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FEATURE: The Radical Poetry of Abiodun Oyewole (of Spoken Word Group The Last Poets)

Socially conscious and politically charged—this describes the profound poetry of Abiodun Oyewole, one of the founding members of the revolutionary, spoken word group “The Last Poets”. The Last Poets emerged during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s; they were heavily inspired by the work and teachings of Malcolm X, and used their radical, rhythmic poetry as a tool for spreading awareness and…


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FEATURE: "A new ebony, lead, female character" - new Sci-Fi Comic 'Celflux'

Take a look at new Sci-Fi comic Celflux. The action-adventure comic - created by the husband and wife team of Dixie Ann Archer-McBain and Everad J. McBain Jr. - follows young priestess Okira who becomes the leader of a disjointed group of strangers, after they wake up in a remote lab with no memory of how how they got there or what happened to them. The group then seek out the answers to their questions, all while they try to evade the pursuit of a powerful group.…


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FEATURE: The paintings of Trinidadian artist and poet Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Check out the art of poet and visual artist Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, her work - created primarily with watercolor and ink - centres on female identity, finding inspiration in the work of artists such as Picasso and Frida Kahlo. In an interview last year, Boodoo-Fortuné described her work as "a celebration of the…


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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' weekly illustration by Nadya Nickels - The Three Faces

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the 'Eclectic Weirdos'. This week's piece is called 'The Three Faces'. Nadya tells us: "The details of the painting are really in the glasses. In the first girl on the left it features images I've seen of civil rights in the past [inspired by Angela Davis among others]. On the right are pictures of the current "don't shoot" symbols. The painting is 18x24, watercolor and liquid ink."…


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FEATURE: Using Shapes - The Paintings of Jameela Bailey

Take a look at the work of Jameela Bailey. Currently studying graphic design and animation at New York's Pratt institute, Bailey's vision, in her words, is to "capture everyday people in the most beautiful way"; and her unique style of doing so - painting with shapes - has developed over the last four years,  inspired by the stained glass portraits in churches and cathedrals. Describing her process, Bailey says: "When I paint, I do preliminary sketches first to map…


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FEATURE: ‘From Gangs To Gardens’ (gang member turned organic gardener)

Check out filmmaker JLove Calderon's new film, ‘From Gangs To Gardens’ - a documentary following gang member turned organic gardener Ietef Vita. Vita, a hip hop musician, uses hip-hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth and educate them on gardening and healthy eating. In the film, Vita - who was recently invited, along with wife Alkemia…


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FEATURE: Disrupting History, the paintings of Titus Kaphar

Explore the work of visual artist Titus Kaphar. The acclaimed artist, known mostly for his series of paintings, 'Disrupted Histories' interacts with the history of art by appropriating its styles and mediums; and creates new narratives through cutting, shredding, sewing, rumpling, erasing, and whiting out his work. As the Huffington Post states, he reveals "the materiality and instability of history and the artistic canon, showing that the past is never…


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FEATURE: "11 diverse podcasts to give you a fresh perspective on life"

In a new article, Mashable have showcased 11 of today's best diverse podcasts - one of those podcasts being that of comedian W. Kamau Bell, who along with fellow comedian Kevin Avery host the topical podcast 'Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period' (analyzing a Denzel…


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FEATURE: 7-Year-Old Natalie McGriff Wins $16K For Her Comic Book 'The Adventures of Moxie Girl'

Check out this inspiring young artist Natalie McGriff. The 7-year old illustrator has won a $16,000 to start her own comic book series, 'The Adventures of Moxie Girl' , from crowd funding festival One Spark. The comic is about a Black girl who hates her hair; however, after using some magical shampoo, her hair develops super abilities and gives her the power to fight against literacy and save Jacksonville's Public Libraries from a pack of hungry monsters. Her…


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FEATURE: Diovadiova Chrome Portraits - the faces of painter Kip Omolade

Check out the Diovadiova Chrome portraits, the oil-paintings of visual artist Kip Omolade. Omolade, who started his career as a graffiti artist while interning at Marvel Comics and The Center for African Art, says that his portraits "historically connect to ancient, realistic African sculptures such as Benin ivory masks and Ife bronze heads". He adds, in regards to creating each portrait, that each one is created in a "labor-intensive"…


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FEATURE: Unorthodox Canvases - furniture painting by visual artist Bolaji

Take a look at the work of Nigerian-American visual artist Bolaji, an artist who uses furniture as her canvas of choice. Regarding that choice, she says: "My canvases are unorthodox. I paint furniture. I paint furniture because it is unexpected—it is not a place, for many reasons, that art is thought to belong. I want to challenge the way that we think about art and where it can be located." Explore her work below.…

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FEATURE: Demar Douglas, the "Painter Of Dreams"

Check out the work of Californian visual artist, Demar Douglas. Whether it be a painting or an illustration project, Douglas draws his inspiration from life experiences and states that all of his images appear to him first in a dream, interpreted with "the stroke of his brush". Take a look at his work, and the short documentary on the artist, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: New Documentary "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution"

Check out new  feature length documentary , 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution'. Using rare archival footage with the voices of the people who were there (police, FBI informants, journalists, white supporters and detractors, and Black Panthers who remained loyal to the party and those who left it), the Stanley Nelson directed documentary showcases the Black Panther Party and "its significance to the broader Americans culture, its cultural and political…


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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' weekly drawing by Nadya Nickels - Bull

'EclecticWeirdo' weekly drawing by Nadya Nickels - 'Bull'.

You may remember illustrator Nadya Nickels from the piece she wrote for us a few months ago. In it, Nadya explained: "I grew up in Puerto Rico, where my family is from. I’m really proud of both of my heritages and cultures. I’ve always loved goth/punk…


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FEATURE: Upcoming Graphic Novel/Anime Series 'Tephlon Funk!'

Tephlon Funk! is an upcoming graphic novel and anime series. The story focuses on Inez Jozlyn from Queensbride, New York who is like any ordinary fourteen year old with dreams and aspirations. While others around her aspire to a life of crime, Inez’s ultimate goal is simple. She wants to leave the gang, and drug infested community she’s known her entire life for a life without struggle. With her goal in arm's reach, she struggles to avoid the bad influence of friends,…


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ART: A discourse on beauty and representation - the work of visual artist Brianna McCarthy

Explore the art of mixed media visual artist Brianna McCarthy. Living and working in Trinidad and Tobago, McCarthy - a self-taught artist - works through the mediums of masking, performance art, fabric collage, traditional media, and installation pieces; and, as stated on her site, she aims to create a new "discourse" examining issues of beauty, stereotypes, and representation. Check out her beautiful works of art below. …


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FEATURE: The photography of visual artist Vek Neal

Explore the photography of creative director and visual artist Vek Neal, who "expresses his art in the form of illustration, photography, video and graphic design". Check out his stunning images below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: A Glorious 'Fro! - the work of visual artist Addie Rawr

Explore the work of painter Adrienne Randle aka Addie Rawr. An artist from Norfolk, Virginia, Addie Rawr began creating at the age of 9 and says most of her inspiration comes from in fashion and Black culture. Currently finalizing plans for her own art studio, her work acts as the perfect showcase for glorious 'fros. Check out her art below.


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FEATURE: 'Mumbo Jumbo' by Ishmael Reed: An Infectious Masterpiece of Black Literature

It’s 1920 and Harlem is in havoc, thousands around the city are “suffering” from “Jes Grew”, the mysterious “disease” that’s got people out in the streets jumping, bouncing, and feverishly thrusting their bodies in a superhuman trance. No one can contain this epidemic; it’s sweeping across the nation, infecting thousands of people and forcing them into a sudden and unpredictable dance craze. They lose control of their bodies and can’t help but groove and shake rhythmically to…


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FEATURE: The "imaginary pools" of self-taught artist Yoko

Explore the paintings of self-taught artist Yoko (aka Toyia Nicole). Born in north Hollywood California and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Yoko has been creating art all her life and describes her work as a reflection of her spirit and the "imaginary pools" of her mind; stating, "I find myself getting lost in the many secret worlds that I have inside of me.. And these are the faces of that world and the colors. I create most of the colors myself. That is my favorite part!".…


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