intent on hiring an African-American director for the project, has (according to insiders) been courting DuVernay for the project; also eyeing her for the super heroine led project 'Captain America'. Her hiring would…


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FEATURE: The Underground Project - Challenging the “Hyper-Masculine” Standards That Prevail in the Hip-Hop Industry

My name is A. Retina Stewart. It just so happens that my grandmother named my mother Retina because she was born with a brown scar on her retina that my grandparents immediately fell in love with. Thirty-two years later my mother blessed me with that middle name as well. What once upon a time a flaw now empowers me to flourish as an artist, repeatedly reminding me of my unique vision. I'm from Houston, Texas originally, but I live and work in New York City where I am also…


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BLACK AND NERDY: 5 Reasons Why Black Cosplay is Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever

The first time I saw a black person cosplaying, I’m not gonna lie — it blew my mind. I was only in middle school, and it hadn’t quite occurred to me that just because all of my favorite characters in my favorite comics/shows/video games were white (simply because most, if not all, of the main characters were), didn’t mean it had to stay that way. Why couldn’t Batman be black? Why couldn’t Spiderman be a black girl just like me underneath that mask? There is no good reason,…


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FEATURE: #ManifestJustice art exhibit in Los Angeles

"Enough is enough. We demand more empathy, more accountability, more economic opportunity, more compassion, more dignity, more power and more opportunity for all. We demand healthier communities, which means more from each other; more from our school systems and more from our judicial systems." Those are the words of Manifest Justice, the creative community exhibition. The exhibt, which took place last week - in Los Angeles’ gang affected Baldwin Village - featured…


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