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NYC-based alternative R&B singer Justo Ontario does soulful dark ambience right in ‘Dancin’’

NYC is chock-full of young wide-eyed dreamers working their hardest to be the next big thing. After a long day’s grind, there’s nothing quite like hitting the dance floor and getting free for the night, and one of those hopefuls made the soundtrack to that moment. Justo Ontario, a NYC based crooner with released ‘Dancin’ to accompany the long nights after an even longer day. It’s the perfect song for your weekend, so get to streaming! …


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FEATURE: Brazilian rapper Nego E brings Black Lives Matter (Vidas Negras Importam) to São Paulo in new visual for his song "Lua Negra (Black Moon)"

In the same week that mass protests reignited in the US because of the murder of black men by police, Brazilian rapper Nego E released the video for his single Lua Negra (Black Moon), in which he translates the tag #BlackLivesMatter to the Brazilian rap scene (#VidasNegrasImportam).

Since 2015, Kendrick Lamar (with To Pimp a Butterfly) and Beyoncé (with Formation, 2016) threw the door open to the debate on police violence against the black community and even…


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New Music: Moses Sumney and Thundercat Collaborate On The Explosive “Lonely World” #SoundCheck

With their shared talent for elliptically beautiful transcendence, it should be no surprise that the collaboration between Moses Sumney and Thundercat is as good as it is. Building slowly from Sumney's haunting falsetto and a bubbling bass line, the song grows to an explosive climax, while Sam Cannon's visuals swirl hypnotically. There are few better ways to spend 5 minutes.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: Black Punk drops gritty single ‘WTF You Gonna Do’ combining his love for hip hop, skateboarding, and punk music

The culture of rebellion and independence in skateboarding is reflected in the music that represents it--namely, punk rock and hip hop. So it should come as no surprise that New York skateboarder Black Dave chose both to represent his voice. In his new single ‘WTF You Gonna Do,’ he seems completely comfortable with his punk rock roots, and in an interview earlier this year he said, “Growing up skating, watching skate videos, it was punk rock and it was hip-hop that was in…


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Solange is Black as hell in new album 'A Seat At The Table' and it's everything you didn't know you needed

#BlackGirlMagic. #BlackBoyJoy. #BlackLivesMatter. Black pride and solidarity is as at an all time high at the moment, with no end in sight. And with the artists of our time tapping into the essence of their Blackness by being their true selves on wax, in print, in paintings, and films, the future is looking extremely bright and unapologetically Black. Solange announced two days ago that her new album ‘A Seat At The Table’ was coming and by the looks of the tracklisting, we… Continue

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Composer/pianist/director Samora Pinderhughes releases emotionally raw “Statement of Resilience” to the black community with stunning visual ‘Cycles’

Today’s video premiere comes from composer, pianist, and director Samora Pinderhughes and his heavy-hitting visual, ‘Cycles: A Statement of Resilience from The Transformations Suite Community’. Directed by Pinderhughes and Stefon Bristol, the emotional spoken word track vulnerably describes the heartbreaking and traumatic experiences and perspectives of black Americans during this historic period of racial injustice and violence. Set to footage captured at Oakland’s Turf…


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VIDEO: Peep K. White & Nyla Rose wax poetic in their perfect end of summer visual for the breezy single "Is This Love?"

The New York femcee K. White and collaborator Nyla rose connect on a groovy summertime joint, contemplating the age old question: "Is This Love?" K. White's raspy, grainy voice pairs well with the wispiness of Nyla Rose's soft soprano. The boom bap track is accompanied by a carefree, joyous video set in an amusement park for peak mellow vibes, bringing summer to a close with style. Peep the video below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: AFROPUNK alum Flying Lotus delivers lurching, diabolical single “Crowned” as alter ego Captain Murphy

Flying Lotus is presently one of the most enigmatic names in music. To further his brand of obscurity and mystery, he has been releasing music under the moniker Captain Murphy since 2012, each time creating an even more mystifying legacy for himself. ‘Crowned’ is a song that fits well within this storyline--it’s a low frequency, stratospheric track, with vocals that sound part possessed and part seductive. The track was released via Adult Swim Singles, which has been releasing a…


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NEW MUSIC: Danny Brown Turns Up The Contradictions To New Heights On The Exhilarating 'Atrocity Exhibition' #SoundCheck

What do you do when the high stops being fun but you're still fucked up? That's the question at the heart of Danny Brown's exhilarating new record Atrocity Exhibition, now streaming 3 days ahead of schedule. “Your worst nightmare, for me is a normal dream / Have I learned anything?” Brown asks on “Downward Spiral.” The contradictions fuel a record that takes a zig-zagging tour of Danny Brown's drug-addled psyche. The highest highs are followed by the worst come-downs,…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Philly-based rock-n-soul band Johnny Popcorn celebrates the struggles and successes of dream-chasing ‘Coming Home’ visual

‘Coming Home’ is the latest visual from Philly-based rock-n-soul group Johnny Popcorn. It’s impossible to put Johnny Popcorn in a genre box thanks to their eclectic sound that borrows from funk and hip-hop with rock and soul—and the song for their latest visual, ‘Coming Home’, is no different. A fire in the belly celebration about dream-chasing and goal-reaching. "'Coming Home' is a song true to the struggle of anyone determined to achieve their goal. The line "Im coming home… Continue

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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Austin-based punk rockers BLXPLTN drop politically charged, anti-militarism headbanger ‘Blood On The Sand’

Our first premiere today comes from AFROPUNK alums BLXPLTN and their insanely listenable, headbanger of a track called ‘Blood On The Sand’. A politically charged, high-energy song wrought with anti-militarism themes that make commentary about the bullshit political climate, the brutality of warfare, and real estate wack-a-doo Donald Trump. “What do we do? Kill, kill, kill, kill!” Typical of what we’ve come to expected from this Austin-based band, BLXPLTN once again exhibits…


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Solange's new album “A Seat At The Table” will feature Q-Tip, Kelela, Dev Hynes, Sampha & more

Excuse me while I lose my mind. Songstress and Black creative goddess Solange announces her new album “A Seat At The Table” and from the looks of it, it’s going to be all kinds of Black genius. Her website has been updated to a minimalistic design with a few select snapshots, a submission form, and a digital book to accompany album. It seems that Solange has taken a cue from her sister Beyoncé, announcing the album just two days prior to its release, but I’m not complaining. With…


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New Orleans-based rockers Negation keep it purely punk with gritty ‘Weak Artifact’ EP

Check out New Orleans-based post-punk rockers, Negation—a three-piece guitar/drum/bass band pumping out stripped down, occasionally disjointed, pure punk tunes. Their EP ‘Weak Artifact’ is a short ‘n sweet collection that shows off the band’s noisiest efforts, complete with an undertone of political and social frustrations. Each of the three members take turns providing lead vocals, which helps the somewhat repetitive melodies be more interesting. Listen to ‘Weak Artifact’…


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5 reasons why a Kaytranada-Andre 3000 collaboration would be perfection

AFROPUNK BK 2015 alum Kaytranada has been making major waves, and yet another one is crashing upon his fans. As if his 0.001% mixtape wasn’t enough, Kaytra posted a selfie on snapchat with the ever elusive god MC Andre 3000. Though this doesn’t mean definitively that a collaboration is coming, here are 5 reasons why we need this to…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: LA-based hip-hop trio FRTNK plays love games in uber-danceable new track, ‘Let Go’

We’re premiering a brand new track from L.A.-based hip-hop trio FRTNK (pronounced Fourteen K)—an alternative R&B-type of song, ‘Let Go’ is a loved up, mid-tempo song about hitting up your almost ex before chucking the deuces and moving on. Both playful and introspective, ‘Let Go’ isn’t emotionally desperate R&B or too cool for school “bitches and hoes” hip-hop. Instead, FRTNK plays it right on the line of vulnerability and confidence: “If I can’t reach you, I don’t… Continue

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No doubt about it: Parlor Social's big band cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity" is a winner

What happens when you take an R&B classic, add a horn section, the Inspector Gadget theme, and an impeccable jazz arrangement? 7 minutes of glorious, big band greatness. Parlor Social and Teddy Riley connect to bring new life to Blackstreet’s jam “No Diggity,” a song that has been kept alive in the contemporary conscious by the likes of everyone from Chet Faker to Ed Sheeran. Ric'key Pageot’s arrangement, buoyed by Teddy and lead vocalist Dessy Di Lauro’s alto, bring…


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NEW MUSIC: R&B/Neo-soul vets Cody ChesnuTT and Raphael Saadiq contemplate violence against black bodies & childhood innocence in “Bullets In The Streets And Blood” visual

As the summer comes to a close, we’re reminded of how fortunate we are to have made it to see the other side. In a world where intra-community and police violence are claiming lives at astonishing rates, life, as always, should be something we’re thankful for. Cody ChesnuTT’s new song “Bullets In The Streets And Blood,” sings of the innocence of the children who have to bare witness to the violence and hope for the future our communities and country. The anthemic single…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Pegasus Warning's Latest EP 'PwEP2' Is A Glitched Out R&B Instant Classic #SoundCheck

It's been a minute since we last heard from Pegasus Warning, the glitched out R&B project of drummer Guillermo E. Brown. His latest, the simply titled PwEP2, dials back some of the self-cannabalizing deconstruction of his first record in favor of a more plastic-synths-in-a-hot-car kind of vibe. The analog synths skip and burble, grind and shriek in service of playing out the best hooks Pegasus Warning has committed to tape. The vocals are pushed further to the front,…


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NEW MUSIC: Chicago Alt.-Rock Band Ganser Plays With Extremes Of Noise And Mood On “Pyrrhic Victory” #SoundCheck

Chicago post-punk quartet Ganser has made a name for themselves on relentlessly analogue tracks that explore extremes of noise and mood. Their latest single, “Pyrrhic Victory” b/w “Sunk” splits this difference well. Leading with the slow build tension of “Pyrrhic Victory,” the band rides a tweaked out bass line with intensifying noise around Alicia Gaines' ethereal voice, before collapsing into a single sine-wave synth line. “Sunk” focuses on the noisier side of the band,…


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AFROPUNK 2015 alum, DJ and producer extraordinaire Kaytranada releases vibrant 0.001% mixtape follow to his album

Kaytranada’s “99.9%” came after several years of touring, producing and collaborating with the likes of hip hop’s finest. Since May, the jazz and soul based electronic grooves have been the soundtrack to the summer. The album features Cali crooner Anderson .Paak, Little Brother’s Phonte, and even manages to bring Craig David out of retirement. The 15 track project was more than enough to satiate fans for the time being, or so we thought. Much to everyone’s surprise,… Continue

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