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Sound Check's Blog – September 2012 Archive (16)

AP Quickie: New Music From Bad Brains + New Album Coming Out Nov. 20th

Shooooot! Who's pumped up about Bad Brains' upcoming album 'Into The Future' (to be released November 20th). The title track has been revealed and you can stream it right HERE. Some say it's a return to their hardcore/punk roots. Check it out and let us know what you…

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Punk Rock and Reggae: A Love Story in 2 Acts

35 years since the dawn of punk, and we take it for granted that reggae and punk are best mates. Nobody really questions why bands who are known primarily for short, fast shoutalongs—and wouldn't be caught dead near an acoustic guitar—will once or twice in an album break into their best fake Jamaican accent, let their bass player loose, and just slow things way way down. What on paper seem like two genres that couldn't be less alike both have their roots as the music of youth…


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The Heavy: perfect retro-cool with “The Glorious Dead” #SoundCheck

The past few years have seen an increasing percentage of the music scene mining the vaults of Stax records circa 1968 in search of lost singles for inspiration. And why shouldn't they? There's some great shit in there. But retro savants The Heavy have picked a different corner of the Stax catalog for their muse; that sublime period around '71 when some of soul's best songwriters made the switch from songwriter to film composer. Outfitting their soul+indie formula with lush…


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SoundCheck: Stream the sexy new 'Grammar EP' from Brooklyn synth-pop quartet Body Language

Body Language rocked the house at AP Fest this summer, and if you couldn't get enough of them, the synth-pop quartet has a new EP out now. The Grammar EP continues their infectiously danceable blend of synth-pop, chillwave, electrofunk, and at least 3 other hyphenate genres probably. But whatever you want to call it, this is undeniably sexy.…


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Rock To Punk/Soul band Blood Sugar X's latest “The Dead Dumb Happy Life vol 2.” #SoundCheck

Blood Sugar X burst back onto the music scene earlier this summer after a 7 year hiatus with The Dead Dumb Happy Life vol. 1. Continuing this week's unintentional theme of “new releases by genre-busting bands who had disappeared for a while but now are back hooray!” (the name tested great in the focus group...), Xavier Dphrepaulezz and company are…


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The triumphant return of Skunk Anansie continues with "Black Traffic" #SoundCheck

Skunk Anansie may not be the household name in America that they are in the UK, but they probably should be. Their inimitable mix of punk, Britpop, hard rock, and post-punk all topped with lead singer Skin's political and feminist messaging won them a horde of fans in the UK during their initial run from '94 to 2001. After taking most of the last decade off, the quartet came back in 2010 with the acclaimed WanderLustre. Their latest Black Traffic is their 2nd…


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Bloc Party get back to their roots on the new “Four” and the results are explosive. #SoundCheck

It's been four years since Bloc Party's last record, the electro-infused Intimacy. In that time lead singer Kele Okereke set off on a dance solo project, and the band threatened first with a break-up then a possible future without Kele. Though four years since a successful and well-received album hardly qualifies as a “comeback,” Bloc Party clearly has something to prove on the new Four.

Bloc Party's first record, Silent Alarm, is one of the few…


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Free Download! Blayer Pointdujour marries punk to Haitian kompa and the results are epic. #SoundCheck

Blayer Pointdujour has been gaining attention since he and his backing band The Rockers Galore dropped The Port Au Prince EP last year. An ecstatic mix of reggae, funk, hip-hop, and rock with a healthy dosage of Haitian kompa music, the band has a truly unique sound. Their debut record is The Bull and it sounds like nothing else.

Lead single "1804" is an ode to the Haitian slave uprising of 1804 that won Haiti its independence. (It turns out Pat Robertson was wrong and it…


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There's a new Death Grips single to tide you over before their 2nd 2012 full length drops in October #SoundCheck

Death Grips' 2011 debut mixtape Exmilitary remains one of my favorite releases of the year. Between dropping their major label debut, The Money Store, and their (semi-confirmed) follow-up No Love Deep Web, the prolific apocalyptic hip-hop / punk group has pushed out a new single "@Deathgripz." And yeah, that's their twitter handle.…


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Weekly Kick-Off: 10 Banging Tracks Your Ears Must Hear

Here's your weekly dose of '10 Banging Tracks Your Ears Must Hear'!

Contributor: Elijah Watson

10. A.Dd+, "Genocide:"A.Dd+ is a hip-hop duo that you need to know about. Based out of Dallas, Texas, the group creates progressive hip-hop that is hard to resist, after just one listen. Don't believe me? Just listen to "Genocide." You can thank me later.…


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#SoundCheck - Collab between MF DOOM and Jneiro Jarel: JJ DOOM's “Key To The Kuffs” is badass.

There are few artists in the indie hip-hop world as mercurial as MF DOOM. Always interesting, and almost impossible to pin down, MF DOOM has spent the past few years pairing up with other equally fascinating artists (Danger Mouse, Madlib, and Ghostface Killah) for a series of collaborative records. His latest is a partnership with renegade producer Jneiro Jarel called JJ DOOM. The record is Key To The Kuffs and it is badass.…


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DIY Hip-Hop from Brooklyn: teenage Group Meatloaf Muzik are bringing in a new Golden Era #SoundCheck

The Golden Era of hip-hop lasted from about 1987 to 1993 (though most people will tell you that like the Golden Era of punk, the Golden Era of hip-hop was whenever they were in high school and it's all crap now...). It was a time when crews of NYC teenagers explored the musical possibilities of the young genre. Groups like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and Wu-Tang Clan pushed the boundaries of what hip-hop could do, pushing it beyond dance music. By the time gangsta rap…


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X Black Superheroes keep the memory of Romona Moore alive with “Song4U” - #SoundCheck

The story of Romona Moore should have been a rallying cry. A devastating example of the inequality of justice in poor and predominantly black neighborhoods in Bloomberg's Brooklyn. Kidnapped, tortured, raped, and brutally murdered over 4 days just blocks from Romona's home, the NYPD ignored her mother's pleas for an investigation. Telling her mother she was probably just out with a boyfriend, the NYPD did nothing until after her body was discovered. For full details, the…


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Free Download: Madame D & Mr. Owl - Green Satori

Christiane D (Madame D) and Mr. Owl collab on this mad trippy song. Feel that haunting bass! Can you dig it?…


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Indie rapper Busdriver's new LP is totally insane. In the best possible way. #SoundCheck

The dubstep that's all the rage these days has a lot more in common with house music than with the dub it claims descent from. Enter Busdriver to show the kids how it's done. A mix of hip-hop, alternative, reggae, synthpop, and of course, dub, Busdriver's latest Beaus$Eros is batshit insane and totally overwhelming. And if Busdriver's past eclectic output is any indication, that's exactly what he's going for.

He puts on an array of characters, singing,…


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Weekly Kick-Off: 10 Banging Tracks Your Ears Must Hear

Time for your weekly fix of 10 banging tracks!

By Elijah Watson

10. Zebra Katz, "W8WTF:"Definitely a song for those lonely and nocturnal nights. The "Ima Read" rapper returns with "W8WTF," a sinister track that bumps with echoed sounds, and horror-flick synths. "The sources up above / Protect me from these demons that's just tryin' to f**k me up," raps Katz. We feel you dude; we feel you.…


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