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FEATURE: Ivoirian Photographer Joana Choumali documents scarification in powerful photo series

Ivoirian Photographer Joana Choumali documents the last generation of African citizens living in a big city like Abidjan with scarification on their faces. The photo series is called 'Hââbré, the last generation' (Hââbré means "writing" and "scarification" in Kô language from Burkina Faso).

Choumali tells us: "This practice is disappearing due to the pressure of religious and state authorities, urban practices and the introduction of clothing in tribes. In many villages,…


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FEATURE: Photographer Sasha Phyars-Burgess' Pictorial Cliffhangers

It’s possible to catch just a small chapter of one’s life story through a single image, or at least be open-minded enough to create one. The solemn expression, and majestic grey hair of the beautiful Trinidadian woman whom photographer Sasha Phyars-Burgess has captured, acts as a canvas for creative minds like myself. Curiosity arises as an alarm in my thoughts wondering, ‘what exactly was Sasha thinking when seizing moments like these?’ or better yet, 'What is her subjects…


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FEATURE: The Maya Rudolph Show Debuted On NBC ft. Raphael Saadiq & Janelle Monae!

Did you watch the Maya Rudolph show last night? It was a variety show of sorts, featuring Raphael Saadiq, Janelle Monae, Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg & more.

Music, comedy... Check out the videos below!

It was a one-off. Would you like the show to become a regular part of NBC's programming?


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FEATURE: Africa Is The Future's New Project Spoofs 'LIFE' Magazine Covers

You may have heard of Africa is The Future, the movement launched in 2004 by Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayamam "to challenge mainstream media’s representation of Africa and more generally of the World". Their T-shirts and hoodies made a big buzz a few years ago.

Their new project imagines Africa as the first world power…


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FEATURE: Controversial Nina Simone Biopic Starring Zoe Saldana Premieres at Cannes Film Festival

A new image of Zoe Saldana playing Nina Simone in a controversial biopic surfaced. The movie premiered this week at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Some are saying Saldana's performance amounts to Blackface and is is offensive, especially given the fact that Nina Simone's skin color and facial features were a source of pride for her and caused much discrimination in her life.

Zoe Saldana stated: "I guess what kept me from being hurt by the negative comments was that I’m…


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FEATURE: Randi Butler on the joys & trials of being a young African-American female photographer

My name is Randi Butler. I'm a fine art and portrait photographer from Poughkeepsie, New York. I went to college for Photography at FIT in Manhattan but left for personal reasons. Painting, writing, and music were all passions of mine. My portfolio and grades gave me early acceptance within their top 10% of applicants. Leaving was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I was primed for academia and had always been intellectually gifted. However, the subsequent trials I faced…


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INTERVIEW: 'Tough Bond' Docu Director Calls Attention to Kenyan Street Kids Addicted to Huffing Glue

Docu-film Tough Bond is a stark look at the relationship between Kenya street “Survivors” and glue, a tool used by thousands of dismissed homeless children to get through the glib reality of life on the outskirts of society. Seeing children all the way from their late teens right down to infancy wandering the streets covered in dirt, barefooted with nothing but a plastic bottle with a couple ounces of glue at the bottom clinging to their lips would stir even the…


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FEATURE: Photographer Mark Gellineau: Capturing The Magic of Personal Growth

Throughout our adolescence we all seem to encounter similar stages of growth, like: emotional, mental, and a rebellious mentality. But, during your transition period were you ever aware of the gradual changes occurring within you? Well, these moments became the muse for photographer, Mark Gellineau’s captivating imagery. Then, as an adventurous teen exploring the downtown areas of Trinidad with friends, he documented their journeys as young men intrigued by the many cultures,…


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BOOK: 'Dismantle', An Anthology of Writing from VONA Creative Writing Workshop For Writers Of Color

There is absolutely no denying the contribution that writers of color have made to the literary world. Writers of color have produced some of the most original and noteworthy work of the 20th and 21st century which have been sources of knowledge and inspiration for many. Though these writers’ contribution is paramount, it still seems as though the work of many is being pigeonholed, strangled, and forced to follow certain criteria in order for it to be recognized as literature.…


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INTERVIEW: Indie filmmaker, model Ari Fitz explains why she opted to appear on a reality show

Reality shows are often deceitful, manipulative and stereotypical, and yet indie flmmaker and model Ari Fitz opted to appear on what some consider trash TV. At the beginning of The Real World: Ex-plosion, audiences witnessed what could have been yet another epic example of a black woman behaving badly on television. A cast member threw hot oil at Ari Fitz and everyone assumed she would go HAAM. What was Ari’s reaction? Pure calm. She went on to explain why throwing hot…


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FEATURE: Charles Jean-Pierre – Artist | Educator | Black Messenger

Dismayed that DC's own Chuck Brown (the Grandfather of go-go) was not immortalized anywhere in the District, Charles Jean-Pierre gathered a group of his students from MacFarland Middle School to help him paint the mural on Georgia Avenue to celebrate his namesake. And Charles is not even from DC. He is a Chi Town native who moved to the District to attend Howard University in pursuit of his destiny as an ambassador of the often marginalized Black American experience.



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FEATURE: 'Occupying Privilege' Book Explores Ways To Kick Privilege In The Ass

Although we live in a society that’s considered “modern “and “advanced’, it is still heavily plagued by racism and intolerance. Issues such as white privilege and white supremacy are still very much present in the world we live in. Whether we are part of the population that has benefitted from white privilege or part of the population that has been afflicted by it, we must all act in ways that can change this deeply rooted preconception. Occupying Privilege is a…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Tamara Natalie Madden: Mirror of Virtue

The bold colors, royal patterns, and majestic birds fill up the canvas without force. It as if the illustrations had effortlessly bled from the tips of the painter’s brush. Being that artist Tamara Natalie Madden has transformed vulnerability into a platform of intrinsic beauty, she has created allegories that captivate the ideas, beliefs, and fantasies that stimulate the imagination of the African diaspora.

With a rich Jamaican background, Madden's choice to use diverse…


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FEATURE: 'Changing Face Of Harlem' Docu Examines The Revitalization & Challenges Faced by The Neighborhood

Changing Face Of Harlem examines the history and the current revitalization of Harlem, but also tackles the impact of gentrification on this legendary neighborhood. Through footage and interviews with old and new residents, business owners, community activists and more, the film celebrates Harlem but also aims to ask the tough questions. Check out the trailer and more info below. Directed by Shawn Batey. Screening dates are available…


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FEATURE: Black Female Filmmaker Vibes With Female Hip-Hop Collective in London

My Name is Jaha Browne. I'm a British Filmmaker/Director. I work with the documentary form exploring the stories of people you may not come across in your day to day life. Giving people a platform for their voices and stories by entering their world. In 2013 I met Shay D, MC Angel, Sirena Reynolds and Emma Prior, who form the vibrant female rap group LC…


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FEATURE: Black Emoticons Launched by Oju Africa

Black emoticons anyone? Many have talked about it, this African company did it. Oju Africa is a start-up based in Mauritius. They released their set of Black emoticons after the topic gained momentum on social networks with the hashtag #EmojiEthnicityUpdate. They had been working on the project since 2012 and had to speed up the release after Apple announced that they were working on a more diverse set of emojis: "It's very important for us, as a small African company, to make…


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