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Shani Crowe's braiding live performance in New Orleans was lit

Chicago-based braiding artist Shani Crowe participated in a live braiding performance and intimate conversation at Saint Heron’s ‘Roll Back, Say That’ event in New Orleans this past weekend. Crowe, who is known for her epic ‘Braids’ photo series and creating the gorgeous headpiece Solange wore during her recent appearance on SNL, uses braiding to honor black heritage and celebrate the beauty of black femininity. Check out some gorgeous photos from the event down…


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French muralist Seth uses the world around him to bring magic to his pieces

When the art is larger than life, the persona behind them must be too, right? For Parisian artist Julien Mallan, he assumes the pseudonym “Seth” to create these majestic murals, incorporating the surrounding flora and natural world. Born in Paris in 1972, Seth draws inspiration from hip hop and radical art, making political statements within the beauty of his work. Take a peek at these masterpieces and see more… Continue

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“Nice & Rough” film project is highlighting and celebrating Black Women in Rock

Black women rock. In the most figurative interpretation of this phrase, I’m sure you’re thinking duh, Black women are the diamonds in the rough, the crown jewels, the jeweler and the crown. But in the most literal sense, Black women literally are showstoppers and rock with the best, and new indie film “Nice & Rough” is paying homage to the women of the 50s and 60s that helped birth rock n’ roll for generations to come. Director Sheila Dianne Jackson has proclaimed 2017… Continue

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Taraji P. Henson in SAG speech: "They are hidden figures no more!"

”Hidden Figures,” the film about Black women working at NASA preparing for John Glenn’s launch into orbit. At the SAG-AFTRA awards this weekend, they won the most coveted award of “Best Ensemble,” with Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Butler, and Janelle Monae at the helm. As she accepted the award, Taraji expressed her gratitude and the brilliance of the women they portrayed exclaiming, “They are hidden figures no more!” This story, although not told perfectly, is still a story… Continue

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New webcomic ‘Provider” Jambalaya Mixtape draws inspiration from NERD’s In Search Of album

Webcomics seem to be all the rage these days but Jambalaya Mixtape’s Provider is a stone cold stunner and a standout among the hordes. Corey Davis, visual artist and co-owner of Atlanta’s City of Ink, has received unprecedented acclaim for his artistry both on and off the page and his comic debut, ‘Provider’, continues to grasp the illustriousness of his artwork as we follow protagonist Lucky Laserhorn through a post-apocalyptic clash best served with a side of revenge. With… Continue

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Black resistance goes global in Brazilian photo series “Dudu Olorun”

”Dudu Olorun” means Black resistance and resistance is mission and vision for this Brazilian photo project. Creator Elias Neto says, “The project is also about to resist, fight and win, the black community is ridiculed by its color, clothes, hair and culture, and this is ridiculous, the project shows that in addition to the clothes, and colors (the media insists on appropriating black culture) the black movement goes beyond [...]” So more than simply a photo project filled… Continue

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Kenyan artist and sculptor Wangechi Mutu’s new exhibit makes the mythical majestic

Wangechi Mutu is a genius and it’s never been more apparent than in her new exhibit at Gladstone Gallery “Ndoro Na Miti.” The Kenyan-born, Brooklyn-based artist and sculptor is most well known for her collages of hybrid forms from folklore, pop culture and art history, she’s pushing boundaries in her work to offer inquiry into the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Transforming the gallery space into an experiential space, using dirt and brush to create… Continue

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Netflix buys Jessica Williams’ Sundance comedy 'The Incredible Jessica James'

Netflix has just acquired the rights to Jessica Williams’ Sundance film, 'The Incredible Jessica James'. Chosen as the festival’s closer, 'Jessica James', is a modern comedy that centers around Williams, a New York playwright struggling to get over a failed relationship and recently divorced Chris O’Dowd as “they discover how to make it through the tough times in a social media obsessed post-relationship universe.“ ‘Jessica James’ co-stars Lakeith Stanfield and Noël Wells and… Continue

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Visit the Black Cowboy exhibit at Harlem’s Studio Museum

When you hear the word “cowboy,” it’s likely that your mind goes to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or perhaps another Black and white film whose presence would be fit for AMC. But the “Black Cowboy” exhibition at Harlem’s Studio Museum is flipping that notion on its head. The historical omission of African American communities from our relationship to keeping, training, and tending horses is a travesty, and those traditions are being kept in modern times. While it…


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Marvel's new queer Latina hero has arrived

Marvel’s new Latina heroine, Miss America Chavez, is finally getting a solo series called ‘America’. One of Marvel’s more recent intersectional characters, America is a young, LGBTQ college student who was raised in the woman-only Utopian Parallel universe by two mothers. (A universe Marvel created in 2011 after a demand for greater diversity.) Though the character’s first appearance was in ‘Vengeance #1’, the time-traveling badass didn’t become a fan favorite until the…


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Stream the premiere of “Giants,” the millennial webseries by James Bland, Issa Rae & Jussie Smollett

“Giants” is a series about three Black millennials approaching the age of 30 and the realizations that despite their age, they haven’t quite mastered “adulting.” In a press release, director James Bland said, “Giants explores social issues that are either ignored or stigmatized by the black community and regardless of race, these characters’ experiences are relatable to almost anyone because they learn the hard way that when life kicks your ass, you either lie down or… Continue

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Barry Jenkins: Black actors don’t have to play slaves to win an Oscar

If you ever needed proof that Black actors and actresses can portray the full gambit of theatrical roles, look no further than the Oscar nominees for 2017. With stories about the brilliance of Black female NASA mathematicians in Hidden Figures, or the riveting tension between lost dreams and duty to family in Fences, Black thespians are providing the most glorious performances of their careers in roles that neither make them subservient or inferior. Moonlight, arguably… Continue

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The spirit of Shaka Zulu possess Chicago teen Lazarus in new webcomic ‘Zulu’

We’re publishing a new web comic called ‘Zulu’. Created and written by Alverne Ball, ‘Zulu’ follows the life of Lazarus Jones, a 16-year-old boy who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa with his father. Back home in Chicago, Lazarus finds himself navigating through the turbulent streets of Chicago with friends when he discovers that a big corporation is behind the endless gang violence and disintegration of his neighborhood.…


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New film “Storyboard P, a stranger in Sweden” is the story of a dancer conquering the impossible and transforming movement into art

The human body is capable of many things, but dance has to be one of the most awestriking accomplishments of movement. For Brooklyn-born flex artist Storyboard P, his movements come in various intensities, shapes, and speeds, all resulting in a beautiful expression of his story and a remarkable work of art. Filmmaker Matthew D’Arcy chose him to document in a hourlong film about his journey to Sweden to teach and perform alongside fellow dancers. On February 5th, the Lincoln… Continue

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New Black Fashion Designers Exhibition at Fashion Institute of Technology is everything & more

Fashion designers in the African diaspora are underappreciated and overwhelmingly invisible in conversations about modern fashion. The influence of Black culture in fashion has always been present and has been a hot topic in the past few years for white designers blatant use of Black/urban culture for inspiration, without citing their sources. But the Fashion Institute of Technology is making sure that Black fashion designers are celebrated, appreciated and revered for…


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Are the Oscars finally ready to be more inclusive or is this just a fad?

Yesterday, the Acadamy Awards displayed progress on racial inclusion when it announced a record-breaking number (6) of Black actors who have received nominations for their achievements in a given year. And a record-tying 7 noms for actors of color, including Dev Patel, who is nominated for “Lion”. Denzel Washington received his 7th nomination and Viola Davis, her 3rd, for their roles in "Fences," (my boyfriend) Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris for "Moonlight," Ruth Negga…


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New comic “Red Origins” is full of magic, action and a deeper message about the balance between the ancient and modern world

Blerds unite! Indie web comic series “Red Origins” is here! After a successful Kickstarter, creator Kolanut Productions has released the series and it’s now available to read on a weekly basis on the Line Webtoon site and mobile app. Filled with action, authentic African juju magic, unconventional martial arts, covert secret societies and more, follow the story of Obi, Temi, and John as they battle to stop a brewing war between Ancestral Africa and Neo Technological Africa.…


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21 year old artist Ukelaylie depicts women of color as beautiful otherworldly beings in her art

Andre 3000 once said that he wanted a “real down to mars girl” and although we’re earthlings, there’s nothing wrong with recognizing the stars within us a. Ukelaylie, a 21 year old artist and illustrator is putting all of her energy towards depicting women of color and dope chicks in supernatural habitats. From macabre mamis to 3rd eye wide women, she’s got it all. Get into these pieces and support this uber-talented youngin with a like and a follow on… Continue

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Brazilian brand AkoriArá brings comfort to luxury in new photo editorial

Inspiration from the continent of Africa is seen throughout Black expression in the diaspora. Egypt is one of the most popular and poignant points of reference for Black thinkers, artists, and designers and Brazilian brand AkoriArá uses it as a starting place when crafting their first collection "Who Is The King?" In regards to their philosophy for making art through clothing, the creators say, “AkoriArá believes that our way of dressing is a internal dialogue with the…


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Breast cancer patient Ericka Hart delivers breathtaking speech topless at Philadelphia Women’s March

Most people have heard the age old advice of pretending their audience is naked to get through public speaking. Breast cancer patient Ericka Hart flipped that notion on its head, donning her double mastectomy scars in the open during her speech at the Philadelphia Women’s March on inauguration day. Hart, who is no stranger to showing the effects of the disease on her body, was extremely poignant and succinct in her her speech, critiquing not only the presidency and the new… Continue

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