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Sampha teams up with Kahlil Joseph for stunning short film "Process"

This morning, British singer and songwriter Sampha released "Process", a 36-minute short film serving as a companion piece to his album of the same name that dropped in February. Having contributed to the music of some of the biggest stars in the industry already–including Solange, Kanye West, Drake, and Frank Ocean–"Process" the album was expected to be critically acclaimed and did not disappoint. The film is no less stunning.…


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Documentary about Afro-Italians actors celebrates '100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema'

New York-based Afro-Italian filmmaker and activist Fred "Kudjo" Kuwornu is taking on the media's issues with race and stereotypes in a new documentary, "Blaxploitalian 100 Years of Black in Italian Cinema." Born and raised in Italy, Kudjo began exploring race and identity at an early age under an Jewish-Italian mother and Ghanaian father. He previously produced and directed the Award-winning documentary "Inside Buffalo" about Black veterans who fought in Italy during World…


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Meet the Black female scientist breaking barriers in France and protecting our sky

Fatoumata Kebe is a 29-year-old astronomer who is one of 18 scientists recognized by Space Girls Space Women, a project dedicated to highlighting the achievements of women in space-related science professions. The French organization was founded by the European Space Agency in partnership with Sipa Press.

Kebe became fascinated with space when she was just 8-years-old after…


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Photo essay recognizes the identity struggles of women of color

Late for work and in a rush, my mother (who is Eritrean) changed lanes, ‘cutting off’ a man that was driving alongside of her lane. The man, who was Caucasian, then signaled and asked her to pull over to the side. My mother pulled over as he asked, and before she could even get out of the car, the man rushed out and started yelling at her for cutting him off. This was normal road rage behaviour; it was when he started shouting racial slurs, banging on her window,…


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Black feminist punk icon Poly Styrene’s fascinating life inspires documentary

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of X-Ray Spex’s game-changing album ‘Germfree Adolescents’, the life and times of legendary punk Queen and X-Ray Spex founder, Poly Styrene is being told in a feature length documentary, ‘Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché’. Co-written and narrated by Poly’s daughter Celeste Bell, "This…


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French Black entrepreneur launches new website to celebrate Black millennials

Tell. Inspire. Celebrate. That's the motto of an emerging French media website celebrating the untold stories of a Black millenials. Launched in 2010 by Chayet Chiénin, Nothing But The Wax was the first French specialized blog for African fashion. Concerned with the negative or lack of depictions of Black millennials, Chiénin decided to turn the blog into a full journalistic publication…


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Black Italian boxer’s erased history resurfaces in new documentary

Leone Jacovacci was a Congo-born African-Italian boxer who shook up the sport after his 1928 European middleweight title win over the heavily favored (by fascist leaders) white Italian boxer, Mario Bosisio. Enraged by Jacovacci’s achievement, Mussolini ordered his win—which signified the delegitimization of racist claims of inferiority held by the Fascists—to be erased from the record books. But a new documentary, “The Duce’s Boxer”, produced by Istituto Luce…


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6-year-old entrepreneur's coloring book celebrates indigenous cultures

6 years old Vanae James-Bey has created a coloring book aimed at teaching young people about and to celebrate Indigenous cultures from around the world. After noticing the lack of representation of Indigenous people in children’s book, and With the help of her mother, Vanae sought to make something that created space for and also educated others about Indigenous cultures everywhere. Powerful young lady! Check out the coloring book, ‘The Indigenous Adventures of Princess… Continue

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Comic series follows Chicago teen possessed by the spirit of Shaka Zulu

Created and written by Alverne Ball, ‘Zulu’ follows the life of Lazarus Jones, a 16-year-old boy who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa with his father. Back home in Chicago, Lazarus finds himself navigating through the turbulent streets of Chicago with friends when he discovers that a big corporation is behind the endless gang violence and disintegration of his neighborhood.

“‘Zulu’ is a story that…


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'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins working on new 'Underground Railroad' TV series

‘Moonlight’’s Barry Jenkins has signed on to director the limited series adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s acclaimed novel, ‘The Underground Railroad’. Jenkins will also write the adaptation, which is being produced by Pastel, a company co-founded by Jenkins, and Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. The project has been in development for a little while now, but Amazon announced their involvement yesterday. It unknown when the project will drop or how many episodes it will have…


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Danielle Mone’ Truitt is about to start a #REBELution! Check out John Singleton’s new show #RebelOnBET Tuesdays at 10/9c!

When you think "great scripted TV dramas," BET is ensuring it's one of the first names that come to mind. Hoping to build upon the success of critically-acclaimed scripted series like Being Mary Jane and The Quad, their newest drama Rebel daringly takes on the complicated relationship between the Black community and the police. Directed by John Singleton, the series follows Rebel (Danielle Moné Truitt), a Black female cop who leaves the force…


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BOOK: This whimsical picture book encourages young boys of color to uplift the Black and Brown girls in their lives

After witnessing the ways that Black and Brown women in his life were made to feel uncomfortable about their own skin, AFROPUNK community member and artist Lawrence Lindell began a powerful picture series initially titled "Brown Girl". These whimsical drawings of young boys of color giving positive affirmations to Black and Brown girls would eventually become "From Black Boy With Love," a 24 page tribute to these girls encouraging other young men and boys to uplift…


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The first black Samurai’s story heads to the big screen

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ‘Highlander’ creator Gregory Widen is writing the script for a new film about Yasuke, the first black-skinned samurai in Japan. The action-drama will focus on known history and mytholgy of Yasuke’s life and how he became the only African… Continue

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Company releases collectible figurine of H.R. of Bad Brains

Japanese toy/collectibles company PressPop is releasing a pretty cool “statuette” figurine of Bad Brains frontman, H.R. The miniature is constructed from PVC and ABS while his clothes are made from real…


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Carbon-ar’s afrofuturistic designs turn styling combs into artwork

Carbon-ar is a black-owned, Oakland-based media creator that’s putting an artistic, pro-black spin on the wide-tooth styling comb. These beautiful pieces are made from sustainable hardwoods and are crafted and produced locally. Each comb is made using “furniture construction techniques” for maximum style as well as functionality. The combs are each adorned with…


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Black entrepreneur launches "Switch Fresh" replaceable deodorant, reducing plastic waste by 96 percent

Buying a plastic bottle that isn't biodegradable nor completely full to begin with, then throwing it in the trash each month probably isn't the greatest thing for the environment. That's why Chicago native Antoine Wade launched an Indiegogo campaign for Switch Fresh, a personalizable deodorant with refillable cartridges. In comparison to other products, Switch…


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Photo Series: "Pure Black" challenges limitations around Blackness

Sam Gonçalves is an Afro-Brazilian model with vitiligo who partnered with Haitian model Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre for a photo series called "Pure Black". Shot by photographer Vinicius Costa, the series is meant to push back against the ways we limit our conception of what Blackness can look like. "We just want to show the world that Black is Black, no matter what," says Gonçalves. "We all suffer. We are Black." Incredible!…


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Photo series: MAN UP - A Boy's Struggle for Male Sensitivity

A few months ago, 17-year-old Towela Kams, a Botswana based photographer, decided she wanted to do a project addressing male sensitivity as a response to hearing the phrase "man up." Having always centered misfits, outcasts and the misunderstood in her work, it made sense for Kams to eventually tackle gender norms, but she also felt the project needed a male perspective to be authentic.

A natural collaborator, she partnered with Amogelang Tshenyo, a…


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Body positivity and self-reflection are highlighted in ‘The Mirror Stage’ project

'The Mirror Stage' is the new photography project by photog Phuong-Thao Hoang, Creative Director (and model) Magnus Juliano, and model Melrose. Aimed at facilitating a conversation around social issues and body positivity, The Mirror Stage gets its name from Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory of the same name that deals with an infant’s first recognition of themselves in a literal mirror, and how that shapes our early sense of self.

""The full concept…


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This Afro-Latina artist is bluntly bringing the issues of Black women to the forefront

Afro-Dominicana artist Zahira Kelly says she spent years wrestling with erasure and devaluation as a Black woman in society, and more specifically as an Afro-Latina. Understanding that part of the problem was how few images acknowledged her existence, the 34-year-old Bronx native, who is now based in Georgia,…


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