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ESP EVOLUTION Keep The New Singles Coming With 'THE WEEKEND'

ESP Evolution offers a song of pure celebration on the free-spirited “The Weekend”. An absolute joy of a track ESP Evolution neatly brings together funk, soul, and jazz into a satisfying cohesive whole. Right at the very heart of it is a carpe diem attitude one that nicely fits into the playful lyricism. Going for a lush…


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Hip Hop Emcees Slu And B-Thermal Team Up To Bring A Cold Project To The Underground With "Frost"

Indie artists Slu and B-Thermal represent North Carolina and care about quality music. Putting their home on and giving listens good creative music are always the first things on their mind when hitting the studio. Together they bring an inventive sound to the music they make, and an energy and vibe legends are made of. The auto-tune enhanced…


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TopFloor Zak Teams Up With Producer Jamezz Bonn To Give Hip Hop A Full Course Meal With The "Sample Pack" Project

Zak (TopFloor Zak), Songwriter / artist, is from Albany ,Ga where he began rapping and writing at the age of 15. His continued hustle in music has landed him several radio show appearances and showcases. Coming up in a poverty stricken area is what Zak says drove his ambition to rise above it all, and his only dream,..was to live out his…


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N.S.D Is A Hip Hop Album Filled With Variety And Talent And Deserves To Be Heard

Ok, I don't have alot of back story for this project and was struggling to find some, so I'll give mine. As I was listening to my Pandora Radio the other, I looked into indie and unknown artists and started a station. In the mix I heard a single titled "Coolie High" by artist XAVR and Jaaant. Now the song itself had quickly caught me with the beat and…


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Marcoof500 Preps To Drop His New Album And Adds To The Momentum With The Single Release "Pesos"

Marcoof500 is an emerging hip-hop and music industry entrepreneur on a steady grind to the top from the underground rap world. His first album ‘The Travels of Marco’ launched him onto the airwaves in 2018, with a number of singles from the release, most notably fan-favourite ‘Take Me Away’. Gaining the rapper a steady cult following online, put…


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The Multi-Talented Duo "The Keymakers" Remix, Reinvent and Release "Insomniac (Mizu Remix)"

There's an old saying in the music business that goes "how do you make one great song into 2 great songs? You remix it."  And that brings us here today. The multi-talented dynamic duo, The Keymakers, brings the world a new hit with their remix "Insomniac (Mizu Remix)."

The Keymakers consist of brothers Rome and Rederic Alexander. Talented in production, writing,…


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A Cold Lyrical Scientist, Jack Frigid Drops His Testimony On Wax With The New Project "The Prophet"

Jack Frigid brings a blizzard of vocabulary and snows you right into the music with deep substance and presentation. His sound is enough to draw in the masses and his message is filled with growth in times the world makes you feel small. So to title his new catalog as "The Prophet" was very fitting.

The 12 song project holds…


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JackFrigid Releases A Hip Hop Infused Single With "Once Only"

A hard boom bap track and some originality in the delivery of lyrics,immediately sets JackFrigid in a lane of his own as soon as you press play.  "Once Only" quickly…


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Frassman Brilliant Gives Listeners A New Single And Video For Their 420 Playlist With His Ode To Mary Jane "Brain Food"

Frassman Brilliant is known to deliver in full with his original sound that's like a blend of hip hop and reggae. It always gets your head nodding. His new single is just as entertaining. "Brain Food" is an homage to our beloved Cannabis. Included is a super crisp and professional music video, and it's hard not to watch and find yourself…


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D.N.A. & Mr. All The Way Shows Real Hip Hop Is In Their Blood With The Release of The "Superman Meets Thanos" Mixtape

Lyrical content and creative entertainment would be how I would sum up D.N.A. & Mr. All The Way's new project "Superman Meets Thanos."   The aggressive hunger to be respected for a vocal gift is fully present and needs its credit due. Bar for bar these artists the real deal. And it is clearly evident in this short Superhero meets…


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Black Will Releases His New Single "On Me"

Hip Hop emcee Black  Will hits the game with hard bars and true lyricism in his new release "On Me." The PoloBoyShawty and CASHMONEYAP collaborated production brings…


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LionsDen 360 Releases Another Motivational Hit Before The End Of The Year With "Empire" by DPH And Destinee

LionsDen 360 is becoming a regular name when discussing consistence and variety in the indie music scene. And their latest release only strengthens that point.  They bring together DPH and Destinee for a hard hitting RnB single titled "Empire."  

Based on a "together we rise" vibe, "Empire" keeps the listeners attention with both…


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Foreign Glizzy And D-Lo Drop The Video For Their Single "Focused"

The only way to see your success become reality is to stay focused. And that's the message for the new single and video "Focused." Foreign Glizzy teams up with D-Lo and they bring hard bars and punchlines of struggle, come up and putting those who rocked with them on. Money machines, pretty women and some pretty trippy effects add to the…


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Miss Good RnB/Soul Music? We Recommend You Look Into Singer/Songwriter EvaOni

RnB just doesn't present the artists it used to. High powered vocals have been replaced with digitally altered whispers, the ability to touch notes have been replaced with autotune, and the energy,both in the music and live,... is just no longer there. Looking for good soulful music these days, you either find yourself listening to new rappers,…


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Sly Rankin Delivers A Full Package With The Release Of His New Single "Boom Bye Bye"

Sly Rankin drops a heater of a single in his "Boom Bye Bye" release, an ode to dancehall legend Shabba Ranks. Sly tears thru the instrumental with a dope mix of hiphop and dancehall flow filled with punchlines and and a sick energetic style. Bringing life to the track and guaranteed to bring life to the dance floor, "Boom Bye Bye" has been…


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AR Base Encourages Faith, Strength And Motivation With His New Album "Press On"

Gospel and RnB recording artist AR Base brings pure talent to his music. A natural ability to touch your soul with his music. No need for fancy gimmicks or digital effects, his God given talent shines through and we, as listeners, are blessed to still find true artistry with in his music. Touring and promoting are heavy in AR's schedule,and he…


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The Keymakers Take Us Behind Closed Doors For A Live Studio Session Of The Song "Insomniac" And Drop One Of The Most Entertaining Videos Of The Year

The 2 siblings known in the music scene as The Keymakers, have just released one of the most simplest, yet most creative and fulfilling videos of the year. We have seen producers at work and artists in the studio creating, but "Insomniac" will keep you up all night with it on replay.

Where to start with this masterpiece??…


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Hip Hop Duo "A'P" Set The Streets On Fire As They Drop Their New Single "Blac Flame"

"Blac Flame" is definitely some fire for the game right now. From the bass driven beat to the heavy toned lyrics, the Hip hop combo known as A'P bring everything a…


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Hip Hop Femcee V3locity Is Ready To "Wild Out" With Her New SingleRelease

V3locity AKA Jayla Sparks, was born in Atlanta and raised in College Park. A junior in High School, V3locity manages to balance a grueling music career, while maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.  A feat not easily handled. This dedicated writer and rapper and has been working on her music since the 5th grade and has always strived…


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Exclusive Listen To Zebulon Krol's New Single "Hate To Say"

Zebulon Krol brings soul back to RnB. Music catered to emotion and moments. An he does so with an amazing voice. The feeling he brings onto each single he releases is filled with the joy the small but most important moments in life hold. Even his songs written more towards a sad motion, hold a joy of pain being soothed. Zebulon is an artistic…


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