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Erykah Badu Announces Tour & Pleads Not Guilty To Video Charge!

Funky songstress - and part-time rabble-rouser! :-) - Erykah Badu announced her "Out My Mind, Just In Time Tour 2010 AD" in promotion of her latest album 'New Amerykah Part Two: Return Of The Ankh'! After pleading not guilty to the disorderly conduct charge filed over her controversial "Window Seat" video, the singer is getting ready to take the road with her band and supporting acts including Janelle… Continue

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Bloc Party's Kele Releases Solo Single Online

Bloc party frontman Kele Okereke has debuted his solo single "Tenderoni" online. About the techno sound of the track, Kele says: “The key for the sound of the record was to take things as harsh and as physical as I could make it. The reason for going there was that these are the sounds that make me happiest in the world”. His album 'The Boxer' is due out June 21st (June 22 in the US). Check out the track… Continue

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Grace Jones Puts London On Fire! - Show Review 4.26.2010

"Grace Jones played London’s Albert Hall last night, bringing to the stage an otherworldly extravaganza of costumes, and reminding us exactly who wears the conceptual-light-spectacular-flame-shooting pants on this Earth. She warmed up with a cyber ode to Metropolis with her first outfit, before easing into a piece that could have doubled as a gigantic floating water lily. Our favorite ensemble of the night was probably this ballooning clown onesie, although the billowing… Continue

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Video: Justice - "Stress" by Romain Gavras

French director Romain Gavras (who's been in the spotlight lately for directing M.I.A.'s controversial "Born Free" video) worked with electronic duo Justice on the video for their track "Stress". The mini movie, which has been described as "gritty", "violent" and "disturbing" has caused quite a stir in France. Check it out for yourself below.

- Lou…

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Bad Brains Cancel Tour Due To Health Issues

Punk legends Bad Brains have issued a statement explaining that they're canceling their Australian tour due to "personal health issues". We send our best wishes to whoever isn't feeling well. Full refunds will be available from tickets providers. Here is their full statement:

“To all fans,

Regretfully Bad Brains are forced to cancel the June Australian dates due to personal health issues that don’t allow the stresses of the travel involved at this… Continue

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Spat out with your tatt out

Every year during the AFROPUNK summer festival, loads of really hot looking people dressed in enough body ink to fill Obama's calendar come through to enjoy our festivities. And we've seen it all, really, from the full sleeves of fuzzy art that turn out to be master pieces up close, to the random butt cheek tattoos that make cameos on drunken summer nights (yes, we've seen those,…


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Skunk Anansie Goes On Tour!

For those who haven't heard, bad-ass UK band Skunk Anansie reformed and is going on tour in promotion of their greatest hit record 'Smashes & Trashes' (which includes 3 brand new tracks)! "Following an eight-year hiatus, Skunk Anansie are re-born, revitalised and as confrontational as ever". Check out the tour dates below.

Lou C-D

13.05.2010 LongIRock Festival…

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M.I.A. Draws Ire For Violent Video

Not one to steer clear of controversy, M.I.A. just released a very graphic video for single 'Born Free'. Helmed by French director Romain Gavras, the nine-minute mini movie is about the fight for freedom and takes us to a world where redheads are targeted by the government. Some even argue that having caucasians as the targets brings home the message to even more people. So, is the violence getting her point across or distracting from it? Check out the video below and tell us… Continue

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The Painted Hides of Punk: Dope Leather Jackets!

"Crusty punks are, generally, irritating and useless pieces of shit. That’s not to say that we don’t have crusty friends or crusty tendencies. We do. And we like a lot of crusty music. But those are the exceptions. Most people of the crusty persuasion are wastes of flesh.

But we sure do love what they wear!..." Check out the dope jackets below!

Source: Vice

Photos by Daniel Pelissier, assisted by Sean Orena and Marilis…

Added by AFROPUNK on April 23, 2010 at 3:00pm — 10 Comments

Visual Artist Jermaine Rogers' Posters For Them Crooked Vultures

You've probably seen the dope posters Jermaine Rogers designed for Afro-Punk, not to mention the Afro-Punk Star Trek Enterprise. But did you know that Jermaine has designed nearly 800 posters for musical acts such as Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Tori Amos, David Bowie, The Deftones, and many more?… Continue

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Dominating the Atlanta Scene, The 54

It’s Wednesday night in Adams Morgan, and I’m still dressed from my office day job. The suit and tie look isn’t exactly what I shoot for when I go to Asylum Bar & Lounge, but I didn’t have time to go home and change before the show for Atlanta-based rock band, The 54. Narrow would probably be the best way to describe this particular venue, but it’s certainly one of the more enjoyable spots in the area under the right set of… Continue

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MeShell N'degeocello Tour Dates & Live Videos

Bad-ass bassist and songwriter Meshell N'degeocello is taking her Live experience around the globe. Check out the upcoming tour dates in the Netherlands below and some Live videos, courtesy of

Lou C-D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010…

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Earl Greyhound On The Run: New Video for "Shotgun"

By Shawn Peters

"I have a pretty unique history with my buddies Earl Greyhound so I was really excited when they recently sent out a link to their first video for the recently released album Suspicious Package. Earl Greyhound is one of the most exciting and creative bands around, which is evidenced in this new video for the song Shot Gun; directed by Chell Stephen. It’s funny; when I first listened to Suspicious Package the song that immediately stood out was Shotgun. I…

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M.I.A. Blasts Gaga About Her Authenticity! Are They Really Who They Say They Are?

Nothing like dueling divas to make the press go crazy! So when M.I.A. told NME in a recent interview that Lady Gaga is a 'good mimic' whose music sounds like 'Ibiza Disco' and is not 'reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is', entertainment news outlets and the blogosphere went bananas.

But this had us wondering: Are any of those celebrities who they say they are anyway? Is Gaga what she says she is? What about M.I.A.? Is either of them really keeping it…

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Have You Seen P-Funk's Mothership?

"It might be the most awe-inspiring stage prop in the history of American music and it belonged to funk legends Parliament-Funkadelic. Since the Mothership vanished in Prince George's County in 1982, rumors of its whereabouts have mutated into local lore: It burned in a fire. It was disassembled. It was stolen. Scrapped. Kidnapped. Thrown in the woods. Chained to a truck by a drug dealer and dragged to funk-knows-where. The band's most devoted followers say it flew off into… Continue

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Body Modification: Tribal and fashion

Body modification has been around since the beginning of time, for one of the longest times dating back years ago and even prevalent today is body modification in African Tribes. Seen as socially acceptable in African culture as a way to enhance beauty by giving status in tribes, it is also a right of passage from boyhood to manhood in children.

Body Modification: Tribal and… Continue

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Bloc Party's Kele Set To Release Solo Album

Any Bloc Party fans out there? Frontman Kele Okereke will release his first solo album, entitled 'The Boxer', on June 21st in Europe and June 22nd in the US. Look out for the first single "Tenderoni" to be released soon along with upcoming tour dates. Stay tuned! Our sources are telling us the album will be a blend of dance and pop sounds. Bloc Party is currently on hiatus.

- Lou C-D

Photo: Getty…

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J*DAVEY: New Video "Outta The Window"

Genre bending duo J*DaVeY is back with a video for their electro-pop track "Outta The Window", in anticipation of their forthcoming album. Directed by V-Chip with "one camera, awesome location, awesome talent and a ton of creativity". The song was featured on their mixtape "Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape EP". Check it out below!

Lou C-D…


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Good Girls Gone Bad, Requirement or Reproach?

It’s been a long-accepted ugly truth that when it comes to female pop singers, no matter how much of a good girl you are, you eventually have to go bad. Hell, songs and albums are even being titled as such now. And while there’s always going to be criticism of such an approach, I always try to look at things on a case-by-case basis.

Good Girls Gone Bad,…

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Earl Greyhound Goes On National US Tour!

One of our favorite Brooklyn bands is going on a national US tour! We were thrilled to have them on last year's Afro-Punk Tour, and they're about to hit a city near you. Check out the tour dates below and be sure to catch their kick-ass Live show when they come to town! There's also a poll in Magnet Magazine about exciting album releases. Click… Continue

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