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FEATURE: New artist residency program, The Center for Afrofuturist Studies, aims to increase Iowa City diversity

Image caption: “Black Object / White Smoke I-III” (2015), Alexandria Eregbu. All images courtesy of artists.

By Anaïs Duplan*, AFROPUNK contributor

With the rise of the movement for Black lives to the national spotlight, the Center for Afrofuturist Studies makes a simple proposition: the Afrofuture is now.…


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FEATURE: Photographer Ray Geofrey brings fashion editorial to the Makgadikgadi Salty Pans of Botswana

Take a look at this neat fashion editorial, ‘Men In The Salty Pans.’ ‘Pans’ was shot on-location at the Makgadikgadi Salty Pans, of north-eastern Botswana, by fashion photographer, Ray Geofrey. Ray is a fashion photographer, blogger, and style editor from Francistown, Botswana. The Pan is one of the largest salt flats in the world and, obviously, a killer location for photography. The…


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AFROPUNK exclusively publishes a new multartist web comic, 'When We Were Kings'. The series, created by Alverne Ball, is a post-apocalyptic story that examines the human nature of survival and its toll on the physical and mental stability of a former astronaut; exploring the perception of human connection, the loss of social laws, and the diminishing of natural resources as it correlates to modern-day life. The series will feature some of the comic industry’s “rising star”…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration - B.Hawk

Here is this week's Mokshini illustration! Meet artist B.Hawk...such a great energy! @jusbhawk

By Nadeesha Godamunne*, AFROPUNK Contributor

*Nadeesha Godamunne is a fashion illustrator from New Zealand now residing in Brooklyn, New York - and the creator of fashion illustration blog Mokshini / Instagram:…


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PHOTO ESSAY: Sounds from Echo Park: DTLA’s Underground Hip-Hop Scene

I moved to Southern California in hopes of not only benefitting from but contributing to its rich art scene, predominantly through photography. Northridge doesn’t offer many interesting events or subjects to shoot, so I’m sure to bring my equipment whenever I visit places like Hollywood or Santa Monica Pier. This particular venue was located in Echo Park near Downtown Los Angeles. I’d never been there before but fell in love with the place within seconds of exiting the…


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FEATURE: The life and legacy of Black Feminist Sci-Fi Pioneer Octavia E. Butler to be honored with week-long exhibition, ‘Octavia’s Attic: ARTifacts From Our Possible Futures’

Next month, legendary sci-fi writer Octavia Butler is getting a pretty epic week-long celebration to commemorate her rich legacy. The exhibition, ‘Octavia’s Attic: ARTifacts From Our Possible Futures’, will run from Feb. 24 - Mar. 2, at San Francisco’s Live Worms Gallery and will feature a display of sculptures, paintings, interactive installations, textiles, videos, and more, created by artists from all levels of experience—including “young wunderkinds” and artists who…


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FEATURE: Self-taught Jamaican photographer D. L. Samuels brings cinematographer's perspective to portraiture

Meet D.L. Samuels, a self-taught cinematographer and natural light photographer from Kingston, Jamaica. After coming into the possession of a Nikon D3200, in the summer of 2013, Samuels became immersed in the world of portrait photography. Since then, Samuels has been learning how to bridge the gaps between his first love, cinematography, and his newest love, portraiture, by blending each of the required skill-sets in order to master his unique artistic…


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FEATURE: XARITUFOTO pushes efforts to preserve the intangible photographic history and heritage of Africa

XARITUFOTO is a conservation initiative, born as a necessary measure to preserve the photographic heritage of Africa. The Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural—a global culture preservation program—was adopted by UNESCO in 1972, however, this enterprise was only concerned with the preservation of tangible culture, such as monuments and buildings. Instead, XARITUFOTO, founded in 2010,…


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FEATURE: Ezio Rosa, author of the black, gay, brazilian blog Bicha Nagô, is photographed by Kelvin Yule

The Brazilian blog Bicha Nagô began in 2014 with the need to find black, gay representation, as a way to map invisibilized people and share experiences in order to strengthen the Brazilian black, gay community. Being a black, gay person in Brazil means you will be suffering a lot of more pressure, not only by a white society which puts you down all the time, but also inside the black community itself. That’s why many boys, including some already in depression, saw the blog…


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FEATURE: Chicago photographer Lawrence Jackson captures the beauty and versatility of black hair in his series, ‘The Zero-Gravity Project’

Sculpted high-tops, gold-tipped locs, braided mohawks—the versatility of black hair is nothing short of amazing—as demonstrated by Chicago-based creative, Lawrence Jackson, in his series 'The Zero-Gravity Project'. "This visual project was curated with the purpose of offering a more creative approach to understanding “Black Beauty” and its paramount importance in Black modern culture. Being cognizant of the calculated attempts by the “unpopular” majority to denigrate “black…


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FEATURE: Illustrator LeeReex sketches afro-futuristic hand-drawn and digital character renderings

Take a look at some illustrations from LeeReex, who puts an afro-futuristic twist on hand-drawn and digital character renderings. Many of their illustrations are also inspired by manga and the imagery of video games like 'Assassin's Creed'. Click through their DeviantArt for more, if you like what you see.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Arts and culture producer Mauro Braga teams up with photographer Lucas Assis for Ajá-IO fashion pop-up editorial

Brazilian arts and culture producer, Mauro Braga, has launched his Ajá-IO pop-up collective event featuring visual arts and fashion collaborations with local Bahian creatives. The editorial series was shot on-location, at Busca Vida beach, by photographer Lucas Assis and was created specially for the pop-up shop. The editorial adorns the walls of the event's temporary space; which is located on the premises of iO by Robério Sampaio in Barra, Brazil. Ajá-IO is…


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FEATURE: 17-year old high school student Nikeah Howard's 'Eboneauty' series

Nikeah Howard, a 17-year-old high school student and photographer, got the idea for her editorial ‘Eboneauty’ from her interactions while shooting black models. "Every single person I photographed told me they either didn't think they were 'beautiful', didn't think they were 'that attractive', or thought 'I'm actually really ugly'," Howard tells AFROPUNK. ‘Eboneauty’ is the glorification of the intrinsic beauty of black folx, whatever skin they are in.…


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There’s been a lot of hate directed at The Academy ever since the Oscar nominations were announced last week, as the internet’s band of social media warriors spent the weekend accusing an organization of over 6,200 members of being downright racist in the face of an all-white slate of acting nominees. But, that’s another argument for another article (trust me, I’m writing it), so the conversation must shift so we can make a difference in a very real, tangible way that…


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FEATURE: Familiarity - Street Art in Occupied Palestine

You are a ward of a state that does not love you and will not let you forget it. A place that constantly reminds you of your inhumanity in its eyes, with allies more comfortable with you as a victim than a man.

Your life is a series of indignities, small and large. Palms to the wall, eyes level, legs spread—a demeanor that implies no sudden moves. The boot nudging apart your heels a reminder of your place. A reminder of the terrible things that are…


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FEATURE: graphic artist and illustrator JayToon draws black manga and race-bent comic book characters

JayToon is a graphic artist and illustrator who specializes in manga and comics drawings—areas of illustration and graphic arts that have limited or non-existent representations of black people. Jay creates many of his own characters and often race-bends mainstream comic book figures, like Dr. Strange, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. Check out his sweet illustrations down below and on Instagram and…


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FEATURE: South Florida photographer Ken Irish editorializes everyday black athleticism

Take a glimpse at some of the work of South Florida photographer Ken Irish. One of the themes that permeates his work is black athleticism and it's relation to depression and well-being. "Depression sucks. A good way to help overcome it is by working out. Exercising helps clear your mind, releases tension and helps you focus more on the moment and you don't have to do it for the "results" keep going and the…


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FEATURE: British-based Ghanaian fashion design illustrator Peniel Enchill

Peniel Enchill is a Britain-based Ghanaian fashion design illustrator and creative director/owner of the Peniel Enchill brand. In addition to being an accomplished freelance illustrator, Enchill holds a Business Management and Economics BA from De Montfort University and an International Fashion Illustration MSc from The University of Manchester. Boss.

Many of her illustrations…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Larissa Isis collaborates with PIET 73 and the Versus Boys in 'YOUTH' editoral

Take a look at Brazilian photographer Larissa Isis’ fashion editorial ‘YOUTH’—a collaboration with clothing brand PIET 73. ‘YOUTH’ also features the so-called Versus Boys, a teenage lifestyle collective of…


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