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Eye Candy's Blog – April 2016 Archive (71)

FEATURE: Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Jefferson Cardoso showcases Brazilian diversity in editorial work

Take a look at the work of the 21 years old Brazilian photographer Jefferson Cardoso. Cardoso, known as Jota, is based in Rio de Janeiro, photographing since his teenage and has been working professionally for almost two years.

What he likes the most in photography is that it enables him to show people how he sees and understand the world. "Everything is a matter of point of view and angle. Everything depends on the way we look at things", he says.



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FEATURE: YouTuber Ameryst helps bring your black goth dreams to fruition with beauty/hair tips and lifestyle advice

YouTuber Ameryst (aka Victoria P.) helps you bring your goth dreams to fruition with lifestyle vlog channel! This lovely darkness enthusiast does some pretty sweet makeup and beauty tutorials for the make-up-wearer on the go, chats about goth culture, and gives style tips for goth-ing within your means. But…


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FEATURE: Meet the fat goth heroine of cartoonist Calyn Pickens-Rich’s Dining with Dana

Dining with Dana is the super cute comic series by illustrator Calyn Pickens-Rich that follows fat goth babe Dana and her friends on the cultural fringe. Calyn uses situation humor to unpack the micro-aggressions fat women face, the ways in which society tells us that we don’t belong and that we need to change. Pickens-Rich also sells merch and…


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FEATURE: May Daniels goes bohemian for 'Working On A Groovy Thing' series by SWANK photography

Check out pictures from 'Working On A Groovy Thing'—the recent retro-inspired editorial collaboration between SWANK photography and model May Daniels. Bra-free, lace-clad, bell-bottoms flared, Daniels channels the eclectic 1970s fashion and spirit and looks incredible while doing so. See more of the series down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Art Hoe Collective talks “Lemonade” and black artists reclaiming appropriated music genres

After much anticipation and speculation, Beyoncé finally released her 6th album and 2nd visual album “LEMONADE”. The internet went wild over the stunning visuals, star studded black femme cast, and pro black message. The film touched base on infidelity, the intersections of gender and race, and the resonance of african culture in the south, all within its hour and five minute timeframe. The visual album is broken down into twelve stages that represent the cycle of…


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FEATURE: World Geometric and photographer Hudson Vagner editorialize the wicked, DIY style of Curitiba locals

World Geometric and photographer Hudson Vagner collaborated on this street style editorial, shot around Curitba, Paraná, Brazil. Drawing inspired by the work of Bill Cunningham, a pioneers of street fashion photography in New York City, Vagner and co. put an editorialized spin on the fashion candid. The models (Micheli Carolina, Luiz Gustavo, Gabriela Clemente) rock colorful coifs and accessible fashion, styled by World Geometric’s Micheli Carolina.…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule and Mauricio Sacramento collaborate for Ibirapuera Park-shot editorial

Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule and model Mauricio Sacramento collaborate in this editorial. Shot on location at Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo and set to an industrial-looking backdrop, there’s something distantly dystopian about the harsh concrete and Sacramento’s unitarian styling. Bonus points for the impeccably bleached facial hair.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: South African photographer Veli Pasha searches for a soulmate in psychedelic editorial ‘Where’s Adam’

Check out 'Where's Adam', a psychedelic photo series by South African photographer Veli Pasha. The conceptual series, shot on location in Kaalfontein, South Africa, was based on the role of Mother Nature and her control over the physical. In it we follow Eve, a woman who has been separated from, now in search of, her soulmate Adam. ‘Where’s Adam’ is reminiscent of Alice’s wonderland where the surreal dominates each image, resulting in a visually interesting,…


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FEATURE: Check out Vortex Comics Nigerian superheroes series Wrath House

Wrath House is a comic series by Lagos-based Vortex comics, which produces graphic series’ and cartoons with roots in pan-African culture. The series follows a group of revolutionary rebels who are leading the charge against an oppressive political state. Wrath House takes place sometime in the distant future, but is steeped in historical events and ancient cultures. You can check out issues …


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FEATURE: Stunner Achok Majak poses in editorial by Arthur Belebeau for Quiet Lunch

Some time in the middle of her majorly impressive last year modeling for print and runway, stunner Achok Majak posed for photographer Arthur Belebeau’s glossy editorial for Quiet Lunch. The conceptually athletic has Majak show off her real-life athleticism and her clean ‘lines’—all while clutching accessories. As you already know, kind of impossible to make a melanin goddess look bad, scroll down to see the rest!

By Erin White*,…


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FEATURE: 'Conversations On Creativity' in Cape Town: Faces & Thoughts Artist Talk

'Conversation on Creativity' is a regular event hosted by Creative Nestlings a company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The purpose is to bring together creatives and get them to dialogue. The conversations feature creative individuals from all around the world to share their creative journeys and experiences. The audience gets to engage with these individuals through question and answer sessions.

This past Saturday the 13th edition of conversations on…


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FEATURE: South African digital artist Travis Davids wows with hyper-realistic sci-fi models

Travis Davids is a digital artist from South Africa who makes sci-fi models. His projects are a unique outlet for him to combine fantasifull imagination and engineering where he can create incredibly realistic digital renderings of 3D portraits, weapons, machines, etc. Davids uses programs like CAD, Photoshop, 3D Max, and Keyshot to design and render. Check some of his creations out down below and see his …


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FEATURE: Step into the vibrant world of Guinean-Swiss fine arts photographer Namsa Leuba

Step into the rich visual world of fine arts photographer Namsa Leuba. Leuba is a highly accomplished international photographer of Guinean and Swiss heritage. She holds a Masters in Art Direction from the University of Art and Design and her work has appeared in Vice Magazine, New York Magazine, KALEIDOSCOPE, I-D, Interview, British Journal of Photography, and more. For the past four years, Leuba’s work and research has been consciously focused on viewing African…


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FEATURE: Meet Beninese freelance filmmaker and photographer Elvis de-Dravo

Check the work of Beninese filmmaker and photographer Elvis de-Dravo. An ambitious freelancer, de-Dravo hopes that his art will help promote cultural interest in photography in his native country. Inspired by his interest in the shapes and, as he calls it, the architecture of the human form, much of his portfolio is portrait-based. Scroll down below to see some of Elvis’ work.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Atlanta-based artist and musician Goldi Gold translates hip-hop and R&B into portrait illustrations

Goldi Gold

Graphic designer? Yes.

Mega-talented illustrator? Oh definitely.

Hip hop artist? Well, not really.

But with an artistic style so vibrant and undeniably urban you can’t help but hear Erykah Badu, a Tribe Called Quest or Outkast playing in the background, and that’s exactly how Goldi Gold likes it. “When it comes to my art, it’s definitely about feelings,” said Gold. “Anybody can draw, but you have to be able to bring the breath of life to…


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FEATURE: 'America Goddam': artist revisits Nina Simone's 'Mississippi Goddamn' with powerful poem

The name of this Nina Simone re-mixed Mississippi Goddamn cover is called America Goddam

And I mean every word of it

Flint water crisis has me so upset

The Charleston shooting made me lose my rest

And everybody knows it’s wrong, America Goddam

Trayvon Martin’s death has me so upset

Walter Scott’s made me lose my rest

And everybody knows it’s wrong, America Goddam

Can't you see it? Can't you feel it?

It doesn’t…


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FEATURE: Salvador-based photographer Helen Mozão champions fat empowerment in 'GORDA FLOR' editorial

'GORDA FLOR' is a body positive, fat empowerment editorial series by Salvador-based photographer Helen Mozão. You’ve probably seen her kick-ass photography here or on our social…


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FEATURE: NYC-based photographer Jalese Ayana brings vintage vibes to Instagram portrait photography

NYC-based photographer Jalese Ayana is one of my favorite portrait artists using Instagram and Tumblr as creative platforms right now. What sets her work apart from some of her contemporaries, for me, is the aesthetic callback to the 1970s through her use of warmer color palettes (think mustards, rich reds, and browns) and the unapologetic, space-taking natural afros on many of her models. All of that…


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FEATURE: Gender non-conforming models collaborate with Lane Silva Fotografia for ‘The Fabulous #MadeInFavela’

To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing more punk rock than bravely doing what you’re not “supposed” to do. Than being exactly who the fuck you are, however you want to be. Brazilian photographer Lane Silva Fotografia’s editorial 'The Fabulous #MadeInFavela' does just that. In the series, gender non-conforming models Mychel Beckhtold and Lucas Souza absolutely kill it, showing off their flexibility and athleticism all while wearing stilettos and crop tops. Here for it.…


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FEATURE: 90s-inspired DIY fashion lookin’ fly in editorial collaboration by Luiz H. Ferreira and Saravá Brechó

As a child of the 90s (the whole decade, thank you very much), I’m stoked to feature an editorial that draws its inspiration from the aesthetically epic period. The editorial is the resulting collaboration between photographer Luiz H. Ferreira and Saravá Brechó. Saravá is a thrift store fashion brand created by Nininha Albuquerque and Monique Correa. DIY thrifting and conscious consumption is a growing trend amongst young and creative Black Brazilians. Just as much as this…


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