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Lupita Nyong'o directed 'In My Genes', an uplifting documentary about albinism

Did you know that a few years ago Lupita Nyong'o directed 'In My Genes', an uplifting documentary about albinism as a thesis project?

Info: "What is it like to be 'white' in a 'black' society? IN MY GENES shares the lives of 8 people with albinism in Kenya. It reveals the uplifting life story of Agnes, a woman with albinism of few means who heads a household of 7 children, her 17-year-old daughter expecting another. During the course of the documentary, Agnes discovers she…


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“Finding the Funk” Premieres February 4th at 10PM on VH1

“Finding the Funk,” premieres on Tuesday, February 4th at 10PM ET/PT on VH1

"Find The Funk" is…


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Tim Okamura - The Hair Renaissance

There’s something very special about huge, colorful, long, and kinky hair that has the power to turn heads, especially when modeled by someone who owns its power, and even more so when its natural! There’s been a sort of hair renaissance celebrated around the world by Afro men and…

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Visual Artist Jaszmine Asha Hawkins And The Art Culture of Steampunk

There’s a new trend in town! Okay well not quite a trend, and not as new as many may think because Steampunk has gained popularity since the late eighties. I've become hip to Steampunk culture since a lot of talk about Steampunk has been around me within the last two weeks. member & artist Jaszime Asha Hawkins has created some beautiful and bright colored Steampunk-inspired images. Not only…


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The Boondocks Back On Adult Swim in April

We already told you that hilarious TV Show The Boondocks were coming back this year. Now we have a date and time for ya: April 21st 2014, 10:30pm. See the video announcement from Adult Swim below. Isn't that exciting? Did you miss Huey, Riley, Grandad & co.?…


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Brooklyn-Based Artist Makeela B. Amani: Uncle Sam's Deadly Touch

Powerful artwork forces people from all walks of life to gravitate to it. So, what makes artwork eligible to be considered powerful you ask? It’s when the art pushes boundaries, and becomes limitless- surpassing all standards and political, social, conventional beliefs. Ultimately being and honest reflection of the artist. Whenever the topic of race is involved, the conversation immediately becomes intense- igniting wondrous conversation fueled by passionate opinions.…


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Feature: King Texas

King Texas is a photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  He grew up in the astringent realities of East New York while regularly traveling with his father who worked for the United Nations. Texas' current project, BLA CK NESS, highlights the spectrum within masculinity, gender, sexuality, and diasporic heritage through the…


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Interview: Pushing the Envelope. And Much Needed Beach Fun - A Look Into Pastiche Lumumba’s World

Just coming off a freshly induced high from his first exhibition--Atlanta based curator and creator of art, Pastiche Lumumba, soaked up some sun down there in Miami at the premier art gathering. The shows display the crème de la crème of contemporary artists where Lumumba held his own.

Interview by Andrea Dwyer, AFROPUNK Contributor *…


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Arab-American Comedian Maysoon Zayid: “I’m like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali”

“I got 99 problems and palsy is just one. If there was an oppression Olympics, I would win the gold medal. I’m Palestinian, Muslim, female, disabled, and I live in New Jersey.” -Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid shares a colorful story of human limitation, and how her resilience overcame the disadvantages of having cerebral palsy. For this…


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Interview: Photographer Fabiola Jean-Louis - Magic & The Machine

It’s believed that there lies a fine line between genius and insanity. But what is the case when reality and fantasy stumble upon one another, uniting the ultimate contrasts? Perhaps, creativity? In all my adventures and stumbles upon wonderful artists, I’ve never came across any like photographer, Fabiola jean-Louis. Somehow she’s found a connection between the Victorian era and whimsical urban legends like unicorns and Black fairies. Oddly enough, the two unique cultures mesh…


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Photographer Kwesi Abbensetts: Celebrating Everyday Beauty

Beyond the lens of his camera, Brooklyn based photographer Kwesi Abbensetts has a keen eye in recognizing the natural beauty in others, while using simplicity as a muse in his wondrous collections of photography. Kwesi is of Guyanese decent. His rich Caribbean culture is well-known for the daily sights of bright colors and beautiful people. No wonder his artwork mirrors the same beauty. Divine moments captured for all to inhale and appreciate.…


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Feature: Mickalene Thomas

Mickalene Thomas creates visual art that radiates rhythm. Engaged with both an art historical context as well as concepts of femininity, beauty and power, her photography, collages and paintings depict landscapes, still life and female models through varied textures, lively colors and…


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Feature: John H. White

This #ThrowbackThursday we honor the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, John H. White. He has…

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Art: Illustrations by Xavier Payne


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Poet Jasmine Mans strikes gold with Multimedia Project 'Black Boy Gold'

Jasmine Mans set the interwebs alight a few years back when a recording of her poem “The Mis-Education of Barbie” went viral. The poem challenged the perceptions of the overtly sexualized Young Money rapper and other females in hip hop who follow a similar formula. And yes, I use the word formula because it was a conscious decision Nicki Minaj made in order to achieve the levels of success she currently…


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Lupita Nyong’o: A New and Refreshing Change for Black Leading Actresses

First widely recognized in Steve McQueen’s film, “12 Years A Slave,“ Lupita Nyong’o mesmerized viewers with her dark smooth complexion, enchanting eyes, full lips, short hair, and overall natural beauty. Her beauty is the type to captivate onlookers even if she was freshly woken up, with no makeup, and, obviously, without the need for lengthy hair. Her look seems to represent the truest and purest form of black beauty. Nyong’o is more immediately of African descent by way of…


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Readers of the New School: Vivid Poetry by Sonia Sanchez

This week I wanted to highlight the work of one of my favorite poets, Sonia Sanchez. I admire her work and her authenticity; he storytelling is impeccable, and it’s always refreshing to hear her take on life. She’s a remarkable poet and her catalogue is definitely worth checking out, Shake Loose My Skin: New and Selected Poems, is a great introduction to her work. This collection of Sanchez’s poems is vivid and poignant. Her poems can certainly be rough around the…


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A Conversation with artist/muralist Aniekan Udofia: When Two Worlds Collide

I was granted the opportunity to chat with artist Aniekan Udofia and converse about the current influence that social media has on art and artistry in general. As a muralist placing himself in the midst of the community and dedicating days to complete murals in Washington D.C., it is very understandable that Aniekan feels uneasy about the effects the Internet has on artistic expression today. Everything, and everyone…


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Meet Saturday Night Live's New Cast Member: Sasheer Zamata

At last! Saturday Night Live hired a Black female cast member, the first one in 6 years. The show had been criticized for its lack of diversity. After holding auditions in December, its producers announced yesterday that comedian Sasheer Zamata is their newest cast member.

Check out some of her videos below!…


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“The Colored Museum” by George C. Wolfe

This #ThrowbackThursday we pay homage to the 1986 play, “The Colored Museum” by the Black dramatist George C. Wolfe.

The Colored Museum has electrified, discomforted, and delighted audiences of all colors, redefining our ideas of what it means to be black in contemporary America. Its"exhibits" undermine black stereotypes old and new, and…


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