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Too old and too black for punk?

When most people think about punk rock, images of sweaty thin white boys instantly come to mind- holding stead fast to the idea that punk music is reserved for the privileged white youth that exude bottled rage in the form of guitars, drums, mosh pits, drugs, piercings, and cheap alcohol.

Too old and too black for…

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Galaxy of Tar: a bite out of space

During their performance on Thursday night at Santos Party House, Naima Mora matter-of-factly announces that her new band, Galaxy of Tar, does not have CD's for sale, no t-shirts for prospective new groupies, and if you wanted a Galaxy of Tar sticker, you were basically shit out of luck. After meeting…

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Reclassified Afro-Punk: STAX records is punk music

From one Memphis label, we can hear mod, soul, country, blues, rock and the beginnings of punk. Oh, you thought MC5 and The Stooges were proto-punk, right? Well take a look and listen to the artists of STAX. They’re in the same category as early 60’s bands like The Sonics, The Monks, and The Fabulous Wailers. If those bands are respected for their early contributions to rock, then Stax is in need of an Afro-Punk Reclassification because they… Continue

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The Making of J* Davey: Made for T.V. Drama

The music of J* Davey is indeed dynamic and different, but the story behind how the duo met seems to be taken, right out of a made for TV teen drama. During a recent interview I had with the LA group, Jack Davey said, “We met at prom. I went to an all girls school but I went to Brook‘s prom. At the time I was singing in an all girl group. We recorded and performed a lot and we were signed to MCA but we never released anything.…


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Reclassified Afro-Punk: Donna Summer

Let's get one thing straight, I love Donna Summer. The hair, her sound, all of it. That being stated, you can understand my frustration with her being overlooked as the true punk artists that she is/was during her prime years. This curly haired vocal power house released a double album called "Bad Girls" which mixed rock, funk, blues and soul to electronic beats for crying out loud, but as music history has it, Donna was part of the artists during the 70s that got locked in… Continue

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Dominating the Atlanta Scene, The 54

It’s Wednesday night in Adams Morgan, and I’m still dressed from my office day job. The suit and tie look isn’t exactly what I shoot for when I go to Asylum Bar & Lounge, but I didn’t have time to go home and change before the show for Atlanta-based rock band, The 54. Narrow would probably be the best way to describe this particular venue, but it’s certainly one of the more enjoyable spots in the area under the right set of… Continue

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Jimi Hazel Keeps It Real, Keeps It Positive and Keeps Moving Forward

In Jr. High and High School I had always listened to different forms of rock. I dug funk and soul; I was intrigued by early hip-hop but I was always enthralled by rock, hard rock and heavy metal. Punk Rock did not register with me until I got to college. My introduction to punk came in the form of an all Black, four piece hardcore band from the Bronx, New York. I had heard of 24-7 Spyz before they got to my university…

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Living Colour on tour for Jimi Hendrix

There is no doubt that Jimi Hendrix is an Afro-punk icon, spawning the cultural movement of black people hitting mainstream success on the rock scene. Celebrating his legacy, the Experience Hendrix Tour is back for its 2010 nationwide tour, which kicked off in LA on March 2nd. More than ten bands are traveling across the U.S. to play a selection of Hendrix's greatest hits, including one of Afro-punk's favorites,… Continue

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The Man Behind the Feathers

For a man who's name evokes intensity with a shield of mystery, Saul Williams' single presence can quiet an entire room packed with people crossing all racial demographics. Making history with Afro-punk as the headliner of the 2009 U.S. tour, Saul Williams seemed like the perfect candidate to represent our idea of freedom of expression fused with tossing out racial boundaries and social norms.…


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EVENT: Electronic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Christina Wheeler returns to the New York stage this Friday

This Friday - on the occasion of her birthday no less - electronic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Christina Wheeler will make her return to the New York stage. The Berlin based singer - a notable talent of the old NYC underground electronics community - will be playing at the Roulette in Brooklyn; joined by musicians Laraaji and Vernon Reid. Enjoy a…


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INTERVIEW: 'Emily’s D+ Evolution' - The growing artistry of jazz musician Esperanza Spalding

It’s been almost a decade since the release of Esperanza Spalding’s first album 'Junjo'. Her debut to the world was almost destined way before she won a Grammy, played alongside Prince, or graced her presence at the White House on two occasions. It began in Portland, Oregon when she discovered her desire to play the violin as a child. Despite all of her success in her career, Spalding has continued to remain humble about the many accomplishments in her life, and still…


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NEW MUSIC: De La Soul's 'The People', Ft. Chuck D

Listen to the new release from legendary group De La Soul, 'The People'. Released at a time when tensions remain high in Ferguson, the group have this to say about the track: "The idea for the song came from a couple of samples, and the track’s vibe is earnest and has a pressing tone to it. The lyrics are commentaries of our struggles and successes, our weaknesses and strengths… the experiences… and trials and tribulations we have faced as human beings, a race, and as…


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