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FEATURE: Watch the trailer for 'Begin Again' Featuring Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)

Watch Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) in the trailer for 'Begin Again', the latest film from writer-director John Carney.

The movie will be released on July 4 and also features Keira Knightley, Adam Levine, Mark Ruffalo, Cee-Lo Green, Hailee Steinfeld, Catherine Keener and James Corden.

PR: "Begin Again is a soul-stirring comedy about what happens when lost souls meet and make beautiful music together. Gretta (Keira Knightley) and her long-time boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine)…


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FEATURE: Watch Kenyan sci-fi short film Pumzi in full!

Look what we stumbled upon! Kenyan sci-fi short film 'Pumzi' brings you Afrofuturism at its best. It was written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu and was brought to our attention via For Harriet. Check out the full movie below!


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FEATURE: Meet Illustrator Barrington Braithwaite

Guyana-based illustrator Barrington Braithwaite is feature on Design Week. Writer Jon Daniel interviewed the artist.

"Many artists and entertainers have roots in Guyana, such as the distinguished playwright, poet and author John Agard; British-based actors Norman Beaton, Carmen Munroe, Ram John Holder and Cy Grant; and musicians such as Phil Lynott,, global superstar Rihanna and Eddy Grant, the platinum-selling musician and entrepreneur. It was Eddy who first mentioned the…


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FEATURE: Soul Train & 'The Hippest Trip in America' Book Celebrated on National TV

The legacy of TV show 'Soul Train' and Nelson George's new book The Hippest Trip in America, Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture & Style were spotlighted on CBS this week.

The Hippest Trip in America is out now and can be purchased here.…


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FEATURE: Carla Aaron-Lopez: Afro-Futuristic Collages and Photography

Flirtatious glimpses of a galaxy, Notorious B.I.G., Black women, and Marcus Garvey placed in colorful collages instantly grabbed my interest as I analyzed the vibrant, afro-futuristic images I admired. There’s something about fluorescent tones, brown skin, and imagination that drives me to the brink of insanity. The work of visual artist Carla Aaron-Lopez is beyond fantastic, to say the least.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: Photographer Mario Epanya: Coloring African Beauty

Photographer Mario Epanya recognizes the authentic exquisiteness that stems deep from beauty’s own mystical abyss. Dark skin, bright colors and eyes that hold the keys to truth easily consume their viewer; how can you not be in awe of heaven’s allure. His images are evident of the world's appreciation for Afro people and our concrete impact in the world of fashion. What makes his artistry even more supreme is that, the images of nudity not only magnify the nature of woman and…


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FEATURE: Nelson George's New Book 'The Hippest Trip in America' Celebrates Soul Train

Author Nelson George's latest book The Hippest Trip in America, Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture & Style will be released tomorrow and you can get it right here! Publisher Harper Collins shared the following information: "When it debuted in October 1971, seven years after the Civil Rights Act, Soul Train boldly went where no variety show had gone…


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FEATURE: Passion, Love & Revolution: Film "Half of a Yellow Sun" Debuts Internationally By This Summer!

Anticipated to premiere internationally by summer 2014 (April 11 in the UK), Half of a Yellow Sun has been creating quite a buzz. It was adapted from critically acclaimed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel. Renowned UK playwright Biyi Bandele has made his directorial debut with transferring Adichie’s literature onto the silver screen. Set in the 1960s republic of Nigeria during the Nigerian-Biafran civil war, Half of a Yellow Sun seems extremely…


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FEATURE: The Race Conversation Becomes Comical In Justin Simien’s 'Dear White People'

“Dear White People” is an independent film written and directed by Justin Simien. The movie uses comedy to address many dimensions of the African-American experience, including present-day race relations and the intersection of gender and ethnicity. The story unfolds on a fictitious Ivy League campus, becoming the playground for identity politics. The films hallowed-halls address the all-black Mission College in Spike Lee’s “School Daze.”

We attended a screening followed by…


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FEATURE: Eclectic Dopeness - Artist Micah BlackLight Tells His Story To Inspire

My name is Micah BlackLight and I am a living, breathing message. Inspire. If you do nothing else in this world, know that you have inspired someone, and or something has arisen from that inspiration. Understand that whether you will it or no, whether you accept it or not, you are impacting SOMEone, and it may not be in the manner you would wish, but positively or negatively it is going to happen. It’s happening already. One of the main differences between myself and anybody…


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FEATURE: 'Pretty. Period.' Project Uses Photos To Tackle Colorism

Scholar Dr. Yaba Blay offers her rebuttal to the statement "you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl" in her latest project, 'Pretty. Period.'. The collection of photos showcases strong imagery of dark-skinned women. “Pretty. Period. is an emphatic statement,” Blay said.

Her decision to use photos to inform consciousness, incite dialogue and inspire others to action comes from her conviction that we need to value the…


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FEATURE: Nelson ZePequeno - Celebrating Underground Artists and Natural Hair Through Paint & Photography

My name is Nelson ZePequeno. I'm a Ghanaian painter and mixed media artist currently living in the U.S., residing in a small artistic community in Cincinnati, Ohio. Over the last two years of supporting myself thru painting and photography I've learned what it means to be an "African American" artist. The good and the bad's. The "good" as in the culture, struggles and history that lay behind me, which inspires and forms the framework for my art. The "bad" as in the realization…


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FEATURE: One Million Strong: Photos from the Million Man, Million Woman, and Million Youth Marches

Filmmaker/Photographer Katina Parker has launched a funding campaign to self­publish One Million Strong: Photos from the Million Man, Million Woman and Million Youth Marches…


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INTERVIEW: Visual Artist Michi Meko - Conjuring Super Powers

I stood at the gates of Michi Meko’s studio and watched as he approached with a lit cigarette hanging from his lips. It was a beautifully sunny, but breezy, day in Atlanta, so he wore a lightweight plaid Dickies jacket. His dread locks sat piled messily atop his head. He had to run a few errands before meeting me -- including a trip to the farmer’s market. Meko lovingly posts pictures of his urban farm’s products on his social media, so it is understandable how a trip to the…


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FEATURE: New Stamp Honors Jimi Hendrix and his Legacy

The United States Postal Service just released a stamp honoring Jimi Hendrix and his legacy. The art was created by visual artist Rudy Gutierrez.

Info: "Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) was one of the most important musicians of the 20th century. Combining influences from rock, modern jazz, soul, and the blues with his own innovations, Hendrix created a unique style that influenced musical artists of his era and continues to inspire musicians into the 21st century. The stamp…


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FEATURE: Photos - Little-Known Boston Carnival Is An Explosion Of Colors

I was born and raised in Boston, a city known for its white blue collar image. People think everyone here is a Mark Wahlberg-looking, Good Will Hunting-talking, Departed-tough-guy kind of person. Some of which is true BUT the story that is always left out is the black community in Boston.

The largest black community in the entire state of Massachusetts is found in Boston’s Dorchester and Roxbury neighborhoods. Roughly 25% of Boston’s population black. Every year on Saturday…


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FEATURE: New series from The Boondocks' Creator Aaron McGruder called 'Black Jesus'

Complex reports: "Adult Swim has announced that it is putting a new live-action series titled Black Jesus into production from the creator of The BoondocksAaron McGruder. The series will star Gerald "Slink" Johnson (Grand Theft Auto V) as the titular Black Jesus,…


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FEATURE: Required Intelligence, Punk Artistry In The Midwest - Krista Franklin

Folks often think cutting edge artistry is born on the Coasts, but the Midwest is home to some of the most innovative and punk artists out there. Krista Franklin, self-described DIY artist and writer argues that she wouldn’t be the artist she is if she grew up anywhere but outside Dayton, Ohio: “It was quiet and slow. The sense of contemplation and observing things enabled me to see and understand things on a much deeper visual level.” Many artists (myself included) feel that…


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FEATURE: Black Like Basquiat - Jean-Michel Basquiat & The Black Kids in Downtown NYC

People are always coming and going to Felice’s. There are writers Luc Sante and Darryl Pinckney and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. Felice Rosser is the Woman-in-the-scarf in Jim’s short film Permanent Vacation and obviously the inspiration behind the character Bargatta in Darryl Pinckney’s novel High Cotton. There’s the photographer Nan Goldin, friends or friends of friends from Paris and London who regularly arrive at Felice’s door expecting accommodations and…


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FEATURE: Say Something Worth Something

Misha Tyutyunik works mostly in acrylics and mixed media. Born in the Soviet Union, Misha came to the United States with his family in the summer of 1991. 



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