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It's time to move past praising LE1F for being a “gay rapper” and just praise him for being on some next-level shit. #SoundCheck

Hip-hop has a (deserved) reputation for being homophobic, but contrary to what many op-eds on the subject would have you believe, it's not exactly more homophobic than the rest of American culture. It's at best louder (though Adam Sandler's late period and unjustifiably popular gay panic “comedies” are certainly nothing if not loud). But we live in a society that loves to point fingers without examining our own flaws, so those op-eds aren't likely to stop any time soon. Since…


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NEW TV on The Radio-- Mercy

After a long hiatus, TV on the Radio is back with new music, and the dance-y, rock-heavy track 'Mercy' is a wonderful welcome back. Although there is no official talk of a new album or EP as of yet, the band reports "things came together smoothly", so we can safely assume, this isn't the last jam the boys have in them. It's also the group's first bit of music to…


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Live: Solange at vitaminwater #uncapped

This past week, The FADER Magazine's #uncapped series continued with Solange Knowles at a laundry mat on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. While most would think hanging out in a laundry mat is probably the worst possible place to be on a Monday night, Vitamin Water is into making "the boring", brilliant. We see what they did there. So Solange came out and danced around…


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EIGHTIES EXPLOSION! For all the heads who remember the "golden era of hip hop", we have a treat for you! Camp Lo and Pete Rock come together for '80 Blocks from Tiffany's Pt.2' and rocking mix of hot bars and funky beats. Check it out!…


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SAMPHA "Dual" EP [LIVE video + download]

If you've been crossing your fingers and gritting your teeth in anticipation of Sampha's ( of SBTRKT fame) solo EP, THE.WAIT.IS.OVER! Remember all those times you were listing to SBTRK's "Hold On" or "Never Never" and you said "Man, this guy should go solo!"-- That just happened. The haunting yet glorious voice of Sampha can now resound in your ears til you cry…


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FESTIVAL FEATURE: Rye Rye to bring the fire at AFROPUNK FEST 2013

Rye Rye’s lyrics and beats spit fire.  A mix between MIA and Azealia Banks, Rye Rye’s music and persona makes you want to booty pop and be a fierce woman at the same time, like it-aint-no-thang. Her hot beats have you bumpin’-- perfect songs to blast in your car with the windows down! The bass of her songs fill your body and nothing can…


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tech N9Ne and Danny Brown in "Thizzles"

If there's anything we can count on Tech N9NE for, it's a monstrous beat, silly (yet, fire) lyrics and out of this world collaborations. In the latest teaser track for N9NE's upcoming album "Something Else", Tech enlists Danny Brown, probably the only rappers capable of a manic flow, "subject matter relatability" and the chops to keep up…


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Michael Jackson's Duets With Freddie Mercury To Be Released This Fall?

UK media outlet The Times reports: "Duets between Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury will be released officially in time for the autumn after a wait of three decades, Mercury’s bandmates

have declared. Brian May and Roger Taylor, the guitarist and drummer who played with Mercury in Queen, promised “something for folks to hear” in two…


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New Recording Of Death's 'Story Of The World'

Punk rock pioneers Death just premiered a new recording of their 1975 track 'Story Of The World' via Billboard: "Bobby, Dannis and guitarist Bobbie Duncan are building on this new level of visibility with the July 30 release of Death's first vinyl single since 1976, on the resurrected…


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#SoundCheck: Trash Talk's “Blossom & Burn” is how you blend punk rock and hip-hop. Check them at Afropunk Fest 2013

Bands have been trying with varying success to blend punk rock and hip-hop since the early days of both. Some have been bizarre but exciting experiments (the Beatnigs, Happy Go Licky) some have been truly great (Death Grips) and some have been more than a little embarrassing (Sum 41...Also Crass' “Smash The Mac” gets the award for worst song from a truly great band). But on “Blossom & Burn” from Trash Talk's fantastic 119, the band gets it completely…


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Connecting and all that: The Connecters LIVE in London

They come at you like a head-butt of sound, they are strong and aggressive, but after a while the songs start to blur as your concussion sets in and you’re gasping for the variety in the set: They are the kinda band that do what they do well-but their repertoire is not extensive. …


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Ghostpoet - Cold Win (Roska Remix)

Dance break! We're jamming and dancing to the mega hit Cold Win from british producer/artist Ghostpoet. If you like accessible tropical house with flashes of lightning, then this is the track for you! Check it!…


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Hot Sugar's EPIC '56k' remix featuring every rapper

Time to feel some flames. The incredibly intense '56k' remix from NYC producer Hot Sugar brings together a big ole bass-y beat and ALL the rappers, for a track so tough it'll have you walking up and down the block simply stating "y'all not ready". We've got Queens finest, Big Baby Gandhi along with Lanksy and Nasty Nigel of Children of the Night. Cali beast…


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Dubwiser Dancehall setting the groove from the UK

Eyo, rude boys and girls we've got some island sounds straight out of London and they're calling it Dubwiser Dancehall! It's an offshoot from the renowned Oxford-based dub/reggae act Dubwiser, based around the production and songwriting talents of Jonas Torrance …


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Free download! Childish Gambino shares highly emotional new track 'Centipede'

Childish Gambino shows his versatility in his new track 'Centipede'. Half slow jam, half hip-hop banger. Grab it for free below! New album to be released this fall. ;)

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The Heavy are bringing their unique blend of retro cool and modern freshness to AFROPUNK Fest 2013. #SoundCheck

Retro can be a double edged sword. What you gain in easily recognizable sound and a sense of instant “classic-ness,” you often lose in originality. The harder you try to pay homage to your heroes and play in the sandbox they built, the more you raise the question “well why listen to this if I can just listen to the thing that inspired it.” Why look at a photocopy of a photograph of the Mona Lisa when you can look at the real deal? (I tend to feel this way about a solid 75% of…


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Glass Mansion's sound brings beach vibes to NYC

If you're looking for some beach-style-music in Brooklyn, you've got to check out Glass Mansion. It's the first project of longtime friends', Alan and Keith, since their last band, Marigold disbanded. Since coming back together they ditched the slow jams and decided to go for a new sound, a bit harder, while still maintaining their fun vibe. It's  energetic…


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CBGB's Bathroom Recreated at Met Exhbibit in New York

Never mind the Met Gala "punk" debacle featuring Beyonce and other punk luminaries... Here's a message from Stinker of legendary punk band Pure Hell: "Check out the recreation of CBGB's infamous bathroom on display thru August 14th at the NYC Metropolitain Museum of Art. * (features: Dead Boys, Pure Hell etc.)". More info at …


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Free download! Kenyan-born hip-hop duo PS the Rebels latest single is defiantly minimal. #SoundCheck

There's a frustrating trend of artists calling themselves “rebels” while doing little more than reinforcing the status quo for their own enrichment. (This is of course nothing new, at least, not since the 60's. See also: Warhol, Andy) So you have to give it up to PS the Rebels for their new single “BaRua.” The Africa-born duo's debut is a minute and a half long mission statement.…


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Get Pumped for AfroPunk 2013! Brooklyn-based, The Skins will be taking the AfroPunk stage again this year, bringing their eclectic and infectious vibes to Commodore Barry Park.  Their soulful rock vibes and energetic instrumentals are matched with the sizzling voice of lead singer Bayli.  The songs are sultry yet rocking, while maintaining a fresh, awakening…


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