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London's Tate Modern immortalizes the black revolution in tributary exhibit "Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power"

Revolutions are sparked and continued by a collective agreement. This agreement to persistently voice and activate one's cause comes in many forms of-arguably one of the most important forms being through art.

Art defines generations, and- in the activism attached- comes to represent the collective consciousness of a movement. London's Tate Modern is doing it's part at…


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Nigerian-American filmmaker explores healing and self-discovery in upcoming feature film

‘The Beautiful Ones Are All Mad’ is the breathtaking visual project by Nigerian-American filmmaker Uche Aguh that follows the journey of a manic depressive, Kunle, and the psychiatric Intern, Lola, who works at the rehabilitation center Kunle has landed in. Through whimsical, romantic, and hopeful…


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Nelsan Ellis' family wants his addiction to be a cautionary tale to help others

In the wake of a death, it is often difficult to find a silver lining, seemingly impossible when that death is untimely.

But the case of Nelsan Ellis and his family, his untimely death may be an instrument of education and prevention to those he's left behind. Following his death on July 8th, reports confirmed it due to "complications with heart failure", yet over the past couple of days his father has come forward…


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Vibrant photo series celebrates the diversity of Black men

Zak Salad is an East African-born British filmmaker whose work tackles the lack of visibility among Black men globally. His latest project, StrongBlackMen is a culmination of this work, a series of vibrant portraits of Black men in various settings and styles, done in collaboration with photographer by Sammi Swar. Using color as a motif, Swar emphasizes the diversity of characters (all embodied by Salad) through beautiful framing. Check…


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Black-queer couple launches lifestyle brand celebrating Blackness, queerness and the resistance

"Jesus said to love your enemies, NOT to keep their asses around" –– This is one of the messages of Blairisms, a lifestyle brand founded by DC-based, Black, queer couple, Blair and Brandon Dottin-Haley. Blairisms celebrates Blackness, queerness, and resistance in the age of Trump ("Not my fucking president!" is another Blairism), using inspirational and sometimes cheeky messages on apparel and other…


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Post-apocalyptic African fantasy series is in the works at HBO!

Brb. Screaming. Dying. With the help of "Game Of Thrones'" George RR Martin serving as executive producer, HBO is working on a series adaptation of Nnedi Okorafor’s post-apocalyptic Africa novel "Who Fears Death"!

Okorafor’s novel follows the African Nuru tribe, which has enslaved the Okeke people, and is now looking to eradicate the Okeke for once and for all. But when an Okeke woman is raped by a Nuru man, she gives birth to a daughter named Onyesonwu—a…


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'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins' next film is a James Baldwin adaptation!

Academy Award-winning ‘Moonlight’ writer/director Barry Jenkins is set to direct an adaptation of James Baldwin’s “If Beale Street Could Talk” as part of Jenkins’ production company Pastel’s deal with Annapurna Pictures and Brad Pitt’s Plan B. Baldwin’s 1974 novel is set in (then) modern-day Harlem and follows a young engaged couple, Fonny and Tish. Tish, who is pregnant with the couple’s child, is forced to prove Fonny’s innocence when he is falsely accused of rape.…


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Painter Jurell Cayetano wows with post-impressionist portraits

Working with gouache and colored pencil, fine artist Jurell Cayetano creates post-impressionist style portraits that so delightfully employ elements of synthetism and cloisonnism techniques reminiscent of the work of Paul Cézanne, Charles Laval, Pierre Bonnard. There’s something so pleasurable about seeing black people portrayed in the most everyday settings that emphasize and represent our humanity without needing pain or suffering to do so that’s incredibly uplifting and…


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R.I.P.: Nelsan Ellis' role as Lafayette in 'True Blood' was one of the most memorable in recent TV memory

Over the weekend, 'True Blood' fans mourned the death of breakout star Nelsan Ellis, 39, who always stole the scene as gay short order cook, Lafayette Reynolds, on the HBO vampire series. On screen, Ellis defied gender norms and expectations portraying the unapologetic character we all fell in love with. “I have more makeup on than any of the females in the (True Blood) cast,” Ellis …


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UK-based "I'm Tired Project" uses the human canvas to combat the system in compelling photo series

In this media-driven era of contradictory support and conditioned-based allyship, it becomes more and more difficult to find comfort specific to the individual.

With the groundbreaking "I'm Tired Project" though, the media is used to successfully redirect the conversation. The London-based collective- first started by Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans back in 2015- is an…


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Publishing company aims to spark a Manga movement in Africa

Chonchon Media publishes stories and other media based on African culture. Created by Yambo Okoth, the company consists of storytellers and illustrators who recognize the magical ability of African folklore to connect us with our past as much as the future. Chonchon lists it's goals as to: 1. Spark a Manga Movement out of Africa, 2. Give Africans heroes they can relate to, 3. Start a conversation about Africa and unity, and 4. Change the Portrayal of Africans in Media to…


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Ava Duvernay to direct a series about the Central Park Five for Netflix

13th and Selma director Ava DuVernay will write and direct a five-episode series about the Central Park Five for Netflix. The drama is slated to drop in 2019, and will be DuVernay's second television project after OWN's Queen Sugar.

The Central Park Five was a group of five teenagers (Black and Latino) who were accused of assaulting and raping Trisha Meili, who was attacked while jogging through New York's historic park in 1989. Each…


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Mahershala Ali in talks to star in ‘True Detective’ season 3

Wow, just when reluctant 'True Detective' fans had given up hope on a GOOD follow-up to the season one, Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali is in talks to star in the crime drama’s third season, according to Tracking Board.

But before you get too excited, acting wasn’t what killed 'True Detective' season 2 in the first place, save for…


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10-year-old activist brings clean water, flushing toilets to rural Ghanaian village

10-year-old Khloe Thompson is the creative, compassionate mind behind Khloe Kares: an industrious charity aimed at helping impoverished communities and the homeless. One of Khloe’s recent projects includes raising $12,000 to bring a borehole water pump and bathroom facilities to the rural village of Abidjan Nkwanta in Ghana. Before Khloe’s pump was installed, locals either had to pay the expensive price to build their own borehole or buy water from the government. While the…


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'Check It' documentary about an LGBTQ street gang formed for protection available for download!

Comedian Louis C.K. is promoting a new documentary called Check It, which follows a group of LGBTQ youth in Washington, D.C. who banded together to protect each other from hate-based violence and harassment. In hosting the film on his website, C.K. states in the latest trailer that he hopes that the groundbreaking film can garner a wider reach:…


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Netflix renews hit comedy 'Dear White People' for Season 2

Get ready for another semester at Winchester University! On Friday, Netflix––which has been more cancellation-prone this year than it has been in the past––announced that the critically-acclaimed series “Dear White People” has been renewed for Season 2. Based on Justin Simien’s 2014 film of the same name, the show follows a group of students of color at a predominantly white Ivy League where racial tensions are simmering.

The film originally began as a concept…


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Style Lounge event fosters relationships across the African fashion industry while premiering stunning new designs

Debonair Afrik is a leading consulting and fashion house working to help African fashion related businesses reach their full potential. One of their initiatives, Style Lounge, is an annual workshop for the social, educational and cultural integration of designers, photographers, models and others in the fashion industry. Style House seeks to "disseminate knowledge, both practical and theory, to everyone and to foster…


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‘Mfon’ book series features 100 Black women photographers of the African Diaspora

Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora is the inaugural and exclusive book launch of a bi-annual journalism project that is committed to creating a collective voice and platform for women photographers of African descent. The on-going project will also “ill a void while creating a space for intellectual discourse around issues represented by” these artists. This spectacular first issue of Mfon features 100 photographers across the Diaspora and an introduction by…


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Kenyan artist's "Identity Politics" photo essay takes on the pressure to hide one's heritage in the workplace

Kamau Wainaina is a 20-year-old Kenyan artist studying in New York. His latest project, titled "Identity Politics", is a photo essay inspired by conversations with his mother about her experiences in the workplace. In one instance, Wainaina says, his mother was called a racist remark by a co-worker, and when she responded was told by superiors to "calm down" because she was "an employee first, an African second."

"Identity Politics" is a commentary on how…


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Comic: ‘Cloudia & Rex’ #1: A Black girl with the power of a hundred Gods? Take all my money

I remember seeing the cover for Cloudia & Rex #1 on Twitter some time ago and dropping whatever I was doing. Look, I wouldn’t lie to you, the cover had me hyped. I like seeing Black girls in comics, I like seeing Black girls on comic book covers. Speaking of the cover–I had no clue what was going on but it looked hella intricate and I was hell interested.

Cloudia and Rex are two sisters who are traveling with their mom, maybe a road trip, but it looks to me…


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